Gonçalo Amaral: "I don´t know if Kate McCann's guilty or innocent, but I wouldn´t like to have her as my mother"

Euro Weekly News 30th July

by Jennifer Leighfield, Editorial Manager

I have just finished reading the book by Goncalo amaral, the former chief of Portugal´s Judicial Police, who was taken off the McCann case. Some time back it was reported that the McCann family had sued Amaral and the publisher. Both responded they would be more than happy to face them in court.

The book, which has not yet been officially translated into English, is well-written, and in less than 200 pages, describes the investigation, without revealing anything that could jeopardise the case. Although there isn´t much that hasn´t been reported in the press, it is interesting to hear it directly from someone so deeply involved. His suspicions, which he presents as nothing more than that, of the McCann´s involvement in their daughter´s disappearance, are not surprising when we read of the evidence he is faced with, and there must be so much more he cannot speak of.

But what is his background? Amaral studied criminology, psychology, psychiatry, sociology and law, but what interests him most, he claims, is studying people. He is a devout Catholic, and has three daughters; the youngest Maddie´s age. While in charge of the investigation, he paid little attention to criticism against him, and went about his job with the professionalism he has been praised for since he joined the police force in the 1980's. His main preoccupation was the fact that requests for help from the British police were being either ignored or intercepted at a very high level, so that little information about the McCanns of their friends was available to the Portuguese.

During his career, it seems cases involving little girls have surrounded him, so much so that there have been rumours that he belongs to a supposed group of police who kidnap children to sell them to paedophile networks for extra income.

From the outset, Amaral was wary of the McDanns, especially as he is convinced that when a family creates a media circus around the disappearance of a child, they usually know more than they let on. As he told his men, in 90 per cent of disappearances the parents are involved, in most of the remaining cases, relatives and close friends, and in a very small number, total strangers. He was worried. If Maddie had been taken, her parents had signed her death sentence. Publishing her photo would mean that if a network of paedophiles did have her, they would not risk trying to sell her and would probably get rid of her.

He has had experience in this trype of case. On September 12 2004, a nine-year old girl named Joana Cipriano was reported missing from a small village in Portugal and the whole of Portugal went to look for her. Amaral was in charge of the case, and concluded in a report that Joana had caught her moher and uncle having sex and afraid she would tell, they killed her, cut her body in pieces and hid it. Her remains were never found, but her mother and uncle were sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, Amaral was in the press then, accused by Joana´s mother of beating a confession out of her. After she was sentenced, she failed to identify her alleged attackers and withdrew the complaint.

Amaral belives that if Maddie really is dead, her body will not be found either.

When asked if he thought Kate McCann was responsible for her death, he responded, "I don´t know if she´s guilty or innocent, but I wouldn´t like to have her as my mother".
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English translation of Gonçalo Amaral's book here

Critic on the above article - by Joana Morais

The article written by Jennifer Leighfield at first glance seems to flatter Gonçalo Amaral, however it has so many incorrect and unsubstantiated rumours that one has to wonder where did the journalist got her informations? As matter of fact one has even to question if the author of this article intends to subliminally produce the idea that Gonçalo Amaral is somewhat connected to a paedophile ring of corrupted cops: "(...)so much so that there have been rumours that he belongs to a supposed group of police who kidnap children to sell them to paedophile networks for extra income", a serious allegation for a professional journalist to make since is based on malicious gossip, as the author herself states in the 3 arguidos forum "I am not spreading rumours about Amaral, but there are many websites (...) who speak of a group of officers belonging to the Portuguese police who actually collaborate with paedophile groups and 'help' the girls to disappear".

From here on we understand that Jennifer decided to use a bit of a creative license to write the article.

Jennifer writes for example, "During his career, it seems cases involving little girls have surrounded him" - as far as we know Gonçalo Amaral was the Judiciary Police Coordinator of two cases of missing children: the Joana Cipriano Case and the Madeleine McCann case; in his career Gonçalo Amaral has dealt mainly with drug related crimes, homicides, and other crimes who belong specifically to the sphere of expertise of the Judiciary Police.

While reading the rest of the article it was uncanny the similitudes we could find with an article written by Aníbal Malvar, a journalist from the Spanish El Mundo Newspaper who in 28 April 2008 was debunked and exposed in this blog as a plagiarizer, who tried to pass off excerpts of a fictional book as a real interview he had made to some Judiciary Police officers, including a "creative statement" given by Gonçalo Amaral - this was followed in the next days by some Portuguese and British media, it even got a mention by Arcadi Espada, El Mundo journalist, University professor of Journalism, and blogger at El Mundo Por Dentro, a blog which criticizes the El Mundo newspaper. Paulo Santos, the lawyer who represented Gonçalo Amaral at the time said ''Those statements are a complete lie. Gonçalo Amaral never told the journalist anything. They seem to be citations that were collected from the book about Maddie, which was written by former PJ inspector Paulo Cristóvão".

An example of the evident pasting by Jennifer is this sentence "I don’t know if she’s guilty or innocent, but I wouldn’t like to have her as my mother" attributed to Gonçalo Amaral [in the original article by Anibal in Spanish "Yo no sé si es culpable o inocente, pero no me gustaría que fuera mi madre"] which was later on refuted as being a complete fabrication by the Spanish journalist.

So, now that we know where Jennifer pasted her article from and what her sources are it's time to consider this Portuguese proverb - Not everything that glitters is gold!

Kate and Gerry McCann: the subject of a University thesis

The Kate and Gerry Show?

Assessment of the effectiveness of the Find Madeleine PR campaign launched after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

by Natalia Salamon

Media Studies Dissertation - University of Westminster

In May of 2007 four year old Briton Madeleine McCann disappeared from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal. The story has become one of the most extensively covered subjects in media in 2007 and beyond.

The missing child’s parents – Kate and Gerry McCann – have started an extensive PR campaign to publicise the search for little Madeleine. Looking objectively from a time perspective assess the effectiveness of this campaign and draw conclusions about audience’s and media reactions.

The extensive quantitative research, complemented by interviews with experts, have demonstrated the failure of the campaign in PR terms, as McCanns have consequently overshadowed their own daughter in the media spotlight.


On Tuesday the 11th of March 2009 Commons’ Culture Select Committee held a meeting over the review of privacy laws in Britain. One of the speakers was Gerry McCann, a cardiologist from Rothley. When addressing the Committee he said: “Our family has been the focus of some of the most sensationalist, untruthful, irresponsible and damaging reporting in the history of the press, the whole thing turned into “Kate and Gerry show” (BBC News, 2009). The case he was referring to is the media coverage of the search for his missing daughter, Madeleine McCann. Max Clifford, an experienced publicist, referred to this coverage as “probably the biggest story I can remember in the 45 years I have involved in the media industry; it had a live of its own” (McCanns versus the Media, 2008)

Madeleine disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia de Luz in Portugal, Thursday evening on the 3rd of May 2007. The resort itself, located on the Portuguese shore, belongs to Mark Warner company, a firm focused on family-oriented holidays, “leading the way in childcare for 30 years” (Mark Warner Official Website, 2009). Madeleine’s parents, both doctors, were not present in the flat at the time, as they were dining with friends at a tapas restaurant, located around 120 metres away. Madeleine was tucked in as were her two siblings before her parents left for the evening meal. McCanns’ dining companions have also left their offspring in their bedrooms and regular checks on the sleeping children were carried out approximately every half an hour (Collins, 2008). Collins (2008) asserts that the resort offers a crèche free-of-charge and a babysitter for a minimal fee (p. 23), but both McCanns and their companions decided to use their checks system, which they have also applied during a previous holiday in Greece.

The flats where the children slept have been left unlocked for the convenience of parents carrying checks. It was reported that the McCanns’ party of nine has been dining in the restaurant every night since their arrival, always without children and “consuming an average of eight to ten bottles of wine with and after their meals each night” (Collins, 2008, p.XXXIV).

The absence of Madeleine in her bed has been discovered by her mother just before 10PM that night, with Police being notified shortly and the volunteer search starting immediately.

The news of missing British girls, who disappeared on the Portuguese soil have hit the morning news in UK the following morning (Bennett, 2009).

The effort of both Portuguese and British Police failed to locate Madeleine or her body and didn’t identify the disappearance neither as abduction, accident nor murder. The case remains unsolved as of April 2009.

The disappearance of a child, however devastating and terrifying, is sadly a daily occurrence. Collins (2008) gives the number of 846 recorded cases of child abductions in 2002/03, “while the total number of missing children (runaways for any reason) is estimated at 70,000 annually” (p.165). In Italy, police records show that 1,850 minors went missing in 2005. In Belgium, the number of dossiers reported by the Police in 2005 was 1,022 (Collins, 2008). According to recent report by PACT, the problem is not tackled seriously enough, as different locations around the UK have different success rates in locating missing children, with recent report about missing children being entitled “The Postcode Lottery” (Parents & Abducted Children Together, 2009).

With a child going missing nearly everyday, the Madeleine McCann’s story appears to be attracting enormous amounts of media coverage. There are many factors that have attracted media to this particular news.

Issues like race, gender, age and location have been raised by commentators as key elements contributing to the perception of newsworthiness of this story.

Firstly we need to understand why the media attention was attracted in the first place, as it was in fact triggered my the Mark Warner company, the owner of the Praia da Luz resort. The McCanns have been provided with the media assistance immediately in the hours following the disappearance (BBC News Website, 2008). Mark Warner has hired Alex Woolfall, crisis management head at Bell Pottinger, who was there to help McCanns (and of course Mark Warner): “for the first fortnight after Madeleine disappeared, he was on the spot in Praia da Luz, acting as go-between for the family and the growing pack of journalists” (The Times Online, 2007).

Therefore the news of missing child and the search being underway made it to the UK within just few hours. According the company’s website “each year over 75% of company’s holidays are sold on basis of recommendation or repeated booking” (Mark Warner, 2009), so with a child going missing on the premises became a time of trial of the firm.

We have identified “the trigger” behind such a quick media coverage – the Mark Warner’s PR team. Soon McCanns gained powerful allies: celebrities, businesspeople and politicians: speaking publicly of Madeleine or contributing financially to her search.

Soon Find Madeleine McCann Fund has been set-up in purpose of financing the search efforts and from this fund the first McCanns’ spokesperson Justine McGuiness was being paid her salary (Find Madeleine Official Website, 2009). McGuiness resigned in mid August and has been replaced by Clarence Mitchell, a former journalist, who quit his job at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, because “he felt so strongly that the couple were innocent and he wanted to help them” (The Independent on Sunday, 2009).

His connection to Commonwealth Office led media to report, that he was sent by the Government, but he was in fact a private employee paid by the one of the Madeline Fund contributors, Sir Philip Green of Top Shop (The McCanns versus the Media, 2008). Soon after he took over, McCanns have been named official suspects the Portuguese Police investigation (Collins, 2008).

These two media professionals have been the driving force behind the PR campaign. McGuiness was McCanns’ spokesperson in the immediate aftermath after the disappearance and led the efforts to publicise it, to made the story known. Clarence Mitchell took over just days before McCanns being named official suspects and he faced another task: to defend McCanns’ image and make sure the search remains the key angle in the coverage, rather than McCanns’ suspected involvement.

We can see that McCanns have invested in PR services to publicise the search of their daughter, as they have appreciated that the publicity is greatly aiding the search of any missing child. The documentary “The McCanns versus the Media” (Al Jazeera English, 2008) quotes Gerry McCanns’ sister, who explains that “It was the Centre for Missing and Exploited Children who contacted [the McCanns] and told [them] that the only way to find a missing child is to publicise it; the only times the children have been found [it] was after they have been publicised”. But inevitably media coverage generated by their team has been damaging to the country’s tourism industry and triggered a conflict with Portuguese Police, forced to conduct a sensitive investigation under scrutinising media spotlight.

Martin Brunt, correspondent for Sky News identified some of the key factors in the coverage: McCanns had all that was needed for a “perfect storm”: the right place, right time, the right circumstances and appearance and the right company (Mark Warner) backing them up. But somewhere it all went wrong, with McCanns becoming “macabre celebrities” on their own right. The tone of reporting seemed to drastically changed and McCanns have became a subject of coverage that Gerry was referring to in his speech to the MPs.

The campaign is a valuable example that media students can learn from.

The questions that this dissertation is interested in answering are:

[1] Was the Find Madeleine PR campaign effective?
[2] What conclusions can be drown from analysis of the campaign in terms of successful and unsuccessful elements?

Literature review

The thesis can be read at the 3 arguidos: 'The Kate & Gerry Show?' by Natalia Salamon (Uni thesis)

Is there a link between Natalia and Clarence Mitchell? http://www.linkedin.com/pub/natalia-salamon/14/305/a27

Gonçalo Amaral has also written an account of 'The Kate and Gerry Show' and it can be read here


Gerry McCann's fitness to practice

By Tony Bennett

It will be recalled that a number of people recently felt concerned about the severe psychological and medical problems that the McCanns said they were suffering from, in a writ claiming a million quid from Goncalo Amaral - whom their lawyer said should be 'punished'.

There was concern that two doctors whose problems were as severe as they described* could be regarded as safe to practise.

Hence many letters were written to the 'Fitness to Practice' Department of the General Medical Council.

Apparently, it's quite O.K. to have all these problems, so long as they're 'safely controlled', for this is what one complainant has received today from the GMC:


Dear xxxxxxxx

Dr G McCann

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Please be aware that many doctors have health problems that are safely controlled without any intervention from the GMC.

Any action we take in relation to a doctor's health is confidential, however if we take action against a doctor's registration status then this information becomes available on our website.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Smith
Investigation Officer
Fitness to Practise Directorate
Direct Dial: 0161 923 6547
Fax No: 0161 923 6578
Email: jsmith5@gmc-uk.org


So that's all right then.


* A reminder of the severity of the McCanns' medical and psychological problems, as self-described in their writ lodged in the Lisbon Court 24 June 2009

Both McCanns:

"suffering from:

· permanent anxiety,
· insomnia,
· lack of appetite,
· irritability,
· indefinable fear".

· “totally destroyed”,

· “irreparably damaged”, and

· “totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view”.

Kate McCann only:

"deeply and seriously depressed"
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Birmingham MP, Lynne Jones, dismisses help for Madeleine McCann

Lynne Jones, the far-Left Labour MP, billed the taxpayer more than £1,100 for upmarket Farrow & Ball wallpaper as part of a redecoration programme at her second home in London.

Source: Telegraph: Lynne Jones' expenses


Today I sent a very polite request to Lynne Jones asking for her help with the campaign for a review into the behaviour of Leicestershire Police in the Madeleine McCann case.

Dear Lynne Jones,

As one of your constituents, I am very concerned about the contents of this letter (link below), which raises serious complaints about the actions of Leicestershire Police and the British government in relation to the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Would you please pass my comments to the Prime Minister and make sure that he gives a full answer to all the points raised in this disturbing letter and of course to the petition (link below) which has already easily passed the figure of 500 which automaticaly triggers a written response from Number 10.



Yours sincerely,

J Havern

Lynne Jones reply:


My response:

Dear Lynne Jones

I have to say I'm very shocked by your attitude, apathy, and lack of knowledge about a three year old British citizen who mysteriously 'disappeared' in Portugal. It is clear to me that if all MPs were this dismissive then this little girl will never be found and will never be served with the justice she deserves. Perhaps if MPs spent as much time on important things such as this as they do with trying to fleece the taxpayer out of money to buy floating duck islands and hanging baskets for houses they don't even live in, then this country might just be a better place.

MPs work for us I'm led to believe and I respectfully request that you do the job you're paid to do and that is to respond to your constituents concerns in a professional manner.

First of all Goncalo Amaral is not a disgruntled Spanish police officer. He is Portuguese and far from disgruntled - he is diligently working towards justice for Madeleine McCann, even now, despite having been removed from the investigation of this little girl by the British government. I suggest you read the information on this link: http://goncaloamaraltruthofthelie.blogspot.com/ to educate yourself about the plight of a three year old British citizen who no one seems to care about.

The site is a translation of Goncalo's book, which the McCanns do not want published in this country.

Second: The Leicestershire police do, indeed, seem to be in cahoots with the McCanns if only that they are linking their fraudulent fund on the police website, even when they were arguidos. Do all police forces encourage suspects to raise money from children and pensioners so they can pay their mortgage?

Third: The springer spaniels names are Eddie and Keela and they are highly trained and valuable police dogs - they 'sniffed out' cadavar odour and blood. Do you not think this should be investigated to find out whose blood and death scent it belonged to, given that a three year old child is 'missing'? I appreciate you don't have the resources to investigate yourself, you're just an MP not a police officer.

I realise there is little point in bothering you further with such a seemingly trivial matter as a dead child and I will certainly not be voting for you in the next election.

Before I go, though, you might care to note that I've posted your email on this forum and you can view the comments there http://www.the3arguidos.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=35478

Ms Havern

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Madeleine McCann case: Must read letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown from the Madeleine Foundation

The Madeleine Foundation
Combating child neglect
66 Chippingfield
CM17 0DJ

Monday 13 July 2009

Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister

re: Response to Petition of Elizabeth Woolnough on the 10 Downing Street website, calling on you to order a review into the role of the British police in relation to the Portuguese inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

We write to support the above petition of Elizabeth Woolnough, which a few days ago received the required 500 votes - meaning that you are committed to making a written reply to the petition demand in public and publishing it on your website. We write to support this petition and give reasons why such a review should be held.

We would, however, go further than the petitioner. We suggest that there needs to be a full and open public enquiry not only into the role of Leicestershire Police and other members of the British police forces but also in relation to the extent of government involvement in this case, not least of course your own personal involvement in the case. This included a great deal of activity in May 2007, shortly after Madeleine McCann ‘disappeared’, leading up to your reported intervention in mid-to-late May 2007 in apparently persuading the Portuguese police to allow Dr Gerald McCann to release a description of a possible suspect to the world’s media. We say more about this below.

The conduct of British police forces is frequently investigated by a body set up to investigate misconduct, namely the Independent Police Complaints Commission. We do not think that the IPCC is the appropriate body to investigate the serious allegations against Leicestershire Police, and also against members of the British government, in relation to the conduct of the criminal investigation into Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’. We suggest it must be a full, independent and open public enquiry.

The Madeleine Foundation is a membership organisation founded to pursue some of the child care issues that arose from the Madeleine McCann case, not least of course whether it could ever be justified to leave three young children alone in a dark, foreign apartment for periods of half-an-hour or longer whilst one is wining and dining with friends out of sight of the room where the children are sleeping and well over a minute’s walk away.

It is also right to put on record at this stage that members of The Madeleine Foundation do not believe the claim of the McCanns that Madeleine was abducted. Indeed, we share the views on what really happened to Madeleine McCann of Goncalo Amaral, the original senior investigating detective in the case. He has published a book, ‘A Verdada de Mentira’, which translates as ‘The Truth About A Lie’, in which he explains the evidential reasons for believing that Madeleine McCann died in her parents’ apartment in Praia da Luz and that her body was subsequently hidden or disposed of by or with the approval of her parents, Doctors Gerald and Kate McCann.

One of the key lines of evidence he refers to in his book is the work of two internationally-acclaimed British police sniffer dogs, namely the two springer spaniels, Eddie and Keela, who have been trained and used by British dog handler Martin Grime. These dogs, who hitherto had a 100% track record in 200 or more cases of successfully locating where corpses had lain (Eddie) or of detecting human blood (Keela), found the scent of a human corpse in the following locations:

1. The living room of the McCanns’ apartment (5A) in Praia da Luz, on the floor next to the outside wall, behind the sofa
2. In or near the wardrobe in the McCanns’ apartment bedroom
3. On the veranda of the McCanns’ apartment veranda
4. Amongst the flowerbeds outside the apartment
5. On two of Dr Kate McCann’s clothes
6. On a red T-shirt belonging either to Madeleine or to her younger brother Sean
7. On the pink soft toy often produced by Dr Kate McCann for media photographs, ‘Cuddle Cat’
8. On the floor of the Renault Scenic, the hired car used by the McCanns, near the driver’s seat
9. On the car keys of the Renault Scenic

The presence of human cadaverine in these locations or on these items indicates that a corpse which has been dead for at least 90 minutes, usually at least two hours, has been in direct contact with these locations/items. The dogs did not find the scent of a human corpse anywhere else in Praia da Luz. Eddie was reported never to have given a ‘false positive’, i.e. a false alert, to the scent of a human corpse. His reactions to the above ten locations (he alerted to two separate items of Dr Kate McCann’s clothing) can therefore be trusted. The only corpse that could have been in contact with those 10 locations - though it is sad to spell this out in black and white - is that of Madeleine McCann.

The full letter can be read here: Letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Letter to Prime Minister re Leics Police and other issues
'The truth about a lie'

HQ of the current McCann investigators: a house in Knutsford

By Tony Bennett

A highly placed source within the current McCann private investigation team told me this week that the centre of their operations is a house in Knutsford, Cheshire - just off the M6.

This is where the famous large room with a whiteboard is located - the one shown on the notorious Channel 4/Cutting Edge/Mentorn so-called documentary which, inter alia, featured retired Detective Sergeant Dave Edgar and his sidekick Arthur Cowley - trying to look important with the backcloth of a whiteboard with lots of diagrams and words on it.

The house is owned by Brian Kennedy and seems to have been bought by him in late 2007. It's where he would regularly meet with the shady intelligence operatives and 'private detectives' he was appointing and running, including 'tecs' from Metodo 3 who also travelled across the English Channel to have clandestine meetings with Kennedy in the same house.

Knutsford is of course just down the road from Wilmslow, where the Kennedy Empire and the Latium Group have their prestigious headquarters, and where the McCanns' 'co-ordinating Solicitor' and Kennedy's in-house lawyer, Edward Smethurst - the one who has lied about improvements to a barn near Rochdale so as to evade strict planning laws - has his plush offices.

It was not a surprise, therefore, to learn that the McCanns' current 'Chief Investigator', Dave Edgar, reached the pinnacle of his career as a Detective Sergeant in Cheshire Police, based in...


P.S: Read the 'censored-in-UK' book the McCanns don't want you to see: http://goncaloamaraltruthofthelie.blogspot.com/

McCanns libel lawyer accused of writing a writ full of crap

Isabel Duarte's writ is written in gobbledygook. Gobbledygook is an English term used to describe nonsensical language. In other words, mumbo-jumbo. This is technical language that is difficult to understand and seems to have no sense, for example, a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. A pile of crap. The McCanns writ "alleges that Mr Amaral has damaged their reputation ‘causing indescribable devastation and suffering’ and put in danger the well-being of their children, twins Sean and Amelie, four, and particularly Madeleine".

What reputation would that be? Professional doctors who thought it was safe to leave 3 children under 4 years of age unsupervised whilst they went out for drinks and dinner with their friends? I would say that that has potentially put in danger the well-being of their children. It is doubtful that Madeleine can be put in any more danger, in all likelihood she is already dead. Mr Amaral is innocent of any blame in this respect. He did not come onto the scene until after Madeleine was made to disappear in rather mysterious and suspicious circumstances.

"Journalists in East Timor have reacted negatively to a set of five media laws drafted by Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte. The United Nations Development Programme hired Duarte to draft the laws on behalf of the government".

Hat-Tip to Ironside for the tip off.
Posted by jailhouselawyer
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: John Hirst's blog --Madeleine McCann: What happened to her,

The McCanns' Fitness to Practice

Monday 13 July 2009
Fitness to Practise Committee,
General Medical Council,
St. James’s Buildings
79 Oxford Street
M1 6FQ.

Dear Sir/Madam

re: Fitness to Practise: Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann (formerly Dr Kate Healy)

I write to bring to your attention a report about the above couple, both doctors, published in the Sunday People yesterday.

Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann are the parents of Madeleine McCann, who was reported missing by her mother at around 10.00pm on Thursday 3 May 2007. The circumstances of her disappearance remain mysterious and as yet unsolved. They were made official suspects of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance in September 2007, a status that lasted until July 2008 when the Portuguese judicial authorities concluded that at that time there was insufficient evidence to charge them or anyone else with a crime against Madeleine.

Yesterday, the Sunday People published an article based on what they said was a 34-page libel writ served in Portugal against Goncalo Amaral. The McCanns and their advisers have already announced in the press that they intended to sue Mr Amaral for libel. Mr Amaral was the senior investigating officer in the case until he was removed from the investigation in controversial circumstances in October 2007. A month earlier, he was the man responsible for declaring the McCanns to be official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance.

The Sunday People says it has translated the libel writ from the Portuguese. The McCanns are claiming damages of £1 million from Mr Amaral. I wish to bring to your attention the medical and psychological condition of these two doctors, one of whom continues to practise, and both of whom we understand to be on the GMC Register.

The writ says of Dr Kate McCann that she is ‘deeply and seriously depressed”. The writ goes on to describe both of the McCanns as suffering from:

■permanent anxiety
■lack of appetite
■indefinable fear
In the writ, according to the Sunday People, the McCanns further describe both of themselves as:

■“totally destroyed”
■“irreparably damaged”, and
■“totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view”
The question that arises is whether either of these doctors is fit to practise or indeed to remain on the GMC Register, at least until these serious psychological problems, suggestive of mental illness, subside. We suggest that the appropriate committee of the GMC should consider (a) suspending them from the GMC until a psychiatrist deems that they have recovered from the above symptoms and (b) providing them with the expert psychiatric help and counselling that anyone exhibiting such severe symptoms should receive from the N.H.S. Presumably if the McCanns are exhibiting these symptoms there are reports available from their G.P. or a psychiatric specialist confirming those symptoms.

The other possibility of course, is that the McCanns are grossly exaggerating the extent of their depression or even lying about it, in order to make as much money as possible from Mr Amaral. If that were the case, there would definitely be a whole series of other questions about their fitness to remain in practice and remain on the GMC Register. Many videos and still images exist of the McCanns laughing and joking and appearing to be anything but severely depressed. That would suggest at least the possibility that they have deliberately exaggerated their sadness at and reaction to the loss of Madeleine in order to make as much money as possible from their proposed libel action.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to enclose a complimentary copy of a book written by Tony Bennett, titled: “What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 reasons which suggest she was not abducted”. The book suggests that the McCanns’ claim that Madeleine was abducted runs counter to a mass of evidence. Its conclusion is precisely the same as that of Mr Amaral, whose book: ‘A Verdada de Mentira’, (“The Truth About A Lie”), explains that the evidence suggests that Madeleine McCann died in her parents’ apartment and that her body was subsequently hidden or otherwise disposed of. I should add at this point that a great many British people would categorically refuse to be treated by either of the McCanns because of what they have seen of them on TV, or read about them in newspaper articles, or in Mr Bennett’s booklet. For them, the issue is trust. They do not feel that they can trust the McCanns.

It is vital for both the medical profession and for the patient that patients have complete trust that their doctors are trustworthy. A clear example among many of why the McCanns cannot be trusted is that initially they claimed that an abductor had jemmied open the shutters to their apartment to gain entrance. Only when this was exposed as patently untrue did they then change their story, now claiming that the abductor must have entered by an open patio door and escaped with Madeleine out of a small window. These are matters we know have been brought to your attention by many others apart from us. We trust that you will take appropriate action with regard to the McCanns and their fitness to practise, taking account the contents of this letter and all the other evidence about their fitness to practice which is available to you.

Finally, I understand that there may be a form on which official complaints should be submitted. If such a form exists, please could you send me two copies of such a form, one for each doctor.

Yours sincerely,

Debbie Butler
The Madeleine Foundation
http://madeleinefoundation.org/main/200 ... l-council/
The 3 arguidos: Fitness to practice

Prime Minister's office removes 96 signatures from petition into review of British Police in Maddie case


By Tony Bennett

There has been a sensational development on the Prime Minister's website during the past few minutes regarding Elizabeth Woolnough's petition calling on the Prime Minister to order a review of the actions of the British police in the Madeleine McCann case.

A total of 96 signatures have just been erased, reducing the numbers of signatures from 512 to 416.


Madeleine petition - 96 signatures removed, now down to 416

By Tony Bennett

If you support this petition, please forward it to your relatives and friends.

A lady called Elizabeth Wooolnough has started a petition, on the Prime Minister's website calling on Gordon Brown to hold an inquiry, or review, into the conduct of Leicestershire Police in relation to their part in the investigation into Madeleine McCann's 'disappearance'.

There is much evidence, sadly, that Madeleine died in her parents' holiday apartment in Portugal, and that her body was hidden or disposed of by her parents. The senior detective who arrested the McCanns, Goncalo Amaral, claims he was removed from the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance due to direct interference from the British government, raising deep suspicions about the role of Leicestershire Police. Some of the many concerns about Leicestershire Police's role are listed below.

Today (9 July) the petition has 484 signatures. If we get 500 or more before 30 July, Gordon Brown will be forced to reply in writing to the petitioners' demand.
Please support it. It's easy to do so. Just click on this link:


You can give your own name, or a nickname if you prefer. You need to give an address and your e-mail but these are of course not published. It takes just 2 minutes. Once you've signed, 10 Downing Street will send you an e-mail with a link. Click on that link, and your name will be added to the petition.

If you are able to support the petition, many thanks in advance.

Tony Bennett

1. The continued promotion of the McCanns' fund-raising website on the Leicestershire Police website - as far as I know the ONLY case in world history where a police force has allowed a potential suspect to raise money to undermine the official police investigation

2. The failure to forward the important statement of the two Doctors Gaspar, which suggested a possible paedophile interest by both Dr David Payne and Dr Gerald McCann, to the Portuguese Police - for 6 months

3. The remarkably gentle and friendly way Stuart Prior and his colleagues dealt with the 'Tapas 9' before the rogatory interviews. The McCanns and their friends referred to him in e-mails as 'Stu'. The over-familiar use by the Police of first names when e-mailing or writing to the McCanns and the other members of the 'Tapas 9' was unusual. to say the least

4. Given the number of contradictions and changes in story of the McCanns and their 'Tapas 9' friends during their various rogatory interviews, why were no follow-up interviews arranged?

5. Why did it takes so long to arrange the rogatory interviews?

6. What was the purpose and what was the outcome of the 'Meeting of Superintendents' which Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior said was held on 20 September 2007 by Leicestershire Police?

7. Why the Police and or the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre appear to have given the McCanns internal and confidential books of investigation procedures

8. Whether there have been discussions between government ministers, top civil servants and officers of Leicestershire Police and if so what those discussions were about

9. Whether a report was ever put to the Crown Prosecution Service as to whether the McCanns should have been charged in the U.K. with the offence of child neglect

10. Why the Leicestershire Police Officers based in Praia da Luz left for England at the same time as the McCanns (i.e. 9 September 2007)?

11. Why the Leicestershire Police Freedom of Information Section took so long to answer reasonable FOI requests from members of the public and why their responses to some enquiries were often terse and even rude

"What really happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted", (60pp) available £3 direct from me or £4 via PayPal on this Madeleine Foundation link: http://madeleinefoundation.org/main/our-book/
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Leicestershire Social Services 'official' shows concern at the McCanns' condition, 13 July 2009

By Tony Bennett, The Madeleine Foundation
13 July 2009

This is a copy of an e-mail, sent today, to Leicestershire Social Services and reproduced here with the permission of the anonymous author:

'Dear Sir Madam,

I'm sure you are aware of the Madeleine McCann case. As Leicestershire residents, I believe you are responsible for monitoring her twin siblings. Sean and Amelie. I feel compelled to write to you today after reading an article in yesterday's (12 July 2009) Sunday Mirror. The article written by TOM WORDEN alleges that court documents lodged by Mr and Mrs McCann reveal that Kate McCann, the mother of Madeleine and twins Sean and Amelie suffers from "deep and serious depression". As well as this, both her and her husband and father to the twins, Gerry McCann, suffer from "permanent anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and an indefinable fear".

Can you please monitor the situation and make sure Sean and Amelie are OK. Too many kids have been let down by Social Services in this country in recent years and it will be a travesty if these kids come to any harm as a result of the actions of their primary carers. I will save this email just in case it's necessary to reveal the contents in future.'

In addition, Debbie Butler, Madeleine Foundation Chairman, has today spoken to a duty child care social worker in Leicestershire Social Services, and read out the entire Sunday Mirror article to him. He not only listened but said the information was 'very concerning' and he would ensure that it was passed to the right person within the organisation.

There is therefore no way the Director of Leiecestershire Social Services can deny being acquainted with the extemely unstable and depressed condition of both the Doctors McCann as described in the Sunday Mirror article.

It should be noted that children at risk of emotional, physical or other forms of abuse are placed on what is called a Child Protection Register. Social Services never publicly disclose whether any individual child is on such a register or not. In more serious cases, children considered at serious risk will be placed with other relatives or, if that is not possible, taken into care, or, to use the jargon, 'accommodated'.

Gonçalo Amaral is "looking forward" to facing McCanns in court

13th July 2009
By Jerry Lawton

MADELEINE McCann’s parents are launching a £1million lawsuit against the detective who declared them suspects in her disappearance.

And they will use any cash they win to help fund their search for her.

Gerry and Kate McCann, both 41, have hired Portugal’s top libel lawyer to conduct their claim against Goncalo Amaral.

The 49-year-old ex-police officer was behind the decision to name them suspects after Maddie vanished from their Portuguese holiday flat in May 2007, just before her fourth birthday.


He was later sacked from the case and the couple, from Rothley, Leics, have been cleared of any involvement.

Since retiring from the force Amaral has continued to point the finger of suspicion at the McCanns in a book and TV documentary which have made him a millionaire.

Their lawyer Isabel Duarte, 54, said: “The McCanns have been torn apart by Amaral’s claims.”

Amaral’s publisher Mario Sena Lopes said he was “looking forward’’ to facing them in court.

Source: Daily Star
Gonçalo Amaral: The Truth of the Lie
Kate and Gerry McCann v Gonçalo Amaral
Torn apart by his lies
Leicestershire Social Services show concern at the McCanns
Madeleine McCann: The McCann's Million Pound Dash for Cash
McCanns sued for £500,000
McCanns missed deadline for re-opening the case

Link to Daily Mail article dated 29 October 2007 - way before Amaral's book was published

Also from October 2007: Gerry could be a risk to his patients, warns senior heart specialist

Related: From the McCann's Expresso Interview on Video : 6th September 2008

Q – Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral remains convinced of your involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. Did you read ‘The Truth of the Lie’, the book that he wrote?

Kate and Gerry – No.
Kate – Why would I?
Gerry – I won’t learn anything from reading it.

Q – It was a success in Portugal.
Gerry – Was it? How many copies did it sell?

Q – Approximately 200 thousand. Next week, it is edited in Spain.
Gerry – That is what can be called illicit enrichment.

Q – Your English lawyers already have a translated copy and they are analyzing it. Do you intend to sue Gonçalo Amaral?

Gerry – At this moment we are focused on what we can do to find Madeleine and not in suing anyone.
Kate – All that I am going to say about this – because I’m not going to waste any time on Mr Amaral – is that as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace.

Q – Aren’t you curious to know what the book says?

Kate – What for? It must be nothing but a load of rubbish. It is so secondary… It certainly won’t help to find our daughter. My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that.

Source: Joana Morais

Madeleine McCann: What happened to her and where is she now?

By John Hirst

Approximately 10 O’ Clock on the evening of 3rd of May 2007, the calm in Praia da Luz was about to be disturbed by Kate McCann announcing that daughter Madeleine was missing. Kate McCann and husband Gerry McCann were quick to assert that an abductor must be responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine. It is illegal for a private investigation to be conducted whilst there is an ongoing police investigation. The police were not convinced that the abduction theory put forward by the McCanns was credible. It was thought that the answer to 3 year old Madeleine’s disappearance lay in Apartment 5A. Madeleine was last seen alive by someone other than the McCanns or someone in their group at 5.30pm when Kate McCann took her out of the Mark Warner crèche. From then until about 10, only the McCanns themselves and David Payne claim to have seen Madeleine alive. The police view is that Madeleine died in the apartment. And that the McCanns version of events is cover up and alibi seeking. Some of the McCanns friends on holiday with them appear to be part of the cover up. If the abduction theory is removed from the equation, then the McCanns have some explaining to do. David Payne also needs to clarify some points. Based upon the presumption that Madeleine is dead, what time did it occur and how?

Approximately half an hour earlier, 9.30pm, Matthew Oldfied left the Tapas Bar to go to Apartment 5A to check on Madeleine and the 2 year old twins Sean and Amelie. Only the twins were present, Madeleine had already disappeared by this time. It is not being very responsible if an adult is entrusted with the task of checking to see if 3 young children are safe, and upon discovering one is missing and not attempting to ascertain Madeleine's whereabouts. This calls into question why Kate McCann 30 minutes later made an announcement informing the group that Madeleine had disappeared?

Matthew Oldfield may well have been prepared to go along with a cover up to a point, but drew a line at committing himself to perjury and perverting the course of justice by lying that Madeleine was present when he checked Apartment 5A.

Approximately half an hour earlier, 9pm, Gerry McCann left the Tapas Bar to go to check on the 3 children. He claims that all 3 were present and asleep in their beds.

If Gerry McCann's statement is truthful, then Madeleine disappeared between 9 and 9.30pm. This provides a half hour window of opportunity for an abductor to enter Apartment 5A and snatch Madeleine. The same length of time between Matthew Oldfield checking at 9.30 and Kate McCann checking at 10pm, when there was no sign of Madeleine and yet no big song and dance or hue and cry into her disappearance.

At approximately 8.30pm Gerry and Kate McCann leave Apartment 5A and arrive at the Tapas Bar. They claim that all the children were asleep in their beds. An hour later we know that Madeleine is not asleep in her bed, according to Matthew Oldfield's account. There is only Gerry McCann's word that everything was ok at 9pm. It would have strengthened the McCanns version of events had Matthew Oldfield corroborated their account. Instead, his evidence exposes Kate McCann's 10pm alarm to be a falsehood.

There is a glaring inconsistency. At approximately 9.15pm Jane Tanner claims that she saw someone walking away with a child who she believed could have been Madeleine. This might appear to fill the gap between 9pm and Gerry McCann stating that all was well, and 9.30pm when Matthew Oldfield states he did not see Madeleine. However, it does not explain the inaction of the group between 9.30 and 10pm.

As already stated, it is illegal in Portugal for a private investigation to be conducted into a case whilst there is an ongoing police investigation. The McCanns from the outset claimed that an abductor was responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. The obvious problem with the McCanns private investigation is that it leaves themselves out of the equation of being responsible for the disappearance of 3 year old Madeleine. Ultimately, responsibility for the safety of the children rests with the McCanns. The McCanns claim that they believed it was safe to leave 3 children unsupervised is not a belief that stands up to scrutiny. It was not a safe thing to do. Accidents can and do happen.

If Madeleine suffered a fatal accident between the hours of 5.30 and 9.30pm, it follows that her body would have been discovered, and one supposes that the emergency services are called. If there was a fatal accident and the emergency services were not called, it raises the question why not? Cause of death would have to be determined by an autopsy. Surely, a simple accident would not lead to the McCanns being responsible? Therefore, the McCanns did not want an autopsy being conducted. At the very least it raises the question of contributory negligence in the death of Madeleine.

The most likely explanation is that Madeleine died sometime between 5.30 and 8.30pm. The only other person other than the McCanns themselves during that time to visit Apartment 5A was David Payne. Interestingly, the statements of the Tapas Bar group are confusing in relation to what time David Payne visited Apartment 5A. According to Gerry McCann it was approximately 6.30pm, and the purpose of David Payne's visit was to assist Kate McCann in getting the children ready to go to the play area near the Tapas Bar. Kate McCann is then supposed to have informed David Payne about the change of plan, and the reason she gave was that the children were too tired. David Payne claims that he saw all 3 children playing in their pyjamas. It was the last time he claims to have seen Madeleine alive. If his statement is to be believed, then Madeleine died sometime between 6.35 and 7pm when Kate McCann was alone in Apartment 5A with the children or between 7 and 8.30pm when both Gerry and Kate McCann were in Apartment 5A.

The problem with the McCanns accounts that all 3 children were asleep in their beds when they left Apartment 5A to go to the Tapas Bar at 8.30, is the differences in describing the same scene. Witness accounts can differ according to different interpretations from different perspectives. However, the McCanns are describing a static scene which would be the same for both of them as they walked out of the door. Therefore, the variation in their versions is not accounted for. Perhaps, the most telling was the BBC interview with Kate McCann when she had difficulty answering the simple question about were the children asleep when they left to go to the Tapas Bar. It threw Kate McCann. Her story was supposed to have started from 10pm, the 90 minute earlier starting time by the interviewer left Kate McCann wrongfooted. She did recover her composure and finally answered the question, but it raises the question that perhaps only the twins were both asleep in their beds because something had already happened to Madeleine by 8.30pm.

It could be that Kate McCann's announcement about the change of plan was genuine and all 3 children were deemed to be too tired to go to the play area. There again, it could be a hastily made up excuse to cover up the fact that Madeleine was already dead and as such could not be paraded in public. It calls into question David Payne's claim to have seen all 3 children alive and in their pyjamas. In any event, David Payne returns to the tennis court and speaks to Gerry McCann who then changes his plan to play on and returns to Apartment 5A. A tennis instructor takes Gerry McCann's place on the tennis court. That's two changes of plans by two people in a very short space of time, half an hour. Something unexpected comes up usually for people to change their plans. Was this an unexpected death in the family?

Madeleine had to disappear not because her death could not be explained by an autoposy, but because the cause of death would be discovered. This is why accidental death does not appear to be the probable cause. If Madeleine had simply drowned in the bath, for example, her death could be easily explained away. If Madeleine met a violent end this would have shown up on an autopsy. The same if she had died by a drug overdose. The crime here is robbing the coroner of a body. The McCanns did not want the authorities becoming aware of how Madeleine died. That is why Madeleine had to disappear. The McCanns could not simply telephone the authorities and report Madeleine's disappearance when either Kate or Gerry or both were present at the time it occured. They needed to distance themselves from the scene of the crime. In their absence the Bogey Man becomes responsible. The cause of death no longer needs to be explained because there is no body to examine.

Instead of worried parents calling the police and asking them to help in finding their missing daughter and what may have happened to her, the police are confronted by parents telling them that they know an abductor is responsible for her disappearance. So sure are the parents that they phone family and friends in the UK and informed them that an abductor had broken into the apartment and taken Madeleine away. The police found no evidence to support the break-in claim. Much later, Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns press spokesman, admits that there was no break-in. The McCanns cover story is blown apart. If there was no break-in, in all probability there was no abductor. Would innocent parents invent a story of a fake break-in to explain the disappearance of their 3 year old daughter? No. They would have no need for invention. On the other hand, guilty parents seeking to push away responsibility most certainly needed a cover story.

Matthew Oldfield's not seeing Madeleine at 9.30pm, leaves Gerry McCann claiming to be the last person to see Madeleine alive at 9pm. Gerry McCann is setting the scene for a fake break-in story. He is outside by the shutters when he is disturbed by Jeremy Wilkins out walking with his child. Gerry McCann has to go and distract Jeremy Wilkins by making small talk. It was impossible for Jane Tanner to pass by both Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins without either seeing her and for her to have seen Abduction Man walking off with a child who could have been Madeleine.

Weaknesses in the McCanns version of events;

1. Fake break-in;
2. Matthew Oldfield not seeing Madeleine;
3. Jane Tanner's fake sighting.

A fake break-in, a fake sighting, in all probability the abductor was also a fake. It all puts responsibility back on the McCanns to explain what happened to Madeleine. Why were the police family liasion officers replaced on the police inquiry when they asked the McCanns to explain what had happened to their 3 year old daughter? The question is legitimate. Can the same be said for the officers removal from the case? Was their removal political?

Why did the British Secret Service monitor the McCanns mobile phones?

Clarence Mitchell tipped off the McCanns that they were subject to electronic surveillance. This revelation led to Mitchell having to resign from the Media Monitoring Unit and his temporary appointment to the Foreign Office. The McCanns then offered Mitchell the job as their official spokesman.

The McCanns from the outset attempted to control the police investigation and the media coverage of the case.

Madeleine was not in Apartment 5A at 10pm, because she was not there when Matthew Oldfield checked at 9.30. Madeleine was not there at 9pm because Gerry McCann is setting the scene for the break-in story. Madeleine was not asleep in her bed at 8.30pm, because she was already dead. The McCanns went out to the Tapas Bar with the full knowledge of what had happened to Madeleine. It is an inescapable fact that Madeleine is dead.

Cause of death and the time is between 5.30 and 8.30pm. Most probably earlier than 8.30pm. Outside of Gerry and Kate McCann knowing the facts of what happened, there is the question how much does David Payne know?

To be continued (A work in progress)

Posted by jailhouselawyer

British Ambassador Alexander Ellis asks PJ to reopen Maddie case

12 July 2009

Madeleine McCann's new file

Nigel Nelson

British Ambassador Alexander Ellis has asked Portuguese police to reopen the Maddie McCann case.

Now the force has promised to look at new evidence into Madeleine's disappearance in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz two years ago just before her fourth birthday.

They had said Maddie was dead and the case was closed. But Foreign minister Chris Bryant said: "The head of the Portuguese criminal investigation police is ready to consider credible new leads which may come to light."

Detectives working for Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry of Rothley, Leics, say the Algarve is awash with paedophiles. In the last four years seven children of tourists have been molested and there are 38 known sex offenders in the area.

Source: People.co.uk

Exclusive: Maddie parents sue cop for £1M book profits


By Tom Worden

Kate and Gerry McCann are suing the police chief who bungled the investigation into their daughter's disappearance - and blamed them for her death - for £1million.

In a 36-page writ handed to the Sunday Mirror, they lay bare in painful detail how Gonçalo Amaral's accusations left them "totally destroyed" and caused them "irreparable" damage.

It also gives a harrowing insight into the day-to-day life in the McCann household as they struggle to cope without Madeleine.

The writ - which the Sunday Mirror has had translated from Portuguese - outlines how the couple both suffer from "permanent anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and an indefinable It also says Kate McCann is "in a deep and serious depression".

'Disgraced former police Amaral has pocketed £ 1million writing a lurid book and making documentary full of cruel about Madeliene and her And now they are suing him every penny of it.

He accuses them of accidentally killing their three-year-old daughter and then covering up her death.

Amaral, who was thrown off case after five months, repeatedly claimed Madeleine in the holiday apartment on Algarve. In his book The About The Lie he spouts his theory that the couple hid daughter's body.

The lawsuit also highlights fears for four-year-old twins and Amelie when they start later this year and begin to hear rumours that Madeleine is dead.

And it accuses Amaral of being a self-obsessed, manipulative money-grabber with no morals.

The couple, both 41, have hired Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte to sue Amaral for defamation and for breaching their human rights. Mrs Duarte, 54, said: "Somebody has to stop him and shut him up. He is a rich man now, earning millions from the distress of this family. We believe he has made up to 1.2million euros (£1million) from the book and the video. We want the court to punish him by taking at least that much from him."

The McCanns have a good case for defamation as they have already been cleared by Portugal's Attorney General. The case will go to trial in Lisbon next summer and Amaral, 49, could force the McCanns to take the stand. Madeleine is named with Kate and Gerry and the twins as a complainant in the lawsuit, lodged on June 24.

The McCanns, both doctors from Rothley, Leics, claim Amaral's repeated insistence that their daughter is dead has stopped people looking for her. The lawsuit states: "Madeleine has been deprived of the possibility of a fair and adequate investigation into her disappearance, putting her moral and physical integrity at serious risk."

It says Gerry and Kate have been "totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view, beyond the pain that the absence of their eldest daughter causes them".

The couple want a minimum of £430,000 in damages for Madeleine, which will be used to keep the search for her going. They also want a minimum of £215,000 each for them, and another £86,000 each for the twins. It is thought any money they get will go to the Maddie fund.

Amaral's book has sold around 330,000 copies worldwide. The fatherof-three has become a celeb in Portugal, and has a new Jaguar.

The McCanns say his "sole objectives" in writing the book were "to earn a lot of money", using "lies". It says the book and his 50-minute documentary, which has been shown twice on Portuguese TV, are "manipulative, perverse, false, destructive, defamatory, deeply damaging and therefore illegal".

Amaral was in charge of the 30 detectives looking for Madeleine after she vanished in May 2007 on a family holiday in Praia da Luz.

He was largely responsible for making the McCanns "arguidos" - suspects - four months after Madeleine vanished. But he was kicked off the case in October 2007 days after the Sunday Mirror revealed he was working as little as four hours a day and was enjoying long, boozy lunches.

He was removed from the case on his 48th birthday. Amaral took early retirement shortly afterwards, ending 27 years on the force.

He began writing his book, promoting it by travelling around Europe giving newspaper interviews.

It went on sale in a blaze of publicity in July last year - three days after the McCanns' "arguido" status was removed. Earlier this month Amaral was charged with torturing a witness during a separate missing child case. He faces jail if convicted.


£430,000 damages for Madeleine which will be used to continue the search for her.

£215,000 for each parent for the emotional distress the book has caused them. They say they suffer 'permanent anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and an indefinable fear'. The writ also says Kate McCann is 'steeped in a deep and serious depression'.

£86,000 for each of their twins Sean and Amelie, who could hear his allegations when they start school in September.


£500,000 from the book which has sold 180,000 copies in Portugal alone.

£430,000 from the extra 150,000 books which have been sold in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland.

£100,000 for a TV documentary watched by one in five people in Portugal - 75,000 copies have sold on DVD.


Source: Sunday Mirror


Discussion at the 3 arguidos: MIRROR: TORN APART BY HIS LIES

Read Gonçalo Amaral's book (being translated into English) here to see what all the fuss is about

How the McCanns have made their money

Maddie: A good marketing ploy



Sunday Mirror article deleted

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Criminal justice - Yemen style

This is criminal justice, Yemen style. A man accused of raping and murdering an 11-year-old boy is paraded through his home town before being shot dead by an executioner.

Hundreds of onlookers lined the streets to watch the gruesome scene, cheering and shouting abuse at Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah.

The boy, Hamdi al-Kabas, had reportedly come into his shop for a haircut last December during the Muslim festival of Eid. After brutally attacking him, the barber cut his body into pieces and dumped them outside the capital Sana'a.

Three year old Madeleine McCann, believed dead and dumped

Criminal justice - UK style

'Paraded' in front of a group of onlookers.... and paid £375,000

The last straw: police protect privacy of criminals at large

Murderers & rapists at large: Police won't name 1,000 criminals who should be in jail but have vanished... to protect THEIR privacy

By James Slack, Matthew Hickley and Rebecca Camber

In a massive new law and order scandal, almost 1,000 criminals including murderers, rapists and paedophiles are wrongly at large.
The dangerous convicts should have been returned to jail after committing new crimes or breaking the terms of their early release.
But they have been allowed to cheat justice for up to 25 years after police forces across the country failed to track them down.
Incredibly, some police forces are refusing to identify the danger men, citing data protection laws.
The Government knew little or nothing of the fiasco until after a review was ordered two years ago.
The findings were made public yesterday, sparking a belated police hunt to find the fugitives.
Those who remain on the run include 20 murderers, 15 rapists and five paedophiles.

Of the 954 criminals wrongly at large, at least 59 have re-offended, including crimes of rape.
The figures reignited concerns about the ability of the police and probation service to protect the public, and privately some ministers were known to be unhappy with the police

Dr David Green, of the Civitas think-tank, attacked the decision by some police forces not to disclose the identities of those on the run.
He said: 'If an offender is on the run from justice, what kind of expectation of privacy can he possibly have?'
The scandal, which was announced jointly by Home Secretary Alan Johnson and Justice Secretary Jack Straw, has echoes of the foreign prisoner fiasco in which 1,000 overseas convicts were mistakenly freed without being even considered for deportation, leading to the sacking of of Charles Clarke as Home Secretary in 2006.
Yesterday's revelations are understood to stem from reviews ordered in the wake of that debacle to see what other 'horrors' were lurking in the corridors of Whitehall.

Police forces may put out 'wanted' notices for criminals who have not been successfully recalled, but only 13 currently appear on the Crimewatch website. Some are on the websites of individual forces.
The Ministry of Justice said it was the responsibility of individual forces to decide whether to make the criminals' identities public.
The Daily Mail discovered confusion and inconsistency across the country yesterday.
When we contacted the 43 police forces in England and Wales, all but one were unable to provide all the names of wanted criminals on recall from prison in their area. Two forces, Durham and Surrey, refused to provide any details, citing the Data Protection Act.
Other forces said they would be prepared to release names of those missing only if it was sanctioned by the officer in the case.
A number of forces publish wanted lists on their websites, but many do not disclose the crime for which the offender was convicted.

And some forces help their suspects raise money to help pay their mortgage

Source: Daily Mail

Not a shred of evidence the McCanns were involved

Missing Daniel Morcombe's parents ask for inquest

Morcombe parents ask for inquest
ABC July 5, 2009, 11:50 am

Daniel Morcombe s family is pushing for safety awareness programs in Tasmanian schools.

The parents of missing Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe have called for an inquest into their son's unsolved disappearance.

The 13-year-old was last seen waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast in December 2003.

Daniel's mother Denise Morcombe says she and her husband have written to the Queensland Coroner Michael Barnes.

She says an inquest could reveal more information.

"People have to go into the courtroom under oath and hopefully they will tell the truth," she said.

"Someone might be hiding some information and if they do have to sit there under oath they might come forward with the truth."

Mrs Morcombe says the coroner has sent the request to police.

"It's just natural - all cases have to have an inquest at some stage, and it's been five and a half years now so we just thought that it was time to just put that request in," she said.

Source: ABC News
Comments at the 3 arguidos: this is what parents of real abducted children do!

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 2003 and still no sign of her parents asking for an inquest


Will Maddie now be found?

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Maddie Headline in Sunday Express

Opinion Sunday Express (appears in paper edition only)

Ray of hope for McCanns

OUR THOUGHTS today are with Kate and Gerry McCann (not the little girl who survived this traumatic ordeal, or her parents, but Kate and f*cking Gerry McCann) who, we hope, will take heart from the extraordinary news from South America. Six years ago, a little girl disappeared in Panama and has now turned up again, unharmed, in Ecuador. It seems miraculous but her parents, just like the McCanns, never gave up the search.

It proves that there can still be a happy conclusion to their long and painful search for little Madeleine.

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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