HQ of the current McCann investigators: a house in Knutsford

By Tony Bennett

A highly placed source within the current McCann private investigation team told me this week that the centre of their operations is a house in Knutsford, Cheshire - just off the M6.

This is where the famous large room with a whiteboard is located - the one shown on the notorious Channel 4/Cutting Edge/Mentorn so-called documentary which, inter alia, featured retired Detective Sergeant Dave Edgar and his sidekick Arthur Cowley - trying to look important with the backcloth of a whiteboard with lots of diagrams and words on it.

The house is owned by Brian Kennedy and seems to have been bought by him in late 2007. It's where he would regularly meet with the shady intelligence operatives and 'private detectives' he was appointing and running, including 'tecs' from Metodo 3 who also travelled across the English Channel to have clandestine meetings with Kennedy in the same house.

Knutsford is of course just down the road from Wilmslow, where the Kennedy Empire and the Latium Group have their prestigious headquarters, and where the McCanns' 'co-ordinating Solicitor' and Kennedy's in-house lawyer, Edward Smethurst - the one who has lied about improvements to a barn near Rochdale so as to evade strict planning laws - has his plush offices.

It was not a surprise, therefore, to learn that the McCanns' current 'Chief Investigator', Dave Edgar, reached the pinnacle of his career as a Detective Sergeant in Cheshire Police, based in...


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