The global harassment of innocent folk by the McCanns (versus the Rothley Leaflet Drop)

The McCann's reaction to the '10 Reasons' leaflets

In the wake of the recent Rothley Leaflet Drop (a leaflet based on facts contained in the official Portuguese police files), which has caused the McCanns anger and distress, to the point whereby they are considering legal action for harassment, I thought it might be an idea to take a look at the global harassment by the McCanns towards innocent folk.

Given that Madeleine is believed to have died in their holiday apartment and her corpse concealed, it would seem that no seventy year old pensioner, footballer's son, family of gypsies, dying paedophile or Australian millionairess, to name but a few, are exempt from harassment by the McCanns in their never-ending quest to blame someone/anyone else for what happened to three year old Madeleine, who was left in an unlocked apartment to fend for herself and her younger siblings. And let's not forget that this wasn't a one-off act of deliberate negligence, this happened every night of their holiday and was an accident/abduction waiting to happen.

Tragically, one of those incidents did happen, most likely the former according to evidence found in their holiday apartment and hire car.

The McCanns have employed a whole range of lawyers which begs the question: don't any of these lawyers advise the McCanns against this kind of intrusive behaviour into innocent peoples' lives, some of whom have already been investigated, and discounted, by the PJ?

Rather than keep dragging innocent people into their own fairystory lives, why don't the McCanns simply request the PJ reopen the investigation (which is the aim of the Rothley/UK Leaflet Drop), answer the 48 questions and cooperate with the investigation by carrying out the police reconstruction?

Isn't that what innocent people would do? The more the McCann's carry on in this manner, and begging for money which has been used for many things, including their mortgage payments, rather than actually searching for Maddie, the more they make themselves look guilty.

How much longer will the authorities allow this one-sided farce to continue? How many people are going to be sued, threatened, or damaged by the McCanns when all anybody wants is to find out what happened to their little girl whilst the McCanns, in turn, run to the media/police/lawyers and claim they have a stalker?

I personally think that if the McCanns did the right thing regarding Maddie then more people would actually support them, especially if it transpired that they had nothing to do with her disappearance, other than deliberate abandonment in favour of socialising. If neglect is the only issue leading to Maddie's 'disappearance' then why won't the McCanns cooperate with the police? Why do they portray themselves as victims and request police protection when people try to do something pro-active - which, let's face it, is the direct result of inaction by the authorities and misinformation by the media and their own spokesman - to find the truth about what happened to Maddie, especially when they couldn't be bothered to protect their own children from swarthy, predatory paedophiles or fire?

The McCanns are not victims - only Madeleine is.

But if it does transpire that they were involved in Maddie's disappearance or demise then, as a fellow blogger recently said, they are soon to become two of the most despicable and infamous pair of criminals in English history.

A legacy that will leave them forever associated with other NHS scandals such as Harold Shipman - and the whole world will turn against them, possibly including their own family, colleagues and friends (and their children who are yet to learn of their parents' involvement).

Many people feel the McCanns should do the right thing for Sean and Amelie at least. Kate and Gerry are, after all, the very last people who matter in this tragic case and it is time they realised that.

That's all.

By Jill Havern

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Some more 'McCann supporter' sites can be found by googling: Chaos Raptors, Rosiepops, Studies in Diseased Subjects, Hounding the McCanns, Murat Fan and Nigel Nessling where you will find all kinds of threats, including threats of violence towards these peoples' spouses and children, particularly towards Tony Bennett, Debbie Butler and Brenda Ryan, which has been going on long before the leaflets were distributed in Rothley and other areas in the UK. The McCanns do nothing to disassociate themselves from these supporters.


Last updated at 18:51 03 June 2007

Police hunting for Madeleine McCann launched a 2am raid on the South London home of an innocent woman in her 70s.
Officers acting on behalf of Portuguese police have targeted at least two properties in South London with similar addresses - both have the same house number and road name and are less than five miles apart.
News of the searches came after Portugal's Policia Judiciaria said they were following leads from psychics and clairvoyants.
It is understood they are clutching to the hope that Madeleine's abductor might pose as someone with psychic powers so that he could free her, tell police of a vision identifying where she could be found - and avoid detection.
There was no sign at either address of Madeleine, who was taken from the holiday apartment of her parents Gerry and Kate in the Algarve on May 3.

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Why Rothley?

One of the comments:

"There has been a deliberate campaign of misinformation. Misinformation about sightings of suspects, distance of the apartment from the bar. An absolutely biaised account of the disappearance of Madeleine with many inaccuracies passed of as a documentary. Press conferences called. People named suspects not by any recognised official police force and their picture plastered over everywhere. Press conferences called about the latest new leads which always come to zilch. This is what has got to stop."

Some of the McCann's victims.


Some evidence which suggests Maddie has not been abducted.