Dr Christian Ludke, Criminal Psychologist, talks about Kate and Gerry McCann

Dr Christian Ludke - Criminal Psychologist

By Uta Keseling
7 September 2007, 18:11
Translation by Nigel Moore

The forensic psychologist Dr. Christian Lüdke leads a company in Essen which supports the victims of robberies, kidnappings, accidents or disasters. He spoke with WELT ONLINE about the possible motives of the McCann couple in the tragic case of the abduction of Madeleine.

WELT ONLINE: You have warned, since early on, that the behaviour of Gerry and Kate McCann indicates their involvement in the crime. What has made you feel that way?

Christian Lüdke: I have, in recent years, cared for many parents who lost their children due to acts of violence. Most of them were under severe shock, feeling helpless, desperate and withdrawn. Many also quarralled. They blamed themselves hugely for not having looked after their child adequately.

WELT ONLINE: It was different with the McCanns?

Lüdke: They live very differently. In public, they are harmonious. Already, after only a few days they went jogging, as if that was a normal thing to do, always appearing together. These parents took matters into their own hands instead of leaving matters in the hands of the police. They distanced themselves from their two other children by going on a European tour, that to me is very strange.

WELT ONLINE: Maybe it was an accident?

Lüdke: No. In such a case, after the first shock, they would have trusted the police. Both parents are doctors, in case of an accident they would have tried to get help. It is even more unrealistic that of all people two doctors would leave 3 children alone in a strange environment, even more at night. I have many doctors as patients. As professionals they know all that can happen to children, and as parents they are overly protective.

WELT ONLINE: What could have been the motive to cause their own daughter's disappearance?

Lüdke: There are parents who have little or no emotional bond with a child. Often such a child is considered a burden that must be dealt with in a brutal or perverted way. The best known is Münchhausen Syndrome by Proxy: The mother tortures the child until it is almost dead and then calls for the police because she herself has a great desire to receive attention.

WELT ONLINE: Do you think it is possible that Madeleine's parents have killed Madeleine and together hidden her?

Lüdke: I believe both parents know what happened.

WELT ONLINE: It means, the McCanns planned the death of their daughter?

Lüdke: Yes, it is possible that they planned this a long time ago, they must at least have played it through in their minds many times and they must have spoken about it together. Otherwise they would now be contradicting each other.

WELT ONLINE: When parents are guilty of killing their child, do they block this fact out of their minds?

Lüdke: Unlikely. Both have clear consciousness, give interviews, travel. It is easier for them to lie than to speak the truth. One can probably exclude a psychosis. Many things point toward a mental disorder. The children of the McCanns were conceived artificially; that can lead to problems in parenthood. Maybe there were self esteem issues that were not openly addressed. Maybe the child had to die due to a problem that had lasted many years.

WELT ONLINE: But the McCanns seem perfect and loving parents.

Lüdke: That public image can be due to a guilt mechanism, like doing a media campaign, to distract attention away from the real problem.

WELT ONLINE: Why do they not go back to Great Britain?

Lüdke: That also speaks against them. When someone loses a child they want to be with their loved ones in a secure environment. By continuing to stay at that resort, where something terrible happened, the worse that can happen to a parent - that is, to lose a child - indicates a survival instinct. As in a mental cinema, these pictures would be constantly running over again. That the McCanns do not return home, where they would have memories of the beautiful times spent with their child, can be seen as an evasive action, in order to avoid having to deal with what they have done.

WELT ONLINE: The world thinks it is impossible that these parents can be guilty.

Lüdke: The media have possibly been taken in by the McCanns. They very quickly attended only after them, instead of around the child. The parents were accompanied like the Beckhams. In his Internet diary, the father writes almost daily about that and other irrelevant/banal things, the shirt he was wearing, what the weather is like. No father in despair could do this. Statistically 70 percent of all the violence against children is caused by the parents, family members or friends. That has unfortunately, to a large extent, not been looked into. The Portuguese police were attacked unfairly when they tried to refer in that direction.

WELT ONLINE: They have already expressed suspicions about the parents, when hardly anyone wanted to know about it. Have you been criticized for it?

Lüdke: Yes, very severely. There were open letters, a campaign on the Internet with professional associations. And I have done no more than look at the whole thing as an outsider.

About Criminal Psychologist Dr. Christian Ludke:

1. Staatsexamen (Sek. II) in Erziehungswissenschaft, kath. Theologie und Sport Promotion zum Doktor der Philosophie in der Facherkombination Erziehungswissenschaft, Soziologie und Sportmedizin

1989: New York / USA, Arbeit mit schwer erziehbaren Kindern- und Jugendlichen
1991-1999: Psychologische Ausbildung von Spezialeinheiten (SEK, MEK und VG) bei der Fortbildungsstelle Spezialeinheiten der Polizei in NRW
1999-2001: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Universit ln / Lehrstuhl Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie

2001-2007: Geschhrer der HumanProtect Consulting GmbH
Psychologische Akutintervention und Rehabilitation nach (Bank-)Ãllen, Geiselnahmen, Unfllen, Katastrophen und anderen belastenden Ereignissen
Source: Pamalam

A few other professional people who have opinions about the McCanns:

Dr Paulo Sargento

Dr. Francisco Moita Flores

Dr Martin Roberts

Dr Vernon Coleman

Pinto da Costa - Forensice Medicine Expert

Michael Shrimpton - National security lawyer/barrister

George Galloway, MP

Quote of the Day: Ernie Allen, NCMEC: "It's really important that these cases not be closed until we know with certainty what happened to them"

At the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, President Ernie Allen said Dugard's reappearance was celebrated as the kind of story advocates work to make happen, whether by asking the public to report suspicious activity or by pushing police to keep working cases.

"It's really important that these cases not be closed until we know with certainty what happened to them," Allen said. (unless that person is Madeleine McCann, of course)
Source: Fox News: Kidnapped Girl's Story Gives Hope to Some Parents

Clearly Ernie didn't tell Gerry McCann that Maddie's case should remain open until it is known what happened to her or Gerry would have done summat about it.

Snippet from Gerry's blog

Day 210 - 29/11/2007
Given some of the unhelpful comments recently about the media's role in helping find missing children I would like to quote Ernie Allen. Ernie has been president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for the last 25 years. We just have to continue to do everything possible to find that one, key piece of evidence, and then follow it to Madeleine. There is no more likely source of that information than some average, caring, alert citizen (or dog, Gerry, don't forget the dogs), somewhere in the world, informed and motivated by a photo or intense media coverage of a missing child.

Eddie, a likely source to find Madeleine

So, with that thought in mind - "pushing the police to keep working cases" - please sign the Petition to request the Portuguese Ministry to re-open Maddie's case.

I bet you won't see a McCann name on the petition: ask yourself why.

School Governor, Brian Kennedy links Bishop Ellis Primary School to McCann's Fraudulent Fund

Kate's uncle, Brian Kennedy, school governor of Maddie School

Vatican removes all reference to the McCanns from their website but school governor, Kate's uncle Brian Kennedy, uses the Roman Catholic school to link to the McCanns Fraudulent Fund

Maddie School: Bishop Ellis homepage

The children of Bishop Ellis school in formation for helicoptor pics

Kate's pain eased when Bishop Ellis RC Primary School raised £6,000 for their Fraudulent Fund

Gonçalo Amaral's 'The Truth of the Lie'

Kate and Gerry McCann once again thrust twins into media spotlight despite begging journalists to protect their privacy

Kate pain as twins join Maddie school

KATE McCann will this week watch twins Sean and Amelie start at the "big" school where missing sister Madeleine should already be a pupil.

The kiddies, now four, are said to be "very excited" about their first day in primary class.

But the moment she takes them through the front gates will be tinged with unbearable sadness for Kate.

For Maddie was due to start there four months after she vanished on a Portuguese holiday just days before her fourth birthday in May, 2007.

School chiefs kept an empty desk, coat peg and locker for her that year - and still keep a candle burning in the hope she will one day be returned.

GP Kate, 41, is expected to drop off Sean and Amelie with husband Gerry, also 41, if he can get time off from his job as a cardiac specialist.

Amelie will be wearing the same uniform - a red gingham dress - her sister should have worn for her first day at Bishop Ellis Roman Catholic Primary in Thurmaston, Leics.

A source close to the McCanns said: "For any family, children starting at big school is a momentous occasion - but for Kate and Gerry it will also be an emotional one too, with Madeleine never far from their thoughts."

A family pal said: "Kate and Gerry are really excited about the twins starting school. But it's yet another milestone without their beloved daughter.

"They miss her as much as ever and it will feel strange that the twins are going to the school Madeleine sadly has never had the chance to start."

The twins will be driven the five miles to school from their family home in Rothley.

Kate's uncle Brian Kennedy is a school governor and his wife Janet was a teacher there.

Brian and Janet Kennedy


Source: The Sun

Doctors Kate and Gerry McCann of Rothley, Leicester: The most despicable, and very soon, the most infamous pair of criminals in English history

Everything you do, everything you say, everything you stand for is nothing short of disgusting.

List of Shame: How Kate and Gerry McCann have hijacked the tragedy of Jaycee for themselves

Note: We would like to thank “El País” (a Spanish newspaper) for focusing its article on Jaycee Lee and not on the McCann's renewed hope. Today there are many articles on the net that, unfortunately, highlight on their headlines that “alleged renewed hope” of parents who refused to participate in the official reconstruction of events because they knew that the expert opinion would show that they have lied en their statements (As happened in Marta del Castillo case). Why the appearance of an American girl turns the McCann into news again?


List of shame:

Screenshot from Mercedes blog: Until you know the truth

And Himself from the McCann Gallery says it better than I could.


Kate and Gerry McCann: "The most despicable, and one day soon, the most infamous pair of criminals in English history."
83 very angry comments about this so far on Joana Morais blog

Quote of the Day by Clarence Mitchell

The McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, added: "Jaycee's case underlines statistics which say the younger a child is when she is taken, the more likely she is to be cared for and kept alive over an extended period."

Source: Mirror.co.uk

Excuse me? Jaycee was kept in a backyard for 18 years, repeatedly raped by a paedophile, and forced to bear two children by him, and you say that's being cared for? What 'effin planet are you on?



List of Shame

Eddie and Keela find body and blood of murdered pensioner in burnt out car

Here's a couple of old articles worth reading, or re-reading if you've already seen them, about how British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, found the body of pensioner Attracta Harron in a shallow grave and found her blood in a burnt out car, five months after her murder.

Published: Thu, Aug 9, 2007

The elite police sniffer dog who found the body of murdered Sion Mills pensioner Attracta Harron has been drafted in to help the hunt for the body of kidnapped toddler Madeleine McCann.

Specially-trained English springer spaniel Eddie and his companion Keela were flown to Praia de Luz complex in the Algarve region of Portugal last week as the search for the missing four-year-old intensified.

The police sniffer dogs, which are trained to locate minute traces of blood, were brought in after the focus of the investigation again turned on the apartment where the McCann family were staying when Madeleine disappeared 97 days ago.

The dogs, which have also been involved in the search for missing Castlederg teenager Arlene Arkinson, were yesterday still in Portugal.

Used across the world for his accuracy, seven-year-old hound Eddie helped police put Trevor Hamilton behind bars in 2006 after the victim recovery dog found 63-year- old Attracta Harron's blood on the 23-year-old murderer's burned-out Hyundai.

Eddie also located Attracta's body in a shallow grave in April 2003, close to Hamilton's home.

The police dog and his handlers returned to Tyrone for a third time at the end of last year to help find the missing Arlene Arkinson who went missing after leaving a disco in Bundoran, Co Donegal, on August 13, 1994.

The identity of the two hounds emerged as reports that sniffer dogs from the UK found specks of blood in the apartment where the four-year-old was last seen.

As Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate last night clung to the hope that their daughter will be found alive, it is understood forensic tests are being carried out to determine whether the substance is actually blood.

If the tests prove positive, DNA samples could be used to see if there is any match to Madeleine.

Both Eddie and Keela have also been used in various disappearance and murder cases in the US and the Republic.

Source: The Strabane Chronicle

Opening Statement by Prosecution

Eddie located death scent in McCanns hire car more than 20 days after Maddie went missing

Taken from Martin Grime's statement in official police files:

Vol IX p. 2481


'False' positives are always a possibility; to date Eddie has not so indicated
operationally or in training. In six years of operational deployment in over 200
criminal case searches the dog has never alerted to meat based and
specifically pork foodstuffs designed for human consumption. Similarly the
dog has never alerted to 'road kill', that is any other dead animal.
My experience as a trainer is that false alerts are normally caused by handler
cueing. All indications by the dog are preceded by a change in bahaviour.
This increased handler confidence in the response. This procedure also stops
handlers 'cueing' and indication. The dogs are allowed to 'free search' and
investigate areas of interest. The handler does not influence their behaviour


Jaycee case: Sniffer dogs taken in to search for bodies

Girl's kidnapper promises 'heart-warming' story - Telegraph

(This is starting to sound like Gerry's heartwarming story about Maddie being treated like a princess by the filthy swine who took her and Kate's quote about how Maddie will be giving whoever she's with her tuppenceworth - how heartwarming was that?)

"Sniffer dogs were brought in yesterday to help search for any bodies that may be hidden or buried at the house. Meanwhile Jaycee has been reunited with her mother, Terry. She and her daughters are being kept at an undisclosed location in Northern California."

Uh oh McCanns, you really shouldn't keep associating yourselves with other people's tragedies. It's all going to come unstuck sooner or later.

Kate and Gerry McCann once again use someone else's tragedy to grab front page headlines

Why am I no longer stunned by Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns who will hijack any tragedy to get a front page headline for themselves?

Not one word have they uttered about Jaycee's plight. Not one word. Once again it's all about them, them and them.

Stunned, no. Sickened, yes.

Over to you, Himself.

Madeleine McCann's parents inspired by Jaycee Lee Dugard case

The parents of Madeleine McCann said today that the reappearance of child kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard 18 years after she disappeared ''only makes us more determined'' to find their daughter.

Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted at the age of 11 from her home in California in 1991 but has now been reunited with her mother after walking into a police station with her alleged captor and the two children he fathered by her.

Kate and Gerry McCann said: ''Once again this shows that children can sometimes disappear off the radar only to be found years later alive.

''It emphasises that we should never assume that someone is not alive without any evidence to support this. We should never give up

''This case only makes us more determined to find Madeleine. She is out there somewhere and somebody knows where.''

Miss Dugard, now aged 29, was reunited with her mother on Thursday after revealing during an interview with her kidnapper's parole officer that she was the victim of one of California's oldest unsolved crimes. It was her first known appearance in public since her abduction.

She disappeared when a man and a woman pulled her kicking and screaming into a car at a school bus stop just yards from her home in South Lake Tahoe.

Madeleine went missing without trace from a Portuguese hotel on May 3rd 2003. Despite spending millions of pounds in a continuing hunt her parents are no closer to finding out what happened.


Source: Telegraph

Clarence Mitchell and the Bandwagons: (Well, we never saw this one coming did we?)

Law officials said they were astonished that Jaycee turned up safe and well. Local chief assistant district attorney Bill Clark said: "It's a pretty spectacular story to find someone like that - someone we assumed was dead."

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, said it gave hope that one day daughter Madeleine, snatched in Portugal in 2007, could be found safe and well.

He said: "They are extremely pleased. It strengthens their determination never to stop looking for Madeleine."

(Notice that Clarence jumps on this passing bandwagon to spin the McCanns fairytale again and not a word about Jaycee or the 'situation she found herself in'. Plus, Barrister Michael Shrimpton reckons the McCanns know that Madeleine was killed by lethal injection in December 2008 so there's not much chance of finding her alive and well then is there? No need for any more fundraising by Team McCann, either, if Michael Shrimpton, a national security lawyer, is correct. What a load of baloney on all fronts if you don't mind me saying so.)

Source: Mirror.co.uk
Predicted on Missing Madeline forum yesterday

The McCann's search for Madeleine in pictures and video can be seen here

Source: teletext


Fritzl and McCann - worth reading again.

Kate and Gerry had taken hope from the case of Elisabeth Fritzl, the Austrian woman whose father locked her in a cellar beneath his house for 24 years, and fathered seven children with her, said Gerry McCann.

Gerry McCann said their ordeal since May 3 had been "almost unbearable", but that they had been helped through by their young twins, Sean and Amelie.

Chapter 20 of The Truth of the Lie: An Irish family in a state of shock


The McCann couple return to Great Britain after more than four months spent in the Algarve. It's an almost triumphant return. The media coverage is such that you'd think you were witnessing the liberation of hostages held for years in a far-off country. Gerald McCann is shown on television carrying his son, as he descends from the plane. The child's head is against Gerald's left shoulder and his arms dangling by his sides. Gerald walks across the tarmac, still holding his son closely against himself.

In Ireland, the Smiths are watching the BBC news, which is broadcasting the event. For them, it's a shock: that person, they recognise him. That way of carrying his child, that way of walking...It's the man they saw at around 10pm on May 3rd, with a little girl, who seemed to be deeply asleep, in his arms.

This image, brings back with a jolt, that of the man they encountered in the streets of Vila da Luz, on the evening of Madeleine's disappearance. It's as if the scene is repeating itself ....Mr Smith thinking he's hallucinating, sees the same report on other channels, ITV and Sky News. From that moment, he is sure: the man they came across that night was Gerald McCann. Of that there is very little doubt. Upset by the implications of this discovery, he alerts the police and waits to be called back by those in charge of the investigation.

Read the full chapter on AnnaEsse's blog
Related: Smith family statements
Brian Kennedy contacts witness Mr Smith

The Maddie Case Files

From Joana Morais' blog

In an effort to gather all the valuable & precious work done by so many translating the DVD process, analysis, theories, etc. concerning the Madeleine McCann case, a new forum was created: The Maddie Case Files.

All are welcome to visit, to contribute with material and to use it as a reference.

It's a work in progress.

Fantastic work by Joana, Astro and Kazlux to collate and save all the important data in their efforts to seek justice for Maddie - compared to what Maddie's own parents are doing which is to collate as much money as possible and to escape justice for neglecting their three babies until one went 'missing', presumed dead.

Shame on you, Doctors McCann for letting other people do, for free, what you should have done for free.

Future Madeleine Foundation meetings

Following the success of our first international meeting about what really happened to Madeleine McCann (in Harlow on 1 August), we are pleased to announce three further meetings.


Our first regional meeting will be in the Cardiff area on Saturday 3 October. It will be held close to the M4 and just a ’bus ride from Cardiff Railway Station. We’ll start at 12noon and the meeting will finish around 5pm - 5.30pm. A hot meal will be available and provided free to all attending.


Our second regional get-together will be in the Manchester area on Saturday 14 November, also from 12noon to around 6pm. The meeting will be in the south Manchester area easily accessible from the M6 and one rail journey from Manchester Central Railway Station. Buffet food and hot and cold drinks will be provided free all afternoon.


Our second international conference on Madeleine McCann will take place 27 & 28 February (Saturday and Sunday) at a venue (already booked) in the East Midlands. The venue is within 10 miles of Nottingham East Midlands Airport at Castle Donington. PLEASE SEE SEPARATE ARTICLE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR FURTHER DETAILS


These meetings are only for confirmed McCann-sceptics who do not believe that Madeleine McCann was abducted, who believe that Madeleine probably died in her parents’apartment, and who wish to discuss any aspect of the Madeleine McCann mystery in a friendly atmosphere among friends.

We welcome contributions from existing or new members.

We have already booked nice rooms for all three meetings. As before, their locations will only be disclosed to those wish to come a few days before the meeting.

If you are not already either a Madeleine Foundation member or on our approved attendance list and you wish to attend, please e-mail Madeleine Foundation Secretary Tony Bennett at ajsbennett@btinternet.com

If you are a true sceptic of the McCanns’ abduction claims, you will be very welcome to join us.

Debbie Butler (Chairman) and Tony Bennett (Secretary)
The Madeleine Foundation
Monday 24 August 2009
Discussion on Missing Madeleine forum

That vile Madeleine Foundation '10 Reasons' leaflet fully exposed for what it is: a load of lies

Posted by Tony Bennett

I've just come into possession of a new leaflet published by McCann-believers which exposes the rubbish and lies of the evil '10 Reasons' leaflet.

Here it is, exclusive to members of 'Missing Madeleine':

10 answers which show that it’s a load of lies

Reason 1: Statistics show that the vast majority of young children reported abducted from their homes are already dead

RESPONSE: Rubbish! Loads of children are abducted from inside their homes every day. Anyway, even if in 99% of such cases the child is dead and the parents are responsible, that’s no clue to what happened to Madeleine. The case of Madeleine McCann might be the exception that prove the rule.

Reason 2: The world-renowned British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, detected the scent of a corpse in 10 places which strongly suggested Madeleine died in the McCanns’ holiday apartment

RESPONSE: Total rubbish and lies again. These dogs can’t tell a corpse from rotting meat. Why, in Jersey they couldn’t tell a corpse from a coconut. Even Martin Grime admitted his dogs’ evidence was useless without corroboroating evidence.

Reason 3: The strange reactions of the McCanns when they became aware of the sniffer dogs’ findings

RESPONSE: Surely everyone except the authors of that vile ‘10 Reasons’ leaflet knows by now that Dr Kate McCann attended six corpses at work during the fortnight before her holiday. They also know that she took ‘Cuddle Cat’ to work an dthat’s how the ‘smell of death’ got there. It’s obvious that the dogs confused the smell of death with rotting meat and dirty nappies in the boot. It was only natural that the McCanns would immediately seize on one U.S. case and one Irish case where these cadaver dogs’ evidence was held to be ‘unreliable’.

Reason 4: The sheer impossibility of the abduction scenario

RESPONSE: Impossible? Do they not realise how easy it is to ‘case the joint’ for days without being seen, to walk in through an open window, to pick up Madeleine from a bed in the dark without waking her or the twins, then climb out of a window three feet above the foud and about two feet by two feet, all without waking the children or leaving any forensic trace. There was loads of time for him to do this. Dr Gerald McCann finished his check at around 9.12pm having spent ‘an unusually long time in the loo’ and Jane Tanner saw him (though Dave Edgar thinks it might have been a ‘her’) at 9.15pm. That’s oceans of time to accomplish an abduction without being seen by anyone other than Jane Tanner.

Reason 5: The refusal of the McCanns and their friends to help the police

RESPONSE: The police were hostile from the word ‘go’ and refused to search for Madeleine. No wonder Dr David Payne referred to their ‘Pact of Silence’. Dr Kate McCann was right not to answer any of 48 questions from a police force that ludicrously and unhelpfully placed them under suspicion. With a police force like that, wouldn’t you deleted your mobile ’phone records. Wouldn’t you refused to allow the Portuguese police to examine your medical and financial records including credit card records? Wouldn’t you refuse to take a lie detector test? Wouldn’t you refuse to attend a bogus reconstruction designed purely to frame you?

Reason 6: Changes of story by the McCanns and their friends

RESPONSE: Utter rubbish. They never changed any statement. They just made a simple mistake in the initial panic when they said the abductor jemmied open the shutters. Anyway, you always get inconsistencies when witnesses try to recollect events. Why, even the McCanns’ chief detective Dave Edgar said this on that brilliant Cutting Edge documentary.

Reason 7: The McCanns’ rush to appoint lawyers and PR experts

RESPONSE: See our response to Reason 5. They needed lawyers and PR experts because they were dealing with incompetent and corrupt police officers.

Reason 8: The strange reactions of the McCanns and their friends after she claimed to have found Madeleine missing

RESPONSE: There’s no set response to one’s child going missing. There’s no guide book telling you how to react. Every parent reacts differently.

Reason 9: Making long-term plans to mark Madeleine’s alleged abduction - whilst claiming she was alive and could still be found

RESPONSE: Madeleine’s not been found yet. So clearly making long-term plans was right.

Reason 10: Dr Kate McCann washing the toy ‘Cuddle Cat’

RESPONSE: The idea that Dr Kate McCann washed ‘Cuddle Cat’ because it had the smell of death on it is ludicrous. She clutched it everywhere she went and made sure it was always visible when there was a photographer around. No wonder it got dirty.


Published and printed by the Society of McCanns-believers, 24 August 2009
Source: Missing Madeleine forum

The Interpretation of Murder: Some Crimes Defy Analysis

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts
27 August 2009


In the opinion of BBC interviewer Anne Davies, "the facts can be changed for anyone." Ms Davies is clearly the kind of suggestible individual Jed Rubenfeld had in mind when describing a character named Banwell early on in his bestselling mystery, The Interpretation of Murder:

"Mr Banwell had mastered the great truth that truth itself, like buildings, can be manufactured."

Many things in life are indeed open to interpretation. 'One man's meat...' etc. Context is often called upon to reconcile ambiguity. The weight of expert opinion is brought to bear upon issues of legal uncertainty. And, in the wake of scientific advance, old tenets are re-assessed, occasionally having to forfeit their status in the light of more recent findings. True, we inhabit a world of uncertainty. Yet we depend, no less than did the ancients before us, on the stability of certain concepts; certitudes around which we organize our lives; facts, if you will, that cannot be changed for anyone: things falling to earth, action and reaction, night and day, are all issues that we hold immutable, and all embodied in the hour glass.

Even Anne Davies would surely not dispute the sublime sophistry of Omar Khayyam. 'The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on.' 'Yesterday', 'Today' and 'Tomorrow' are coarse-grained units of time that, together with more finely tuned measures, afford a frame of reference against which to observe events - temporal facts, with calendars their incorruptible custodians.

May 3rd 2007 was not May 2nd nor was it May 4th. Like every other day of the year it had a specific, factual identity; an identity which, as the Rubaiyat reminds us, cannot be changed for anyone either. And on that day - that day alone, little Madeleine McCann disappeared - from view, from her parents' apartment, from Praia da Luz, Portugal, the face of the earth. To this day no one seems quite sure.

The child was last seen asleep in apartment 5A, where she had previously been left, and would soon be so again, by her father, shortly after 9.05 p.m. on the date in question. Some fifteen or twenty minutes later, while he was engaged in conversation at the foot of a flight of external stairs, a holiday companion of his witnessed an adult carrying, across the street ahead of her, what appeared to be a dormant child dressed in pyjamas not unlike those of Madeleine McCann. It was dark and the street lights were no more than adequate to their purpose. The father had his back turned to the incident and saw nothing. It was left therefore to his wife to discover their child missing, approximately three quarters of an hour later.

The distraught mother knew what had happened. She knew her daughter would not have walked out by herself. She knew that Madeleine had been abducted because of how things had been left in the bedroom, a conclusion confirmed by her husband subsequently. And when questioned by police the following day she even had the presence of mind to tell them of a fleeting conversation with her daughter at breakfast that previous morning, during which Madeleine had asked her mother why she had not come to her room 'when the twins were crying'. She thought it important to mention as it might have been evidence of a prowler, but, as she later stated, 'if Madeleine hadn't been abducted we'd never have thought of that comment again'. All in all, useful facts for the police to ponder: a sleeping child, abducted from her bed at night, virtually from under her parents' noses. That is what happened. Or did it?

It stands to reason that, several months later, Madeleine's disappearance having been publicly discussed by her parents on any number of occasions already by this time, the facts of the matter would remain as previously established. All those involved knew what had happened. Except that on September 17th that year, Kate McCann saw fit to denounce the known facts completely. They were, in Anne Davies words, 'changed', for anyone and everyone:

"I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances." (Source: Flash! magazine (Portugal)/The Daily Mail)

What happened was not, after all, due to the children having been left asleep. The circumstances, when it happened, were different. In what way? In that the parents were with their children, in which case abduction was entirely preventable, or that the children were not asleep? Kate McCann, it should be noted, did not say, 'due to the fact of us leaving the children alone', but 'leaving the children asleep.'

Night will always ease gradually into day, and vice versa, but, as far as human experience is concerned, if we are not asleep then we are awake. Madeleine McCann was abducted from her bed, where she was last seen, asleep, by her father not ten minutes earlier. That is the father's view, supported by a third-party witness; a view to which the mother is now diametrically opposed. She knows that what happened to Madeleine happened when the child was awake, in which case she could not have been abducted immediately after her father’s 9.05 return to the apartment.

In the apparently safe embrace of such a family oriented holiday resort as Praia da Luz, there was only a 'small window of opportunity', on May 3rd, for an abductor to seize his prey. That opportunity presented itself shortly after 9.05 p.m., we were told, after 'they had just seen Gerry had been in the apartment' and when the McCann children were asleep. But we have since been told, quite clearly, and by a first-hand source, that what happened to Madeleine happened while she was awake. Clearly, the opportunity for abduction had not yet presented itself. Something else must have happened therefore.

Is Anne Davies vindicated? Can facts be changed after all? If so then they were never facts in the first place. In the real world the title 'fact' is reserved for those demonstrations, events, states and observations that illustrate a dependable consistency. What Kate McCann thought she knew in May of 2007 is not what she knew in September of that year. Her facts, drawn from these periods, are mutually exclusive, like the constituents of a binary number, which are categorically 1 or 0, never something in-between. The one unassailable fact is that she failed completely to account for the 'Moving Finger.'

As Edward Fitzgerald's wonderfully evocative translation continues: "nor all thy Piety nor Wit shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it."

Anne Davies: "The facts can be changed for anyone"


Dr Martin Robert analyses Gerry McCann's return to Praia da Luz

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts
24 August 2009


Kate McCann's prior claim of 'We'll return to Portugal often' was, as we now know, given tangible expression in the form of Gerry returning once to Praia da Luz, in the company of Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield, for publicity purposes only. Despite apparently asking his various collaborators to 'observe radio silence' in advance of the TV production Madeleine Was Here, so as not to create a media frenzy, Gerry still managed to say as much if not more about this project than he did in fulfilling his lead role within it. Never short of an answer when in front of the camera, Gerry McCann is equally and revealingly forthcoming in his April interview with Brendan de Beer of Portugal News.

The interview, edited here, progresses thus:

On his return to Praia da Luz and the absence of his wife Kate, Mr McCann explained: "Kate and I have been desperate to come back to Praia da Luz, but we haven't done so due to the media exposure and the controversy such a visit would pose. We want to come back and meet the people, without it being highlighted. There is nothing bad about this resort, it is beautiful. In these difficult economic times we don't want to worsen things.

There appears to be a fusion of ideas here. Controversy is created. Questions are posed. What question might a return visit have posed?

But I do hope people understand why we are doing what we've done. This is a key factor in an investigation strategy. Madeleine is still missing. We need to do everything reasonable to get any information. The best thing for everyone is that she is found and that whoever took her is caught".

Yet another instance of conjoined ideas. Whether people understand what you are doing may or may not have a bearing on their understanding of what you have already done. Exerting oneself to acquire any information whatsoever is pointless. Specific information on the other hand could well be more difficult to come by. But, as is so often the case with Gerry McCann's statements, contextual aspects are assumed rather than included. These almost habitual omissions are important, since the meaning of what is said varies with the context, and a context assumed by the listener might not be that which the speaker has in mind. Crocodile tears of self-pity are just as wet as tears of genuine remorse, and just as easily mistaken for them.

Mr McCann ruled out any other visits to Portugal in the near future and as for Madeleine's mother, said: "She'd love to come back. But we will not be returning for the anniversary. We wanted to come here and do this as quietly as possible and not to disrupt", with last weekend's media attention not aiding this desire.

Gerry McCann seems conveniently unaware that his spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, had already declared to Portuguese journalists, on arrival in Praia da Luz, that Kate "is not ready to return to Portugal yet". A situation seemingly further worsened by Gerry's reception, the day prior to this interview, which led to the Daily Mirror's 6 April announcement: Kate McCann vows never to return to Portugal as husband Gerry is heckled

"The reason we are doing this documentary is that it should be about Madeleine. I can understand why people don't like it or that our level of child care was not to their standard, but the focus should be on an innocent child and that someone has taken her.

An innocent child. Gerry McCann's recurrent reference to childhood innocence is curious. After all, any genuine victim of abduction is an innocent participant in the process. Here we have attention seemingly being drawn to Madeleine, but in reality Gerry is distancing himself from her. The focus is not on 'our innocent child' but 'an innocent child'.

Full article by Dr Martin Roberts on mccannfiles

'Algarve Resident' requests views on Maddie case

By LIZ GRIFFITHS liz.griffiths@mmspublishing.com

A British national newspaper claimed this week that the private investigators employed by the McCanns had done little to look into a new witness report.According to the Daily Mail, the detectives only made preliminary inquiries before announcing their ‘significant’ developments in the search for Madeleine.

Dave Edgar, the lead investigator, had appealed for help in finding the ‘Victoria Beckham lookalike’ who a British tourist approached as she looked agitated near a marina in Barcelona three days after the disappearance of Madeleine. The team then released an e-fit of the woman they believed would now be in Australia.

The Mail revealed that before doing the press conference they had failed to speak to anyone working at the restaurant near where the Australian woman was seen.

Neither had they asked whether there was CCTV footage of the woman. It was also claimed that they were not aware of the Australian yacht that was docked in the marina that night and only found out when British journalists informed them of the development.

The investigators were hired by Kate and Gerry McCann after Portuguese authorities closed the investigation last year.

The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: “The private investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance is being conducted entirely professionally and thoroughly under the direction of Dave Edgar.

“Upon receipt of the new witness information, two members of the investigation team travelled to Barcelona to conduct preliminary inquiries during a brief initial visit.”


Meanwhile, British police have revealed that they have spent nearly £750,000 looking into the disappearance of Madeleine.

This follows the revelation that from 2007 to 2008 Leicestershire police spent £548,477 on their part of the search. In February, the Home Office said if any local police had extra costs for a government event, its authority can ask for ‘special grant support’ from the Home Office.

Some of the cost has been reimbursed by the Home Office with a grant of £525,069.

Also this week, Kate and Gerry McCann were said to be devastated after leaflets suggesting they are responsible for their daughter’s disappearance were distributed in their hometown.

Around 10,000 copies of the publication, Ten Reasons to suggest Madeleine McCann was not abducted, were posted in Rothley, Leicestershire and the surrounding area.

The leaflet said that the McCanns’ version of events of the night Madeleine disappeared is a ‘sheer impossibility’ and that it is more likely Madeleine died in the apartment and the parents then covered up the death.

The leaflets have been posted around the village by an organisation called The Madeleine Foundation, whose members are calling for the case of the missing girl to be reopened.

The leaflet was delivered to homes in the street where Kate and Gerry McCann live with their two young children Sean and Amelie but not to their house.

Clarence Mitchell said: “We do not wish to dignify the actions of the so-called Madeleine Foundation with any response. We do feel it is important, however, to make the general public aware that the foundation has no connection whatsoever with our family or those helping us find Madeleine or any law enforcement agencies.”

Do you have a view on this story? Email us at editor@algarveresident.com

Source: Algarve Resident

Gonçalo Amaral to self-publish his censored book in the UK

Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Madeleine McCann investigation, has contacted the editor of his book, “Maddie: The Truth About The Lie”, seeking to recover its copyright, with the ultimate purpose of publishing the book in the UK himself.

Based on the criminal investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, “The Truth About The Lie” has sold over 200 thousand copies in Portugal, and has been translated and published in several countries, like France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Belgium.

A documentary that is based on the book was broadcast by TVI in Portugal and reached an audience of 2,2 million viewers, was sold and broadcast in other countries, like Spain and Denmark, where it generated added interest in the case.

"The Truth About The Lie" has not been published in the UK, where no editor seems to be willing to risk upsetting the McCann couple.

Similarly, the documentary has not been broadcast by any British television channel.

Many British citizens have been forced to search for, and watch, the documentary on the internet, in order to access factual information that has otherwise not been made available by the UK media, in general.

Source: Joana Morais

Grenville and Helene Davies-Green defend Rothley leaflet drop

A NOTTS couple who delivered leaflets in Clifton about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have defended their actions.

Grenville Green and his wife, Helene Davies-Green, have been campaigning on behalf of the Madeleine Foundation.

The pressure group has repeatedly claimed Madeleine was not abducted and their leaflet presents evidence gathered by the Portuguese police about her disappearance.

The pensioners from Nuthall have also dropped leaflets in Rothley, Leicestershire, the village where the McCanns live.

Mrs Davies-Green said: "We're not trying to upset anyone or stir anything up, we just want people to look again at the case."

Leaflets about Kate and Gerry McCann posted in Rothley were taken down by neighbours.

Following the leaflet drop, Mr and Mrs McCann issued a statement through their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, in which they said: "We do not wish to dignify the actions of the Madeleine Foundation with any response at all."

Source: This is Nottingham
Wouldn't it be nice if the McCanns produced a leaflet entitled '10 Reasons why we know Madeleine was abducted'. Actually '1 Reason' would be worth reading.

Gonçalo Amaral: Fraud or abuse of trust?


By Gonçalo Amaral

During a more relaxed moment at one of these meetings, I come out with an ill-judged comment. Inopportune or undiplomatic, but this is my reasoning: thinking about the kinds of crime that may have been committed if the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance, something occurs to me. If they were involved in one way or another, then a crime of fraud or abuse of trust is a possibility concerning the fund that was set up to finance the search for Madeleine. Donations have reached nearly 3 million Euros.

If such a crime exists, Portugal would not have jurisdiction to investigate and try it. The fund being legally registered in England, it would be our English colleagues who would deal with the case. Our English colleagues then realise a hard reality: the strong possibility that they would have a crime to investigate in their own country, with the McCann couple as the main suspects: a prospect that does not seem to appeal to them. I notice a sudden pallor in the faces of those British people present.

Excerpt from Chapter 19 of 'The Truth of the Lie' currently being translated into English by AnnaEsse

Image by Himself at the McCann Gallery
Some toe-curling, hair-raising 'abuse of power' articles on this blog
Articles about Stuart Prior on this blog

Message for Gonçalo Amaral

The following message for Gonçalo Amaral was left on this blog today on an article posted back in April, and I thought it would be a shame if Gonçalo or Sofia didn't get to read it:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Maddie: Prosecutors break the “silence”":

Dear Mr. Goncalo Amaral, I have watched your documentary 'The truth of the lie, it is very good, very well done. I must say that from the beginning , when madeleine's "disappearance" was first reported on our TV News, everytime I would watch interviews with Kate and Gerry McCann, I always felt that there was something not right. Coupled with the information you have made available in 'The truth of the lie' documentary, and in particular, the evidence of the British sniffer dogs,Eddie & Keela confirmed for me what I had suspected. I would like you to know, that I wish you well, and I hope that you are able to make your findings public here in the UK. I feel that you are an honest, sincere, hard working man, who has acted professionally through out, it's disgraceful that they have attempted to discredit you and your investigations. It is my and many others opinions, that the Madeleine McCann case should be re-opened, the British and Portuguese police should collate all the investigation material and evidence together, working as an un-biased - focused Team to bring about "Justice" for both Madeleine McCann and Mr. Goncalo Amaral.
I want to add one final point here, it was nothing other than neglect in my opinion, to leave three small children alone in an apartment while their parents went out wining and dining. It is especially neglectful considering the parents are doctors and therefore very "aware" of all the potential health & safety risks of doing so !! ... also very small children become frightened when left alone, especially, late at night, they hear sounds that frighten them, or see shadows that scare them ... they need to feel that mummy and daddy, or those they feel "safe" with, are close to them should they call-out or wake from a nightmare crying , or choking even ... however, the doctors McCann chose to ignor ALL of those risk factors / possibilites and carried on with enjoying themselves and leaving their three small children to their own devices in the evening !! . The case must be re-opened , Justice for Madeleine and Mr. Goncalo Amaral. Thank you and God bless and take care of you.
Thank you, anon. jkh

Sofia follows this blog aswell as other blogs

Chapter 19 of the Truth of the Lie: Towards placing the McCann couple under investigation

"Going through the door, Kate laughs as she says that this media scrum is good for tourism."

By Gonçalo Amaral: The Forbidden Investigation


In Portugal, the criminal process is comprised of three phases: the investigation, the instruction and the trial. Under the direction and control of the Public Minister, the investigation is led by the criminal police, who enjoy total practical and tactical independence. The police officers may make a declaration of arguido status as they think fit. This status confers on a suspect a set of rights and responsibilities. One of the fundamental principles of our code of criminal procedure is that of non-self-incrimination: it is illegal for information given by a witness to later be used against him and to implicate him in a crime. The right of silence, therefore, allows him to avoid giving incriminating details. But the status heaps opprobrium on those who become arguido, in spite of the principle of presumption of innocence.

With due regard to procedural regulations and faced with evidence of the concealment of a corpse and simulation of an abduction - partially confirmed by laboratory analyses -, we decide to question the McCanns before their imminent return to England. This decision is taken with full knowledge of the facts by the investigators, the Public Minister and the Director of the Judiciary Police. (PJ)

On September 13th, the police officer Ricardo Paiva, responsible for relations with the couple, goes to their residence to inform them of the date and time of the interview. Kate reacts quite badly: she is worried about what her parents are going to think and about the reaction of the press. She even states that the Portuguese police, "is submitting to pressure on the part of its government to resolve the case as soon as possible." English and Portuguese investigators actively prepare the interviews and draw up a list of questions focusing particularly on the course of events on the night of the disappearance. The suspects must clarify for us the various contradictions raised in the course of their previous statements.

Read the rest of this chapter on AnnaEsse's blog here

From McCann Gallery: Stuart Prior. The FSS. Kate McCann's Fingerprints. What Hair?

A Verdade da Mentira has to date been published in Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Spanish yet strangely not in English.

For an English version we have to rely on one of those nasty irresponsible bloggers.

It's a funny old world.

Sunday Express faces Press Complaints Commission Investigation over Madeleine Foundation slurs

Daily Express Quote of the Day: "Crusading for a Fairer Britain"

By Tony Bennett, Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation

The ‘Sunday Express’ is to be investigated by the Press Complaints Commission after Madeleine Foundation Chairman Debbie Butler was the subject of a front-page headline in that paper on Sunday 16 August, falsely describing her as ‘The McCanns’ Stalker’, writes Tony Bennett, former Solicitor and Madeleine Foundation Secretary. The complaint was lodged on Wednesday 19 August.

The Press Complaints Commission regulates the press in the United Kingdom and has the power, effectively, to discipline newspapers which do not report any issue both fairly and accurately. They have been described as relatively toothless, and Press Complaints Commissioners are of course mostly senior figures in the newspaper industry who are in effect voluntarily regulating themselves. But they do have the power to order newspapers to print retractions, corrections and apologies.


The complaint to the Press Complaints Commission was set out as follows:

From: Tony Bennett

To: Press Complaints Commission Wednesday 19 August 2009

Dear Sir,

I act for Miss Debbie Butler in the matter of her formal complaint to you about the contents of Sunday's front-page article: "The McCanns' Stalker". This is a complaint under the Press Complaints Commission code and a copy is being sent to Scott Langham at the Press Complaints Commission for immediate action. A summary of Miss Butler's complaints is as follows: The 'Sunday Express', like all other newspapers, has a duty under the Press Complaints Code to be fair and accurate.

Against those benchmarks, here are the complaints about the Sunday Express article that Miss Butler now makes.

For the record, her address is [withheld] :

1. Describing Debbie Butler as a 'stalker' in respect of one leaflet drop in Rothley and nothing else was neither fair nor accurate. Making it a front-page leaflet with a picture clearly exposes her to risk of unfair attack. What she has done is distribute a factual leaflet. There is absolutely no course of conduct by her in relation to the McCanns that could remotely be described as 'stalking'.

2. Describing '10 Reasons' as a 'hate leaflet' (one villager was quoted as saying the leaflet was 'drumming up hate' and the 'Sunday Express' described it as 'highly inflammatory') was grossly unfair and grossly inaccurate, especially as the 'Sunday Express' did not explain the contents of the leaflet

3. The 'Sunday Express' deliberately chose the worst photograph they could take of her to portray her as 'a hard cow', which she is not. That was manifestly unfair

4. Neither Debbie Butler nor anyone else in the Madeleine Foundation sent a leaflet to Brian and Janet Kennedy. We do not know where she lives. This was therefore inaccurate.

5. It was not a 'late-night' leaflet drop. It took place between 3pm and 6pm. That was also therefore inaccurate.

6. The leaflet drop did not involve 10 people, it involved 3. That was also inaccurate.

7. Dr Gerald McCann was allowed to get away with describing the leaflet as 'despicable lies'. The 'Sunday Express' made no attempt to inform its readers that the content of the leaflet was the truth and that the McCanns had never rebutted any of the claims made in either '60 Reasons' or '10 Reasons'. This was grossly unfair and inaccurate. The leaflet was not 'lies' nor 'despicable lies'. It was the truth.

8. Debbie Butler was described in the 'Sunday Express' article as 'a single parent family with two children'. A more accurate description would have been 'a successful Kent businesswoman' - a fact which the reporter was made well aware of. The mere description of her as 'single parent' was unfair.

As remedies, Debbie Butler seeks:

1. A full retraction on the 'Sunday Express' front page of the description of her as 'The McCanns' Stalker'

2. A fulsome apology.

3, A payment of compensation which she tells me, if awarded, she would like to be paid in full to ChildLine.

Yours sincerely
Tony Bennett
The Madeleine Foundation


From: Tony Bennett

To: Press Complaints Commission Thursday 20 August 2009

Dear Sir,

I make an additional complaint about the ‘Sunday Express’ as a result of the under mentioned events which took place yesterday. A 'Sunday Express' journalist telephoned Debbie's ex-husband and under false pretences obtained his address. He was then door-stepped. The journalist then fired a series of questions at him, like:

"Do you have a comment to make on your ex-wife stalking the McCanns?"
"Is she mentally stable?"
"Aren't you worried about the children’s' welfare?" etc. etc.

Debbie is on cordial terms with her ex-husband who helps out with child care and odd jobs that need doing in the house etc. He has computer/I.T. expertise and helps out with that when needed. I'm told by Debbie that her ex-husband basically said he did not want to get involved in talking to the press and was not willing to give a view on what really happened to Madeleine McCann. However, he did say a couple of things to the journalist, and I note them here for the record. Debbie's ex-husband asked why they had printed such a bad picture of Debbie in the 'Sunday Express' and why they had apparently chosen the worst one. The answer from the journalist, verbatim, was: "The editor told me he wanted her portrayed as a hard cow".

Asked about Debbie's campaign about Madeleine and his views on it, he said: "I will say this. Her father is a policeman and if she says anything, she gives you the facts; that's the way she was brought up". It was the 'Sunday Express' who led with a front-page headline: 'The McCanns' Stalker' and of course its sister paper 'The Star' who branded the Madeleine Foundation leafleters in Leicestershire as 'sickos'. The 'Sunday Express' is clearly putting resources into planning a further personal attack on Debbie.

Yours sincerely
Tony Bennett
Secretary The Madeleine Foundation


From Tony Bennett, 19 August 2009:

Dear Mr Rigley,

Thank you for having a word just now.

You informed me that Martin Townsend the News Editor was currently away on holiday and that you were now in sole charge of editing the newspaper in his absence. Please see this complaint which we tried to forward to the Sunday Express last night. I should be glad if you could inform me as soon as possible what action you propose to take in response to Debbie Butler's complaint against you.

The Press Complaints Commission has already been informed.

Tony Bennett for Debbie Butler

From Stephen Rigley, News Editor, Sunday Express, 20 August 2009

Dear Mr Bennett, Thank you for your correspondence, it has been forwarded to our legal department who will deal only through the PCC.

Stephen Rigley
News Editor Sunday Express0208 612 707507974 944 338 stephen.rigley@express.co.uk


Here’s a small sample of dozens of comments you have sent us about the Sunday Express’s conduct:

(1) The Sunday Express, along with every other newspaper in Britain, is responsible for the fact that leaflets are necessary. They have only ever told one side of the story and if they really thought they could hide the other side for ever they now know differently. I think this is what causes them such anger - the fact that the public are now getting to know that the press have totally failed to report the other side of this story. Who is ever going to trust the papers again, when what's in the official files about this case becomes generally known? No wonder the sales figures for newspapers are dire and getting worse with every passing month. Debbie, I'm sorry for what you've had to put up with and with the sick 'journalists' who are nothing but bullies and cowards. I will certainly send my complaints to this excuse for a newspaper, but going on past experience I don't expect them to have the courage or decency to admit how wrong they are. As I've said many times, not one of these newspapers cares two straws for Madeleine or for trying to find out the truth about what happened to her. They would rather the truth be hidden forever than read the police files and be forced to admit they could well have been badly mistaken in their judgment. They are truly despicable in their wish to hide the facts, but this is one fight they are unable to win and they know it.

(2) The journalist is way out of line, we cannot stand for this. It’s appalling.

(3) Debbie, I am so sorry to hear that you have been vilified by the press while you were engaged in a truly honourable effort to enlighten others.

(4) Tony, Please pass on support to Debbie from me in Edinburgh.

(5) This is disgusting behaviour from the Express, but considering everything I have learned about the UK press over the past two years it sadly does not surprise me. You, Debbie an the rest of your team in The Madeleine Foundation are brave. You put your heads up over the parapet and voice in public the concerns many of us have. I will order some '10 Reasons' leaflets from your website when I get paid and start leaving them about in Edinburgh.

(6) The truth has to be put out there.

(7) Nasty. It's interesting how putting a leaflet through someone's door is construed as 'harassment', but door-stepping someone and bombarding them with questions is considered perfectly acceptable by the very same people.

(8) In my opinion, you as Editor of the Sunday Express have treated and portrayed Mrs. Butler dishonestly and dishonourably.

(9) Tony, I'm really shocked by this. So shocked. Please pass on my regards to Debbie. I have posted this on my blog and will email the newspaper which is stalking Debbie. If I wasn't already angry with the McCanns, my emotions now know no bounds. I'm totally sickened by it all. I just don't know how anyone can crack the protective shield around these child neglecters. I feel so sad about everything tonight. God bless you and Debbie and Grenville and Helen and Sharon. I wish I knew what the answer was, Tony, I really do. I feel so shocked.

Tony Bennett comments: It is one of the extraordinary paradoxes of this case that in the summer of 2007, it was the Express Group newspapers, including the ‘Daily Star’, that gave us the best coverage on the Madeleine McCann case. It was they who above all other British newspapers dared to cover the powerful evidence of the cadaver dogs, who alerted to the scent of a corpse in four places in the McCanns’ apartment, two places in their hired Renault Scenic, two of Dr Kate McCann’s clothes, one of the children’s T-shirts, and on the pink soft toy, Cuddle Cat. It was the Express Group again who reported that blood and body fluids under the tiled floor in the McCanns’ apartment and in their hired car was almost certainly Madeleine’s. For weeks, the Express Group led the way in helping us understand what really happened to Madeleine McCann. But then it all changed. The Express Group caved in to the strident demands of the McCanns and their ‘Tapas 9’ friends (and Robert Murat) for massive libel awards.

With the help of leading libel lawyers Carter Ruck, they extracted from the Express Group and other British newspapers the following awards: Dr Gerald and Dr Kate McCann: £550,000 between them
Robert Murat: £600,000
Robert Murat’s partner and now wife Michaela Walczuk: £100,000 Sergei Malinka, friend of Robert Murat: £100,000
The other 7 members of the ‘Tapas 9’: £375,000.
TOTAL: £1,725,000.

This strange, staged, carefully sequenced payouts of libel damages has undoubtedly influenced the British press not to report the many facts in this case which point away from the McCanns’ abduction claim and clearly point to something else that happened to Madeleine in Praia da Luz.

Now, it seems, the ‘Sunday Express’ has sunk to portraying a distributor of true facts about the Madeleine McCann case as a ‘stalker’, and, in doing so, they print the worst possible picture of her. In the words of the stand-in Editor of the ‘Sunday Express’, this was because they wanted to portray her as ‘a hard cow’.

This is the depth to which British journalism has sunk.

Scarce wonder that so many people are engaged in flight from the gutter journalism of the tabloids to the internet. There, the true facts about the case can be presented and discussed. There is an interesting story to be told sometime. What exactly caused the Express Group Newspapers to cave in and fold under pressure when they had, in August 2007, led the way in letting the British public know the true facts about the case?

Tony Bennett, 21 August 2009

Biographical Note:

Tony, 61, attended The Law Society’s Store Street college and in 1993 passed Law Society Finals, becoming a Trainee Solicitor for Harlow firm Lee Davies. In 1995 he was admitted to the Law Society. In 1997, he set up his own legal practice, Bennetts. In November 1999, his legal career ended when he accepted the full-time post of Political Secretary to Jeffery Titford. M.E.P. for Eastern England. Tony practised mostly in the fields of child care law, employment law, and welfare benefits law. He is also a fully qualified social worker.

Maidstone mum, Debbie Butler, in justice campaign for Madeleine McCann

by Helen Fairley

A Maidstone woman is leafleting homes across the UK to try and get the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance re-opened.

Mum of two Debbie Butler, 45, is the chairman of the Madeleine Foundation, a group set up in July 2008 to call for justice for the missing youngster.

Madeleine McCann went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3, 2007 while her parents and friends dined near by.

The foundation has caused controversy by distributing a leaflet, which gives “10 key reasons which suggest she (Madeleine) was not abducted” in the Leicestershire street where Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann live.

Ms Butler denied targeting the McCann’s and said the information in the leaflet had come from the police reports into the disappearance.

She said: “I just want the information to be in the public domain.

“I am compelled to continue until I get justice for this little girl.”

Read the full interview in this Friday's Kent Messenger.

Source: Kent Messenger

'10 Reasons' leaflet available to download PDF form

Chapter 18 of Gonçalo Amaral's book translated into English by AnnaEsse now ready

"Let's remember: it is totally logical to find Madeleine's DNA in the home, but absolutely not in a car rented more than twenty days after her disappearance."



Analyses of the residues collected following the visit by the dogs is entrusted to the English Forensic Science Service laboratory. To avoid any leaks of information, Stuart Prior, a senior officer with Leicestershire police, is responsible for liaison between the laboratory and José Freitas of Scotland Yard. The latter, who is with us, in Portimão, is passing on any relevant reports.

We confidently wait for the evaluation reports from FSS. A few days after the samples are sent, we are informed that the DNA of the blood found in the boot of the McCanns' car shows a significant match - 50% - with Gerald's, which means that it is definitely the blood of one of his children.

Read the rest of the chapter here on AnnaEsse's blog or here on Gonçalo Amaral's 'Truth of the Lie' blog

McCann's drop libel case on bankrupt newspaper to concentrate on Gonçalo Amaral's millions

Gerry and Kate McCann have dropped a libel case against the bankrupt Portuguese newspaper in favour of suing Gonçalo Amaral for £1million.

By Murray Wardrop
Published: 7:00AM BST 20 Aug 2009

The couple were suing weekly the tabloid Tal & Qual over an article in August 2007 headlined "Police believe the parents killed Maddie".

The front page story caused a sensation around the world, as it was the first suggestion that detectives were treating the McCanns as suspects.

This week the couple, from Rothley, Leics, withdrew their defamation action after being advised that the newspaper had a strong defence under Portuguese law.

It could argue the story was published in good faith because senior police officers did at the time believe the McCanns may have been implicated in the case.

A source close to the couple confirmed that the defamation action against the newspaper and two journalists had been dropped.

The source said the McCanns want to concentrate instead on their £1 million case against Goncalo Amaral, the former head of the Madeleine investigation.

They also suspect Amaral may have been behind the story in Tal & Qual, which has since folded.

The source said: "The libel action against Tal & Qual has been dropped for a number of reasons. Firstly, the newspaper went bust some time ago.

"Secondly Tal & Qual could probably have mounted a defence, as they were reporting what a certain police officer believed at the time.

"Kate and Gerry have been advised it is much better to go for the source of the story.

"When the story first came out it was a huge shock for Kate and Gerry and they did not believe it was true."

The Tal & Qual article was published three months after Madeleine went missing during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve.

It claimed that detectives believed the parents had either caused a fatal accident or had given drugs to their daughter.

Lawyers representing the McCanns filed a writ against the newspaper, its editor Emidio Fernando, and reporter Catarina Vaz Guerreiro.

But two weeks later the couple, both doctors, were sensationally named as "arguidos" or formal suspects in the case.

Deluded chief investigator Goncalo Amaral wrongly believed they had covered up their three-year-old daughter´s death, even though there was no evidence to support his theory.

He was later taken off the case, which was eventually archived and remains unsolved.

In July 2008 the McCanns were cleared of any wrongdoing in a formal report by Portugal´s Attorney General Jose Pinto Monteiro.

They have always believed their daughter was abducted.

Mr Fernando said: "I had total faith in the source and was certain the police were looking at the couple.

"It's not a victory, because I never saw this as a war. I was, as I am today, totally calm about what I wrote."

Gerry and Kate McCann´s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "This is a matter for Kate and Gerry´s lawyers in consultation with Kate and Gerry, of course."

Amaral, 49, went on to make more than £1 million by writing a book repeating his outlandish claims.

The McCanns are suing him for at least £1 million for defamation and for breaching their human rights.

They have employed one of Portugal´s leading libel lawyers, Isabel Duarte, in a case expected to be heard in Lisbon next summer.

If they win they will use the money to continue the search for Madeleine, who would now be six.

The Find Madeleine Fund, set up to finance the couple's worldwide search for their daughter, is expected to run out of money by the end of the year, it was reported this week.

The McCanns also plan to sue the group behind a leaflet blaming them for Madeleine´s disappearance.

The couple were "deeply upset" by the fliers, produced by a group called the "Madeleine Foundation", which has accused them of neglect.

The leaflets were received by 10,000 people in the McCann's home village of Rothley.

Source: Telegraph

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