Anna Smith, News of the World: "It is universally accepted that they bungled the investigation from day one and hampered it since"

Apparently a 3 arguidos member emailed Anna Smith of the News of the World to voice her concern about her racist article and received the following response:

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Hi Susan
Thanks for this, and glad to know you read my column- even if you don't agree. I was writing in essence about the police, and and I don't know where you get your information, but it is universally accepted that they bungled the investigation from day one and have hampered it since. That is the fact of the matter whether you like it or not. I have contacts and friends who have homes in the area and have been appalled at the way they have been upset that the McCann case has affected tourism. That is also the fact of the matter. And you may remember the shouts and anger of the local people when Maddie's mother ran the gauntlet in the street on her way to the police station. I will never forget that, but I didn't mention that in my column. But that is also a fact that you seem to ignore.
I stand by everything I say, and judging by the emails I have had, so does many of my readers.

In the printed Scottish version Anna Smith - apparent voice of Scotland, had this to say:

[i]"Paedo Shame
The more I hear about the Alagarve, the sicker I feel. Investigators hunting for Madeleine McCann say the area is awash with paedophiles, with seven sex attacks on kids in the last 4 years.

Perhaps that's why those thicko cops pointed the finger at the McCanns - by blaming them and moving on, nobody would dig up their dirt. They continue to ignore new evidence and hope what they always hoped - that this case would just go away.

Their priority from day one was the effect this awful tragedy was having on tourism.

I will never set foot in Portugal again for the shameful way they have treated the McCanns, and the sheer ineptitude of the investigation.

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Reply from Anna Smith NOTW

Continually betrayed by the British media and her entire family

And a response from a 3 arguidos member:

A gentle reminder for Anna Smith, and those of her ilk.

At the heart of this case is a little, vulnerable 3yr old girl.

This child was left ALONE (except for her 2yr old twins) in an unfamiliar unlocked foreign apartment. One night she screamed in terror for 1hr 15mins, and NO-ONE was there to comfort her. Her so-called parents were too busy getting 'into' their mates at the bar.

This child subsequently disappeared, and her parents told us that she had been abducted....although neither the PJ, nor the OC, could find anything to substantiate that assertion.

Now, why are you not the least bit interested in finding out what really happened to that little girl?

Why are you solely interested in defending her negligent parents?

Little Maddie was neglected by her parents....and now she has been abandoned by all those in the UK who should be speaking out for her.

The McCanns can speak for themselves (although they are afraid to do so!), little Maddie cannot.