Irish Police Sergeant's Facebook petition requesting McCanns to take Lie Detector Test

Posted by Stevo on the 3 arguidos: An Irish Police Sergeant's Views on the Case

Over a hectic weekend with hundreds of comments sent to Truth for Madeleine and the Madeleine Foundation websites, there were some gems and great messages of support.

I thought I'd share the views of an Irish Police Sergeant:

As a sergeant in the Police Service of Northern Ireland I have always been concerned about the refusal to answer questions posed by the Portugese Police. Courts in NI can give weight to the refusal to answer questions and use along with other evidence to presume guilt. Lie detectors are the ONLY way forward and as you quite rightly point out…. the McCanns refused! WHY? It begs the question. Keep up the good work its the only way to the truth!

I emailed this man and he replied:

Hi Stevo,
All my colleagues believe there is a vast amount of doubt and suspicion/unanswered questions in relation to the McCanns. As a police officer for 21 yrs I have no doubt Leicestershire Police may have something to hide, perhaps along the lines of Soham information which wasnt properly disemminated or shared as required. I have started a group on facebook called: petition to make the McCanns take a lie detector test: feel free to advertise it.

Please keep up the good work.