McCann internet attacks are so sick

I HAD the misfortune to encounter some of the lowest forms of human life last week. (apparently she wasn't referring to these people)

Thankfully it was only on the internet. My comments about the bungling, thicko Portuguese cops who mishandled the Madeline McCann case upset a bunch of lowlifes who are so sick and twisted that they have set up a website forum dedicated to attacking the McCanns.

It's appallingly cruel and filled with horrendous attacks on a tragic couple, who for the rest of their lives, will count the cost of their mistake.

What kind of people would devote so much of their energy to that level of vitriol?

What kind of morons would be on web forums in the middle of the night spitting hatred to total strangers, when the only real issue here is that a little girl is still missing?

Agree? Disagree? Scroll down to leave your comments (oops, seems they've been whooshed by a spineless coward - but saved on Pamalam's blog)

I hope to God the McCanns don't read it. The internet has a lot to answer for. It has given spineless cowards a place to hide while they drip poison, masquerading as people who want to get to the truth.

There has to be some way we can legislate to shut these people down.
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: anna smith - notw wants to shut 3as down

Comment by a 3 arguidos member:

"There are thousands upon thousands of web sites that amongst other things; promote suicide, peddle child pornography & paedophilia, encourage young girls to starve themselves to death, teach people how to knock up a bomb, spread and incite racial hatred and homophobia, fleece vunerable folk of all their life savings.....etc. etc.

And she wants to see legislation to stop people living in a democracy, the right to free speech and opinion?"


And this is what all the fuss is about: NOTW MAY 31 2009Reply from Anna Smith NOTW

Kate and Gerry McCann counting the cost of their mistake

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