Message for Gonçalo Amaral

The following message for Gonçalo Amaral was left on this blog today on an article posted back in April, and I thought it would be a shame if Gonçalo or Sofia didn't get to read it:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Maddie: Prosecutors break the “silence”":

Dear Mr. Goncalo Amaral, I have watched your documentary 'The truth of the lie, it is very good, very well done. I must say that from the beginning , when madeleine's "disappearance" was first reported on our TV News, everytime I would watch interviews with Kate and Gerry McCann, I always felt that there was something not right. Coupled with the information you have made available in 'The truth of the lie' documentary, and in particular, the evidence of the British sniffer dogs,Eddie & Keela confirmed for me what I had suspected. I would like you to know, that I wish you well, and I hope that you are able to make your findings public here in the UK. I feel that you are an honest, sincere, hard working man, who has acted professionally through out, it's disgraceful that they have attempted to discredit you and your investigations. It is my and many others opinions, that the Madeleine McCann case should be re-opened, the British and Portuguese police should collate all the investigation material and evidence together, working as an un-biased - focused Team to bring about "Justice" for both Madeleine McCann and Mr. Goncalo Amaral.
I want to add one final point here, it was nothing other than neglect in my opinion, to leave three small children alone in an apartment while their parents went out wining and dining. It is especially neglectful considering the parents are doctors and therefore very "aware" of all the potential health & safety risks of doing so !! ... also very small children become frightened when left alone, especially, late at night, they hear sounds that frighten them, or see shadows that scare them ... they need to feel that mummy and daddy, or those they feel "safe" with, are close to them should they call-out or wake from a nightmare crying , or choking even ... however, the doctors McCann chose to ignor ALL of those risk factors / possibilites and carried on with enjoying themselves and leaving their three small children to their own devices in the evening !! . The case must be re-opened , Justice for Madeleine and Mr. Goncalo Amaral. Thank you and God bless and take care of you.
Thank you, anon. jkh

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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