Madeleine McCann: A whiff of scandal


By Dr Martin Roberts
13 August 2009


A week is a long time in Politics and, in our fast-moving information age, in the case of missing Madeleine McCann. Matters discussed, statements made, arguments hither and yon, are all too easily obscured in the mists of time. A modicum of clarification from time to time can be beneficial therefore.

One issue in particular remains controversial, largely due to a lack of clarity on the part of certain commentators. And all the while confusion reigns there are others only too pleased to hide behind the resultant smoke-screen. The time is perhaps ripe then to re-visit the topic of canine involvement. I say re-visit, since it was a factor previously addressed in an earlier article of mine ('Goldilocks', originally published in Ripperana, No. 66, October 2008).

One can deduce, from what the McCanns and others have said, that Madeleine was not constrained to sleeping in her own bed. On the basis of Locard's Principle (Every contact leaves a trace - the fundamental premise of forensics, and one to which Madeleine McCann was no exception), we may reason that residual evidence of Madeleine's existence will have been deposited on items with which she had come into contact, i.e. clothing, bedding, even her favourite soft toy; a deduction consistent with Kate's sniffing of 'cuddle cat' at press conferences throughout Europe.

If we are expected to believe that it was the scent of Maddie Kate craved (at least until she decided to wash the toy), then Maddie scent, if you will, is a sufficient common denominator of contact with the child, and thus ties 'cuddle cat' together with the parents' bedroom in apartment 5a, the verandah, various items of Kate's clothing and, crucially, the Renault Scenic hire car. All of these items were 'marked' by the same dog.

Two factors jointly make this connection of loci an ominous one: The fact that the dog was not offered something of Madeleine's to sniff beforehand, and the nature of the scent it was trained to detect, before ever it arrived in Portugal..... more

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Comment by 'veritas'

A brilliantly written article.

He has put, most eloquently, something that virtually every copper in the country, from "our Stu" Stuart Prior to a plod in a sleepy village in Devon (the police grapevine is long and fruitful) have known for a very long time.

When the dogs were brought in, they didn't know Apartment 5A was special, they hadn't seen "Kate and Gerry" on Sky News, they didn't know those trousers were worn by Mrs McCann or the red T-shirt was worn by Madeleine McCann, they didn't know the McCann's had hired that specific car or out of all the toys 'cuddlecat' was Madeleine's favourite YET those were the ONLY items indicated by the dogs.

To all those involved, this meant only ONE thing.

The dog findings together with the discrepancies in their accounts add up to overwhelming circumstantial evidence which should demand an ongoing in depth investigation into the McCann's and their friends.

CM and his spinning machine will not prevent the truth from emerging eventually.

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