Madeleine McCann Holiday Packs

Going on holiday?
Don't forget your Maddie travel pack!

New! from the Find Madeleine tacky Online Store: Holiday Pack 1

10 English posters, 2 luggage tags, 2 wallet cards, 1 car sticker - only £1.75

Also available: Good quality wristbands and mobile phone screensavers

And don't forget to wear one of these, folks, to complete your holiday look - (the NEW 'Don't give up on me' sleeveless vest that still shows the old Maddie photo - doh!)

With all this finery people will be sure to know you're one of the gullible few who still thinks Maddie was abducted by this man and that you're still donating money to the McCanns fraudulent fund so they can pay off their mortgage.

Travel Packs Now Available

Can't find the tacky Online Store?
No worries! Just click on Leicestershire Police website to be directed to the Fraudulent Fund

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Happy Holidays! Don't forget to lock the patio doors!

The only holiday poster you really need