Future Madeleine Foundation meetings

Following the success of our first international meeting about what really happened to Madeleine McCann (in Harlow on 1 August), we are pleased to announce three further meetings.


Our first regional meeting will be in the Cardiff area on Saturday 3 October. It will be held close to the M4 and just a ’bus ride from Cardiff Railway Station. We’ll start at 12noon and the meeting will finish around 5pm - 5.30pm. A hot meal will be available and provided free to all attending.


Our second regional get-together will be in the Manchester area on Saturday 14 November, also from 12noon to around 6pm. The meeting will be in the south Manchester area easily accessible from the M6 and one rail journey from Manchester Central Railway Station. Buffet food and hot and cold drinks will be provided free all afternoon.


Our second international conference on Madeleine McCann will take place 27 & 28 February (Saturday and Sunday) at a venue (already booked) in the East Midlands. The venue is within 10 miles of Nottingham East Midlands Airport at Castle Donington. PLEASE SEE SEPARATE ARTICLE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR FURTHER DETAILS


These meetings are only for confirmed McCann-sceptics who do not believe that Madeleine McCann was abducted, who believe that Madeleine probably died in her parents’apartment, and who wish to discuss any aspect of the Madeleine McCann mystery in a friendly atmosphere among friends.

We welcome contributions from existing or new members.

We have already booked nice rooms for all three meetings. As before, their locations will only be disclosed to those wish to come a few days before the meeting.

If you are not already either a Madeleine Foundation member or on our approved attendance list and you wish to attend, please e-mail Madeleine Foundation Secretary Tony Bennett at ajsbennett@btinternet.com

If you are a true sceptic of the McCanns’ abduction claims, you will be very welcome to join us.

Debbie Butler (Chairman) and Tony Bennett (Secretary)
The Madeleine Foundation
Monday 24 August 2009
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