June is NHS Fraud Awareness Month (FAM)

“It’s important we make it clear to the dishonest minority that fraud against the NHS will not be tolerated.”

As part of NHS fraud awareness month, which runs throughout June, local counter fraud specialists are urging anyone who suspects a fraud is taking place in the NHS to report it.

NHS Fraud Awareness Month (FAM) takes place across the country with the aim of educating anyone who uses or works in the NHS about how damaging fraud can be and to highlight some simple things that can be done to stop it.

Since FAM began in 2003, local NHS counter fraud specialists have been helping to spread the simple message that fraud is a drain on valuable NHS resources.

While only a tiny minority of people defraud the NHS, their actions cost the NHS hugely – it has been estimated fraud is costing the NHS about £115m per year.

Types of fraud and offenders vary – those who steal from the NHS through fraud may be patients who avoid paying prescription charges by falsely claiming exemption from fees, staff claiming pay for shifts they did not work or contractors falsifying records of work.

Anyone concerned about a fraud taking place within the NHS can:

Call the freephone confidential NHS fraud line on 0800 028 40 60 (Monday to Friday 8am- to 6pm).

Contact Patrick Canner on 07990 587 246.

For further information about Fraud Awareness Month visit, www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/counterfraud.aspx

Fraud by some members of the NHS is tolerated though

Kate McCann, Doug Skehan and Gerry McCann:

Directors of the fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund

Steve Phillips has taken over as the head of the NHS Counter Fraud Service for Leicester.

If you have concerns about a fraud taking place in NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland, or would like advice regarding fraud, please contact one of the following:

Richard Holmes - 0116 295 3166 richard.holmes@emias.nhs.uk

Joanna Clarke - 0116 295 3159 joanna.clarke@emias.nhs.uk

The regional counter fraud team can also be contacted on 01623 78 8900

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