Kate and Gerry McCann: Discrediting evidence

By Jeanne d Arc on The 3 Arguidos

From the very beginning it has always been about discrediting evidence and witnesses. They knew that there was a huge amount of circumstantial and other evidence they could not avoid because there is no such thing as a perfect crime. The discrediting started when they were still preparing for a possible trial with all their expensive lawyers. The main points and their tactic:

Dog evidence: First they tried to discredit the dogs themselves with the Zapata case which badly backfired on them. The 6 dead bodies during Kate's work were joked about and the jersey case was too dubious to really discard the suspicions so they had to accept the fact that the cadaver odour was not going away that easily. So the plan was made to catch 2 flies at once, discredit the man who suspected them in the first place and did not play by the "rules" and explain the cadaver scent. Relatives very early on (Brian Healy and others) "suspected" that the evidence had been planted. So by dragging Amaral through the courts in the "torture case" they finally got a conviction that would possibly give credit to the theory that he himself planted the evidence of the cadaver odour. Although the conviction was for giving false testimony the papers through Clarence twisted it into "falsifying evidence". Chinagirl with her bag containing a dead child comes to mind.

Smith: They ignored the sighting as long as they could but when the documentation by Amaral was aired they had to implement him into their abduction theory. No word that he was very certain that it was Gerry he had seen, citing portuguese police that Gerry had an alibi for this time, which is totally wrong since there never had been a reconstruction that could have verified that point. The witness had been got at before massively.

Jeremy Wilkins: The fact that Tanner's statement was nullified by Jeremy Wilkin's statement, was rubbished by the appearance of one pretendy cop stating it would not really matter where everybody was at the time of the sighting and that these type of discrepancies in statements were normal. The manifestation of Gerry's version in their mockumentary was supposed to imprint it in the minds of the public. The only independent witness was again put under pressure before.

Mrs. Fenn: Mrs. Fenn's statement about the crying was first tried to be discredited by placing the incident on the Wednesday, a day where Rachael was supposed to be in the apartment next door and would have heard it. Mrs. Fenn's statement and the timing must have been so crucial that the whole "why didn't you come when Sean and I were crying" lie had to be manufactured and launched to the press, again discrediting PJ as a nice side effect. Additionally it seems that Clarence planted rumours about Mrs. Fenn being totally unreliable to the press (see astromum's thread)

other minor facts:

- Ridiculous explanations for the minor circumstantial evidence are plenty. The airing of the Scenic for weeks was explained by the heat and posters were recruited to state they all do the same, although nobody really would leave their car open over night.
- The fact that the bed under the window was ruffled and "Madeleine's bed" was not was explained with the row Gerry and Kate had one night. An information they had never parted with had they not made a crucial mistake.
- The washing of the "tea stain" in the pyjama
- The washing of cuddlecat
- The outright lie that Michael Wright was not licensed to drive the Scenic when they first rented it.

and many more

This forum has been crucial for testing the various explanations, and if they did not work on here new ones had to be found.

The only evidence they have so far not responded to is the Gaspar statement. They have just succeeded in keeping it out of the british press.

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