BBC Radio Leicester reports the concerns of the Madeleine Foundation

Post by Midas on the 3 arguidos

"At 8 am this morning I heard that residents of Leicester had awoken to find leaflets on their doormats with The Madeleine Foundation's reasons for a thorough investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. I went downstairs to find mine and will be taking it into work to pass around. I did not know any of this and had considered myself well informed.

Thank you to The Madeleine Foundation for this information. Thank you BBC."

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Comment from Tony Bennett of The Madeleine Foundation:

"The leaflet in question is the '10 Reasons' leaflet which was compiled from contributions to a thread on 3As begun, I think, around February. We published it in May and the first print run of 10,000 leaflets has now been distributed far and wide, mostly by 3As members.

A second print run has arrived this week and we are in a position to send out these leaflets FREE to anyone who can ensure they will distribute them effectively.

Debbie has a couple of TV interviews lined up for later today and I will post more news about this later in the day.

The Nottingham Evening Post have arranged to meet with Grenville Green and Helene Davies-Green in Nottingham this lunch-time and photograph them delivering '10 Reasons'. Grenville is quite well known in Nottingham for his campaigning on carers' rights.

BBC Radio Leicester did a pre-recorded interview with Debbie late yesterday and ran a news item on the leaflet drop from 7am onwards and then every 15 minutes. At 8.00am it was their top news item and ran for approximately 9 minutes.

A group of Madeleine Foundation supporters were distributing the leaflet in various parts of Leicestershire last week, including Leicester, Mountsorrel and Rothley. I am told that the response was good, even from the landlady and customers at 'The Royal Oak', Rothley, where I am told that one leaflet was handed politely across the bar. "

Photo courtesy of Joachim Andrews for The Madeleine Foundation