Accusatory leaflets scare McCanns

by João Tavares

Gerry and Kate McCann have asked for police protection after leaflets that contain arguments which lead to the couple’s guilt in the disappearance of Maddie, on the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz, Lagos, were distributed last Friday to the population of Rothley, England, where they live.

‘What really happened to Maddie McCann? – Ten key reasons which suggest that Madeleine McCann was not abducted’. This is the title of the 500 leaflets that were distributed to the post boxes of various houses by members of the Madeleine Foundation. Curiously, that did not happen at Kate and Gerry’s residence. The leaflet points out ten reasons and justifies them with some facts.

“We are peaceful people, we don’t harm anyone, all we want is to get our message through. I don’t understand why the McCanns went to ask the police for help”, the head of the foundation, Anthony Bennett, said during a phone conversation with Correio da Manhã.

The lawyer, who has long battled over the existence of a private investigation into the case, justified the creation of this measure. “Late last year we launched the book ’60 reasons why Madeleine was not abducted’, we have already sold 3000 copies, and now we wanted to create a summed-up version and to pass it on to the population. The majority of the English people do not know well what happened that night, but many believe that Gerry and Kate are not telling the whole truth”, Bennett said, explaining that the leaflet distribution started last May, in areas like London, Devon, South Wales, Nottingham and Leicester. “Basically, we share the arguments that were presented by investigator Gonçalo Amaral”.

A friend of the McCann family told the English press that this leaflet is nothing but “an evil act”. “It’s terrible for Kate and Gerry to know that their neighbours are reading lies. The family is suffering and they feel deceived, because this leaflets will not help to find Maddie at all”.

The Ten Reasons

1 – Most children abducted from home are already dead

2 – Sniffer dogs detect cadaver odour inside the apartment

3 – The couple’s strange reactions after the dogs’ discoveries

4 – The impossibility for an abductor to have entered the house

5 – The McCanns’ and their friends’ refusal to help the police

6 – The McCanns’ and their friends’ change of the story’s version

7 – The McCanns rushed to hire lawyers and spokespeople

8 – The friends’ strange reaction after Kate announced the abduction

9 – The McCanns made plans to mark the disappearance in the future

10 – Gerry and Kate washed the soft toy that Maddie always carried
source: Correio da Manhã, 16.08.2009
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