Dave Edgar: "We ruled out Maddie being carried aboard a yacht at a nearby marina after interviewing the key witness behind the theory"

The Sunseeker yacht now possibly implicated in Madeleine's disappearance

Old article by Dominic Herbert, 10/05/2009

(Posted by 'Dimsie' on the 3 arguidos as a reminder of the constant rubbish being spouted by the McCanns and their pretendy cops)

THE British team of cold case detectives investigating Maddie McCann's disappearance today reveal sensational NEW LEADS.

Senior ex-police officers hired by parents Kate and Gerry now have the names of at least FIVE new possible kidnappers after a flood of calls from the public last week.

And they have found vital evidence never properly investigated by blundering Portuguese cops.

It includes a list of 18 PERVERTS and a sinister series of SIX SEX ATTACKS on other British kids within an hour's drive of the Praia da Luz resort where Maddie was snatched.

The former detective inspector leading the squad, Dave Edgar, also believes the youngster-who would be six on Tuesday-is ALIVE and could still be hidden in peasant villages ten miles away. Police have never searched these.

Opening his case files exclusively to the News of the World, Edgar said: "Is it possible that Madeleine is alive and living in the Algarve despite all the publicity? The answer is yes.

"There is a very strong possibility that Madeleine is still within that area. We are following evidence with this."

Edgar, 52, revealed how his team has been sifting through responses following the release of an image of how Maddie would look today-plus a TV reconstruction and artist impressions of a man seen watching the McCann's holiday flat before the abduction.

"We have had between 200 and 300 good calls," said Edgar. "There are five or six really important ones we are focusing in on now. We have had names come in and information with which we can identify others."

They will also cross reference the names of new suspects with their database of British sex offenders living in Portugal at the time. As the cold case hots up, Edgar's team are virtually certain ONE MAN carried out the kidnapping that shook the world and NOT child traffickers. And Edgar says the Portuguese cops probably had him in their grasp but let him slip through their fingers.

"There is no evidence that there is more than one person involved," he said. "And I believe there is a real chance the police have spoken to him during their inquiry."

But hardened cop Edgar - used to leaving no stone unturned in UK investigations - says he was astonished to find vital evidence in Portuguese police files that was never made public during the search.

He said it seemed they had failed to run thorough checks on 18 sex offenders living within easy reach of the McCanns' apartment.

Edgar added: "I have had a look at the files and it is very difficult to assess them as the documents I have been given are not very satisfactory.

"All I can say is that so far we have eliminated only two of the offenders because they were in prison at the time. The remaining 18 weren't investigated to the standard I'm used to. But we will take this forward."

Former Northern Ireland and Cheshire cop Edgar, 52, Edgar and his hard-core squad of four hand-picked investigators -drafted in by the McCanns last November - are also looking at records of six sex attacks against youngsters in the Algarve leading up to Madeleine's kidnap. Again, these are poorly documented by the Portuguese.

"Most of attacks were overnight, in apartments and at least five involved British children," he said. "I am looking for links to the Madeleine abduction - geographical links, links with the descriptions."

The attacks are:

APRIL 14, 2004: Praia do Carvoeiro, Lagoa, 20 miles from Praia da Luz (PDA). Sex assault on 10-year-old girl.

JUNE 9 2005: Sao Rafael, near Sesmarias, 50 miles from PDA. Sex assault on nine-year-old girl.

JUNE 2 2006: Praia do Carvoeiro, Lagoa, 20 miles from PDA. Sex assault on seven-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister in separate rooms.

OCTOBER 29 2006: Albufeira, 45 miles from PDA. Sex assault on eight-year-old girl

CHRISTMAS DAY, 2006: Silves, 35 miles from PDA. Attempted abduction of three-year-old girl.

MAY 28 2007: Albufeira. 45 miles from PDA. Intruder disturbed at the bottom of nine-year-old girl's bed.

Edgar told us: "Some of the attacks were in the files and some were in other documents that were not terribly obvious. Again I am subject to the frailties of the Portuguese authorities and have to work with what I have been given. I have tried to build bridges with them but have had no response. But we have access to other files that have not been released to the public and the media."

As well as sifting through case files, Edgar has pinpointed a wilderness just 10 miles north of the tourist strip where Maddie could be hidden in peasant communities live in isolation.

"Once you get beyond the tourist strip it is a different world. The geography is a really important factor," he said. "These are isolated areas, it is impoverished and villagers live the way they have done for years. Children change physically and a child's memory changes.

"Madeleine will have memories but at that age you develop very quickly and especially if you are living with people from different backgrounds.

"The other really important point is that no body has been found."

Edgar's belief that one man alone took the youngster was backed by revelations last week that a mystery man with a pockmarked face and pointed nose was spotted by two separate witnesses watching the McCanns flat in the days before the kidnap.

The ex-cop thinks it could be the man seen by Jane Tanner, one of the holidaymakers who had been with the McCanns in the tapas bar before Maddie was snatched.

Edgar said: "I think it could be the same person - some one with knowledge of the area. The descriptions given are very similar. And Jane is a very reliable witness."

He dismissed many of the established theories behind Maddie's disappearance - like the involvement of child traffickers. "From the evidence I just don't think this is the case," he said. He has also ruled out Maddie being carried aboard a yacht at a nearby marina after interviewing the key witness behind the theory.

And he said the Portuguese police were WRONG to focus on the McCanns and local Robert Murat as suspects.

"A closed mind gives you closed options. They had a theory that focused on, Kate and Gerry and Murat.

"There is not one shred of evidence against any of them."

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: "Kate and Gerry are very pleased at the response from the publicity of the second anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance. And they are pleased with the good work Dave and his team are doing."

Jane Tanner, the Key Witness