List of Shame: How Kate and Gerry McCann have hijacked the tragedy of Jaycee for themselves

Note: We would like to thank “El País” (a Spanish newspaper) for focusing its article on Jaycee Lee and not on the McCann's renewed hope. Today there are many articles on the net that, unfortunately, highlight on their headlines that “alleged renewed hope” of parents who refused to participate in the official reconstruction of events because they knew that the expert opinion would show that they have lied en their statements (As happened in Marta del Castillo case). Why the appearance of an American girl turns the McCann into news again?


List of shame:

Screenshot from Mercedes blog: Until you know the truth

And Himself from the McCann Gallery says it better than I could.


Kate and Gerry McCann: "The most despicable, and one day soon, the most infamous pair of criminals in English history."
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