McCann leaflets cause local anger

The family of missing girl Madeleine McCann have criticised leaflets posted in their home town.

Madeleine, of Rothley, Leicestershire, was three when she went missing from a holiday flat in Portugal on 3 May 2007.

The fliers are from a group which is calling for the case to be reopened - but the move has prompted an angry response from some residents. (why would wanting the case to be reopened cause anger? Surely any innocent parent would want the case to be reopened?)

The McCanns said the organisation was not connected to them and its actions could hamper their search. (what search?)

Resident Patricia Ball explained the leaflet had stirred up memories still fresh in the minds of the community.

"It sent a shiver down my spine," she said. "I did not like it at all, it had a nasty feel about it. (Pity you can't ask Maddie what sort of shiver ran down her spine as she died in the holiday flat)

"There is still a candle on the green, so every time you go into the centre of Rothley, you pass the candle and it always reminds you of Madeleine." (The aim of the Madeleine Foundation is to ensure no one forgets about Madeleine)

The group said it had not delivered a leaflet to the McCanns' house as they had been given a copy of a similar publication previously.

The McCanns released a statement saying they did want to dignify the organisation by giving any response - but they believed it did not have Madeleine's best interests at heart. (Actually, McCanns, it's you who don't have Madeleines best interests at heart otherwise it would be YOU who campaigns for the investigation to be reopened - why don't you do that? What have you got to hide about your daughter's death?)

They added they felt that, if anything, it was hampering efforts to achieve justice on Madeleine's behalf. (Justice? Why aren't YOU campaigning for justice for your own daughter by demanding the case is reopened or answering the 48 questions you refused to answer? Why is it left to people who never even knew Madeleine to campaign for justice for her?)

Source: BBC News
Leaflet that caused anger in PDF form
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Read Gonçalo Amaral's book, 'The Truth of the Lie' to understand why he and The Madeleine Foundation are campaigning for justice for Madeleine McCann whilst her own parents are campaigning for money that helped pay their mortgage.