Gerry McCann's fitness to practice

By Tony Bennett

It will be recalled that a number of people recently felt concerned about the severe psychological and medical problems that the McCanns said they were suffering from, in a writ claiming a million quid from Goncalo Amaral - whom their lawyer said should be 'punished'.

There was concern that two doctors whose problems were as severe as they described* could be regarded as safe to practise.

Hence many letters were written to the 'Fitness to Practice' Department of the General Medical Council.

Apparently, it's quite O.K. to have all these problems, so long as they're 'safely controlled', for this is what one complainant has received today from the GMC:


Dear xxxxxxxx

Dr G McCann

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Please be aware that many doctors have health problems that are safely controlled without any intervention from the GMC.

Any action we take in relation to a doctor's health is confidential, however if we take action against a doctor's registration status then this information becomes available on our website.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Smith
Investigation Officer
Fitness to Practise Directorate
Direct Dial: 0161 923 6547
Fax No: 0161 923 6578


So that's all right then.


* A reminder of the severity of the McCanns' medical and psychological problems, as self-described in their writ lodged in the Lisbon Court 24 June 2009

Both McCanns:

"suffering from:

· permanent anxiety,
· insomnia,
· lack of appetite,
· irritability,
· indefinable fear".

· “totally destroyed”,

· “irreparably damaged”, and

· “totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view”.

Kate McCann only:

"deeply and seriously depressed"
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