Birmingham MP, Lynne Jones, dismisses help for Madeleine McCann

Lynne Jones, the far-Left Labour MP, billed the taxpayer more than £1,100 for upmarket Farrow & Ball wallpaper as part of a redecoration programme at her second home in London.

Source: Telegraph: Lynne Jones' expenses


Today I sent a very polite request to Lynne Jones asking for her help with the campaign for a review into the behaviour of Leicestershire Police in the Madeleine McCann case.

Dear Lynne Jones,

As one of your constituents, I am very concerned about the contents of this letter (link below), which raises serious complaints about the actions of Leicestershire Police and the British government in relation to the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Would you please pass my comments to the Prime Minister and make sure that he gives a full answer to all the points raised in this disturbing letter and of course to the petition (link below) which has already easily passed the figure of 500 which automaticaly triggers a written response from Number 10.



Yours sincerely,

J Havern

Lynne Jones reply:


My response:

Dear Lynne Jones

I have to say I'm very shocked by your attitude, apathy, and lack of knowledge about a three year old British citizen who mysteriously 'disappeared' in Portugal. It is clear to me that if all MPs were this dismissive then this little girl will never be found and will never be served with the justice she deserves. Perhaps if MPs spent as much time on important things such as this as they do with trying to fleece the taxpayer out of money to buy floating duck islands and hanging baskets for houses they don't even live in, then this country might just be a better place.

MPs work for us I'm led to believe and I respectfully request that you do the job you're paid to do and that is to respond to your constituents concerns in a professional manner.

First of all Goncalo Amaral is not a disgruntled Spanish police officer. He is Portuguese and far from disgruntled - he is diligently working towards justice for Madeleine McCann, even now, despite having been removed from the investigation of this little girl by the British government. I suggest you read the information on this link: http://goncaloamaraltruthofthelie.blogspot.com/ to educate yourself about the plight of a three year old British citizen who no one seems to care about.

The site is a translation of Goncalo's book, which the McCanns do not want published in this country.

Second: The Leicestershire police do, indeed, seem to be in cahoots with the McCanns if only that they are linking their fraudulent fund on the police website, even when they were arguidos. Do all police forces encourage suspects to raise money from children and pensioners so they can pay their mortgage?

Third: The springer spaniels names are Eddie and Keela and they are highly trained and valuable police dogs - they 'sniffed out' cadavar odour and blood. Do you not think this should be investigated to find out whose blood and death scent it belonged to, given that a three year old child is 'missing'? I appreciate you don't have the resources to investigate yourself, you're just an MP not a police officer.

I realise there is little point in bothering you further with such a seemingly trivial matter as a dead child and I will certainly not be voting for you in the next election.

Before I go, though, you might care to note that I've posted your email on this forum and you can view the comments there http://www.the3arguidos.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=35478

Ms Havern

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