Maddie villagers get ‘McCanns did it’ letter



Published: Today

THE parents of Madeleine McCann were angry and upset yesterday after neighbours were sent leaflets claiming they were to blame for her death.

Vile campaigners put copies of the four-page publication though every door in their home village of Rothley, Leics.

Produced by the "Madeleine Foundation", it included "Ten Reasons Why Madeleine McCann was Not Abducted".

Maddie vanished in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007 when three. The leaflet says if she died in the family's holiday flat those who caused or allowed the death "got away with it".

Full article in The Sun

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Response by Tony Bennett posted on the 3 arguidos:

'The Sun' article says this:

"The group, which claims wildly that Kate killed Maddie and Gerry helped hide the body, added 'Reasons Why Her Parents Should Be Prosecuted'."

This is of course a complete fabrication as we have never in our booklet, leaflets or any public statement said (a) that Dr Kate McCann killed Maddie nor (b) that Dr Gerald McCann helped hide the body nor (c) published 'reasons why Madeleine's parents should be prosecuted'.

As this breaches the Press Complaints Commission's Code of Practice by being 'inaccurate', a formal complaint will be lodged shortly.

Just a little reminder here.

Antonella Lazzeri works for the Editor of 'The Sun'.

'The Sun' is owned by Rupert Murdoch's 'News International'.

Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth is married to Matthew Freud.

Matthew Freud owns Freud Communications which employs Clarence Mitchell.

Clarence Mitchell until September 2007 was Director of the government's Media Monitoring Unit, whose job, Mitchell boasted, was 'to control what comes out in the media'.

Clarence Mitchell, who 'lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth' according to Portuguese Police Federation leader Carlos Anjos, has been the McCanns' chief PR spokesman since May 2007.

And, finally, Eddie barked.

When Eddie barks, he has discovered the spot where a corpse has been lying for at least 90 minutes.

He barked at four places in the McCanns' apartment.

At two places in the McCanns' hired car.

And on two of Dr Kate McCann's clothes.

On one of the children's red T-shirts.

And on Cuddle Cat.

Until this week, a lot of Rothley residents didn't know that.

They do now.

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