The Madeleine Foundation: Invitation to meeting in Harlow on Saturday 1 August 2009

By Tony Bennett

Myself, Debbie Butler, Madeleine Foundation Chairman, and David Kastoryano would like to invite all those who are sure that Madeleine was not abducted and who are striving in one way or another for the truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann to an informal meeting on Saturday 1 August.

The meeting will probably be in or near Harlow, and we will provide lunch for people at our expense. Harlow is just 5 miles from the M25 and 45 minutes by train from Liverpool Street, London.

We intend to book a venue from around 11.00am to 5.00pm but people will be welcome to drop by any time during the day.

The purpose of the meeting can be summarised as to bring together in an informal setting those who are actively pursuing the truth about Madeleine (especially 3As members) and who wish to exchange information, opinions and ideas on what happened to Madeleine and how, together, we can achieve justice for her.

We don't plan speeches or formal discussion, it is more about networking and informal brainstorming.

If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to me at:

We will then, privately, give you the location of the meeting which will NOT be advertised on the forum. It has not been finalised yet anyway as it depends on how many intend to come.

If you wish to find out more about our plans, please ring Debbie 07867 887066 or me on 01279 635789 or 07835 716537.

If this meeting is successful, we intend to hold others, possibly in different parts of the country, and hopefully leading up to a more formal seminar or conference to discuss specific campaigning ideas and hear presentations on different aspects of the Madeleine McCann mystery.

[For Madeleine Foundation members, there will also be an AGM before the end of the year].

From: Tony Bennett, Debbie Butler, David Kastoryano - 19 June 2009
Discussions at the 3 arguidos:
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New Petition - review of role of British cops in Maddie case
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Dr Martin Roberts analyzes Maddie's 'abduction'

Dr Gerry McCann, still working in the NHS

"There's nothing to say she's not out there alive"

By Dr Martin Roberts
27 June 2009

Gerry McCann: "She's out there or she's not, and there's nothing to say that she's not out there alive. So it's simple. She's out there until proven otherwise."

The expectation appears to be that, in order to prove she's not 'out there' one must establish her alternative whereabouts. That this is extremely unlikely is reflected in Gerry McCann's confidence that the current situation is "indefinite".

Unfortunately for Gerry McCann, the situation isn't the straightforward dichotomy he supposes. There is an equally stark alternative reality, summed up as: 'Either an intruder entered 5A on the night of May 3rd, 2007, or Madeleine is dead.'

In embellishing his own 'straw man', Gerry McCann has himself unwittingly introduced a patchwork of possibilities. Two contingent factors are involved: 'whereabouts' and 'state of being'. Organizing these into a simple matrix presents four distinct conditions, one of which must define Madeleine's situation post May 3rd, 2007.

As there's 'nothing to say she's not out there alive' we can place a cross in the bottom left quadrant. (Both the syntax and the speaker's vocal inflection indicate that the phrase being negated in this statement is 'alive', not 'out there', an appropriate paraphrase being 'she's not alive out there'. This is easily confirmed by substituting alternative, less emotive phrases, e.g. 'she's not at home, asleep').

We can confidently place a cross in the upper right quadrant also, as this condition represents Madeleine safely with her parents, which is self-evidently not the case. That leaves two conditions, one of which must apply.

Gerry McCann has been hiding behind the obvious difficulty in 'proving the negative'. But it's really not necessary, because one can test the remaining positive condition independently by other means. Simply disproving it alone exposes the remaining condition to be true - body, or no body.

The original investigation found no evidence of a break-in. Could an abductor have just walked into the apartment? Consider the following statements:

"...that's exactly what I felt like, you know, a few minutes before our world was shattered and probably 3 or 4 minutes before Madeleine was taken."

"Part of the reason we ended up coming through the back was the noise coming through the front door."

Notice that they 'ended up' coming through the back, apparently. They did not decide to do so 'early on.' So when was this decision arrived at? It must have been after 9.05 p.m., because Gerry McCann used his own front door key on that occasion, according to his original statement to police. The intruder then had just 3 - 4 minutes to enter via the patio and leave with Madeleine via the window, opening the shutters in the process, while Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins were standing outside (if the abductor didn't open them to get in, he must have opened them to get out. Not only did Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins not hear this commotion but Matthew Oldfield did not report the shutters/window open following his visit to the apartment at 9.30).

Subsequent sightings of two different men (as described) moving in different directions, and at different times, counteract each other as candidates.

It did not happen. It could not have happened. And if no unauthorised person accessed the apartment, then Madeleine was not abducted from it.

Thus Madeleine McCann is dead, confirmed by the '100 days' statement, in which Gerry McCann refers to 'the belief that Madeleine was alive when she was taken'. What could possibly have happened for the child to have died within 3 minutes of having been witnessed asleep by her father?
Source: mccannfiles
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McCann's private detectives to search Hewlett's van for Maddie's DNA


Published: Today

A VAN used by Maddie McCann suspect Raymond Hewlett will be "ripped apart" in a hunt for clues.

Private detectives believe forensic checks could provide crucial evidence about the toddler's disappearance.

The battered blue Dodge has been seized by cops in Germany, where paedo Hewlett, 64, is being treated for cancer.

A source close to the probe added: "It will be ripped apart to look for a trace of Maddie."

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Maddie's parents Gerry and Kate, 41, said: "Our investigators have known about the vehicle for some time."

A former detective with more than 20 years' experience said: "A single hair or a clothing fibre could provide the breakthrough everyone is so desperate for."

Hewlett and the van were a familiar sight when Maddie, then three, was snatched from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007. It was the one vehicle he was known to drive at the time.

Hewlett has been jailed three times for sex attacks on young girls but has insisted: "I didn't kill the McCann girl."

He claimed he was 60 miles away when Maddie disappeared.
Source: The Sun
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Sun tabloid: Hewllet Saga News
A few comments:

"This surely can't be legal for anybody other than the police to carry out this work ?I take it the single hair or clothing fibre would have to belong to Maddie , so if either of these were found whose to say they hadn't been planted ,if this is done privately?"

"The deflectives are going to rip apart a vehicle that Hewlett and his whole family lived in looking for forensic evidence related to a missing child, who's dna, hair etc could not even be found in the apartment she allegedly slept in for five days and could only be identified by allegedly finding her DNA from a pillow in the UK."

On the subject of Maddie's DNA found in the boot of the McCann's hire car three weeks after she disappeared Clarence Mitchell said: "There are wholly innocent explanations for any material police may, or may not, have found. "


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McCanns saddened by death of Michael Jackson

It is understood that Gerry and Kate McCann are saddened to hear of the death of Michael Jackson. They say that they will not now be able to eliminate him from their inquiries into the disappearance of Madeleine.

Apparently, their private detectives were preparing to fly to Los Angeles in the hope of getting a death bed confession. Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns media spokesman has stated, "We may have just lost one suspect, but the world is full of many more and the search for somebody else to blame will continue until the Madeleine Fund dries up and I am once again unemployed".

Posted by jailhouselawyer


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Gonçalo Amaral's book: The Truth of the Lie being translated into English

The French title of Gonçalo Amaral's book, "A Verdade da Mentira," is, "Maddie: L'Enquête Interdite," The Forbidden Investigation.

This is the Foreword from the French version.

"Certainly, this book responds to the need I felt to defend myself, having been discredited by the institution for which I worked for more than twenty-six years, without being given any chance to explain myself, publicly or within the institution itself. I made the request several times, but it was never heard. I, therefore, scrupulously respected the rules of the police judiciaire and I refrained from making any comment. But this goes without saying: I experienced that silence to which I was constrained as an attack on my dignity. Later, I was removed from the investigation. It was then that I understood that it was time to speak. To do that, I requested early retirement in order to be able to express myself freely.

However, the purpose of this work is more important: to contribute to finding the truth so that justice can finally be done in the investigation known as the "Maddie case." Truth and justice are two values strongly anchored within me, which reflect my profound beliefs: they always guided the work I did for the institution to which I am proud to have belonged. Even in retirement, they continue to inspire me and to be present in my life.

In no way does this text seek to challenge the work of my colleagues in the police judiciaire or to compromise the ongoing investigation. I am convinced that the disclosure of all the facts may, in the present case, result in harming the investigation. However, the reader will have access to unpublished information, to new interpretations of events - always with respect for the law - and, of course, to relevant enquiries.

The only objective of a criminal investigation is the search for truth. There is no place for the "politically correct."

Book being translated into English here by AnnaEsse

How Kate and Gerry McCann want us to help Madeleine

Essential reading on Joana Morais' blog:

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"Maddie Cop in riddle of Bank Account £100K"

One of the first Portuguese Cops on the night Maddy VANISHED** is under investigation after 100k appeared in his bank account days after Maddy went missing, he has been suspended while senior detectives probe his finances. Kate and gerry are aware of the new turn of events.

Suspicions were raised after a corruption inquiry uncovered 12 large payments under the cops name. The payment started just after Maddy disappeared from PDL on the 3rd May 2007.

The cop said that his name was used to open the account without his knowledge.
Discussions at the 3 arguidos:

NOTW PJ Police Office
First officer on the scene suspected of receiving 120.000€
Essential reading: Leaving no Holiday Destination in Peace
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Dr Vernon Coleman: Testimonial regarding "60 Reasons"

What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann:
A testimonial from Vernon Coleman

The Madeleine Foundation has received the following testimonial from the well-known and prolific author, Vernon Coleman. Here it is in full:


“9 June 2009

Dear Mr Bennett,

Congratulations on your excellent book: ‘What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?’

I thought it quite a brilliant summary of the evidence.

The title for your new edition [‘What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? – 101 reasons which suggest she was not abducted’] sounds excellent. I’m honoured that you suggest I might publish it, but I think you need a London publisher with good newspaper contacts. **** **** Publishing might be right? I’d honestly be surprised if he couldn’t sell serial rights somewhere. Let him see the original book, perhaps? Or try one of the other aggressive, medium-sized publishing houses> The information certainly needs to be given a wider airing.

I do wish you well with this. I will certainly buy a copy of the new edition when it is ready. And if I can find a way to mention your book, I certainly will.

If it helps to quote this letter then please do.

Congratulations again.

Yours sincerely

Vernon Coleman"

McCann related articles by Dr Vernon Coleman here

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McCanns ask for thousands of Euros from Amaral

By Duarte Levy

The couple wants between 100 and 500 thousand Euros compensation

Even with Oprah “help” the financial capacity of the fund no longer is the one the couple got used to in 2007

Donations increased after the Oprah Show but not enough to keep the fund active for much longer.

One hundred to 500 thousand Euros compensation is the amount Kate and Gerry McCann want to receive from Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the Judicial Police (PJ) of Portimão. The lawsuit, according to the McCanns, aims at putting money into the fund that the couple uses to finance its expenditures of the campaign they have promoted since the disappearance of their daughter.
The information has been confirmed to the 24horas by a source of the “Madeleine’s Fund – Leaving No Stone Unturned”, the financial fund created by Maddie’s parents nine days after the disappearance of the child.
“The couple is hoping to receive at least a six-digit compensation,” said the same source adding that “other legal actions are not excluded, which will help putting money into the Find Madeleine fund and helping the campaign.” 24horas knows that since 2007 – soon after Kate and Gerry McCann’s return to England – the couple’s lawyers have a list of media, of journalists and even of Portuguese and English blogs that the McCanns are looking at as a possible “target”.
Gonçalo Amaral is the main target of the McCanns: according to the same source, the person in charge of the investigation into Maddie’s disappearance is “the only person who continues to question Madeleine’s abduction” and this “affects the credibility of the couple and the work of the investigators”.
The former PJ coordinator’s movements have always been the target of greatest attention for the detectives hired by the McCanns – an initiative started off by the Spanish people from Metodo 3 but remaining up to date in a report disclosing information about Gonçalo Amaral’s private and professional life and lists details such as the family’s bank accounts, and even the list of their closest friends. Part of this report, however, has been transmitted to a Portuguese lawyer who has used it in declarations and accusations related to another process.
The lawsuits seem to be the best means Kate and Gerry McCann found to finance their activities of the “Find Madeleine” campaign – a private organisation mainly managed by the family and now having Kate and Gerry as directors.
After having received more than 700,000 Euros compensation in lawsuits against various English newspapers, which have never gone through any court rooms, the couple is now aiming at various targets in Portugal: “It is clear that Amaral is the main target, but other possibilities exist, especially amongst the media and on the internet where defamatory statements regarding the couple have been made,” said the same source.

Full article on Duarte Levy
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Duarte Levy - McCanns want 100.000 - 500.000 € from Amaral
SOS Madelein 28/06/09 Maddie and Yeremi "link"+D.Levy's note
Levy related issues
Joana Morais: Clean Slate : Exposing a Swindler Part II
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Madeleine's Fund promoted by ICMEC as an NGO

Madeleine's Fund promoted by ICMEC as an NGO Don't You Forget About Me

"Kate and I will work with the various non-governmental organisations to influence the policy makers who decide these important decisions."

Gerry's blog (Day 302: 29/02/2008-Friday)

By Nigel Moore, mccannfiles
09 June 2009

According to the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children's (ICMEC) YouTube channel, 'Don't You Forget About Me', Madeleine's Fund is now classified as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation).

The ICMEC YouTube channel was created in collaboration with the Find Madeleine Campaign in order to help reunite children with their families.

So, is this information correct or is the channel falsely promoting "Find Madeleine" as an NGO for the benefit of American subscribers - in order to imbue it with an authority that it doesn't actually have?

What is an NGO? Wikipedia


'NGOs exist for a variety of reasons, usually to further the political or social goals of their members or funders. Examples include improving the state of the natural environment, encouraging the observance of human rights, improving the welfare of the disadvantaged, or representing a corporate agenda. However, there are a huge number of such organizations and their goals cover a broad range of political and philosophical positions. This can also easily be applied to private schools and athletic organizations.'

'Even though the term "non-governmental organization" implies independence from governments, most NGOs depend heavily on governments for their funding.'

'The legal form of NGOs is diverse and depends upon homegrown variations in each country's laws and practices. However, four main family groups of NGOs can be found worldwide:
Unincorporated and voluntary association
Trusts, charities and foundations
Companies not just for profit
Entities formed or registered under special NGO or nonprofit laws
NGOs are not subjects of international law, as states are. An exception is the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is subject to certain specific matters, mainly relating to the Geneva Convention.

The Council of Europe in Strasbourg drafted the European Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non-Governmental Organizations in 1986, which sets a common legal basis for the existence and work of NGOs in Europe. Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects the right to freedom of association, which is also a fundamental norm for NGOs.'

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: The fund now an N.G.O.?

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Kate and Gerry McCann: Discrediting evidence

By Jeanne d Arc on The 3 Arguidos

From the very beginning it has always been about discrediting evidence and witnesses. They knew that there was a huge amount of circumstantial and other evidence they could not avoid because there is no such thing as a perfect crime. The discrediting started when they were still preparing for a possible trial with all their expensive lawyers. The main points and their tactic:

Dog evidence: First they tried to discredit the dogs themselves with the Zapata case which badly backfired on them. The 6 dead bodies during Kate's work were joked about and the jersey case was too dubious to really discard the suspicions so they had to accept the fact that the cadaver odour was not going away that easily. So the plan was made to catch 2 flies at once, discredit the man who suspected them in the first place and did not play by the "rules" and explain the cadaver scent. Relatives very early on (Brian Healy and others) "suspected" that the evidence had been planted. So by dragging Amaral through the courts in the "torture case" they finally got a conviction that would possibly give credit to the theory that he himself planted the evidence of the cadaver odour. Although the conviction was for giving false testimony the papers through Clarence twisted it into "falsifying evidence". Chinagirl with her bag containing a dead child comes to mind.

Smith: They ignored the sighting as long as they could but when the documentation by Amaral was aired they had to implement him into their abduction theory. No word that he was very certain that it was Gerry he had seen, citing portuguese police that Gerry had an alibi for this time, which is totally wrong since there never had been a reconstruction that could have verified that point. The witness had been got at before massively.

Jeremy Wilkins: The fact that Tanner's statement was nullified by Jeremy Wilkin's statement, was rubbished by the appearance of one pretendy cop stating it would not really matter where everybody was at the time of the sighting and that these type of discrepancies in statements were normal. The manifestation of Gerry's version in their mockumentary was supposed to imprint it in the minds of the public. The only independent witness was again put under pressure before.

Mrs. Fenn: Mrs. Fenn's statement about the crying was first tried to be discredited by placing the incident on the Wednesday, a day where Rachael was supposed to be in the apartment next door and would have heard it. Mrs. Fenn's statement and the timing must have been so crucial that the whole "why didn't you come when Sean and I were crying" lie had to be manufactured and launched to the press, again discrediting PJ as a nice side effect. Additionally it seems that Clarence planted rumours about Mrs. Fenn being totally unreliable to the press (see astromum's thread)

other minor facts:

- Ridiculous explanations for the minor circumstantial evidence are plenty. The airing of the Scenic for weeks was explained by the heat and posters were recruited to state they all do the same, although nobody really would leave their car open over night.
- The fact that the bed under the window was ruffled and "Madeleine's bed" was not was explained with the row Gerry and Kate had one night. An information they had never parted with had they not made a crucial mistake.
- The washing of the "tea stain" in the pyjama
- The washing of cuddlecat
- The outright lie that Michael Wright was not licensed to drive the Scenic when they first rented it.

and many more

This forum has been crucial for testing the various explanations, and if they did not work on here new ones had to be found.

The only evidence they have so far not responded to is the Gaspar statement. They have just succeeded in keeping it out of the british press.

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Discrediting evidence
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Maddie, a two-year-old "pact"

Maddie, a two-year-old "pact" Duarte Levy Wordpress for 24horas

By Duarte Levy
May 6, 2009 • 10:59 pm

Two years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the little English girl that was allegedly abducted in Praia da Luz, the Polícia Judiciária still cannot find the ending for a story that continues to move two countries and whose actors and victims are, to this day, confronted with the facts and theories of the most media exposed case of Portuguese justice.

There is no evidence that Maddie is alive and all indications, whether public or under judicial secrecy, have been confirming the child's death, but many continue to question themselves about the role that was played by each one of the actors in this case.

United in a veritable "pact of silence" against the Portuguese authorities, as Felícia Cabrita wrote, the nine English people from the Tapas Bar – as they ended up being known – are not a homogenous group anymore and few remain side by side with Kate and Gerry McCann.

David Payne

The 43-year-old doctor is married to Fiona and the father of two: Lily and Scarlet, both aged between two and five. Two years on, the Payne couple stays at the side of Maddie's parents and state that they share the idea of an abduction with them.

From the entire group, David and Fiona are the most faithful, and according to a source that is close to both couples, the recent allegations of paedophilia that have been advanced in Portugal, have only strengthened the friendship that exists since the time when Fiona worked with Kate.

The medic is actually one of the main actors in the Maddie case: it was David Payne who organised the holiday at the Mark Warner resort in Praia da Luz, and except for Kate and Gerry, he was the last person to see Maddie.

David Payne was accused by a couple of English doctors, members of the same circle of friends, of having made paedophile type gestures during a holiday in Mallorca, Spain.

Fiona Payne

David met Kate and Gerry through Fiona. The 36-year-old anaesthetist worked with Kate McCann, and out of the whole group, she is the one who maintains the most regular contact with Maddie's mother.

Fiona accompanied Kate during the in vitro fertilisation from which Madeleine resulted, and she is also the one who accompanied the child's mother most during the days that followed the disappearance in Praia da Luz.

In her statements to Leicestershire police, Fiona recognises that she didn't see whether or not her husband was at the tennis court between 6 and 7 p.m. In her reply to the question that was asked by the police, Fiona was quite nervous but stated that her husband only passed by the McCanns' apartment to help Kate with the children.

The Payne couple continues to live in the Leicester area, which is why they keep the same circle of friends as Maddie's parents.

Jane Tanner

Jane Michelle Tanner, aged 38, is the other member of the Tapas Bar group with whom the McCanns keep regular contact. In 2007, on the night that Maddie disappeared, Jane stated that she saw a man carrying a child, but her testimony, which was altered several times, only launched more confusion into an investigation that was already affected by the interference of English diplomacy and authorities. Jane's testimony, according to the PJ, delayed the evolution of the investigation and forced the inspectors to concentrate on an "endless" lead.

On the night of the disappearance, Jane didn't participate in the searches and stayed at her apartment's door, but on the following morning, it is her that contacts a GNR officer, Nelson da Costa, whom she told that she saw a "man" running and carrying a "child" that was "clearly" wearing pyjamas. She wasn't able to describe the "man" because it was very dark.

Jane failed to justify to the GNR how she saw the child's pyjamas despite the darkness and her statements, made to the PJ and the British police, would end up being altered several times, "strangely" coinciding with the "schedule" that would later be described by Kate and Gerry McCann.

Jane Tanner was in Praia da Luz during the first week of April, where she arrived in the company of Gerry McCann to participate in the making of a new documentary that Channel 4 will broadcast on the 7th of May, and in which she will once more reinforce the abduction theory.

Friends increasingly distant

All the other members of the group that dined with Kate and Gerry McCann on the night that Madeleine disappeared (Dianne Webster, Fiona's mother – Russell O'Brien, Jane Tanner's partner – Matthew Oldfield and Rachael Mampilly) have distanced themselves from the couple, bit by bit.

According to a source that is close to the McCanns, the separation of the friends is merely due to the fact that "everyone has their own life that doesn't always allow for meetings," which is nevertheless not confirmed by all of the English people. Matthew Oldfield himself, despite having accompanied Gerry and Jane into Portugal, always kept a distance from the journalists and participated little in the filming.

"It's been two years, we're sad about Madeleine's disappearance but there is little or nothing that we can do to help," one of the English told 24horas, stressing that he wants to keep away from journalists and "get on with life" despite "hoping that the child's disappearance can be clarified as quickly as possible".

Despite the campaign that was developed by the McCann couple, with its peak matching the dates of the little girl's disappearance, the union of the nine English people was never constant and for several times Clarence Mitchell, the couple's spokesman, was forced to intervene, to reunite the group and to "match" versions.

In October 2007, two of the English people announced, through a lawyer, that they were willing to change their statements to the PJ, but the news is advanced by Spanish daily "El Mundo", and Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesman immediately contacts the members of the group and organises a meeting at a hotel, where fidelity to the "pact of silence" is ascertained once more, and the two witnesses end up abandoning their intentions.

Memories from a night

On the third of May 2007, according to Silvia Batista, the McCanns and their friends were all inside apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, and nobody was out searching for Maddie yet, when the GNR arrived.

The resort's head of service and maintenance, now aged 47, remembers that Maddie's father accompanied her to meet the GNR officers, whom he gave "postcard type photographs" of the child: "they were postcard sized photographs, and they all seemed similar to her".

"Since the first moment, both Gerry and the other members of the group insisted on stating that Madeleine had been taken, using the word "abducted" instead of missing, and they all showed great interest in informing the press about the situation," the witness told the PJ.

In the bedroom where Maddie allegedly slept that night, "the beds that were used by the babies were located in the middle of the bedroom and were aligned," which Silvia found "strange" because, she said, if "someone had taken Madeleine out of the bed where she was sleeping, towards the window, there would be no space to get through".

"None of the members of the group, including father and mother of the child, were busy searching for her," Silvia recalled, explaining that Kate McCann remained sitting on the bed in the couple's bedroom, the father stayed with the GNR officers, and the other members of the group walked in and out and spoke on the phone, "concerned with informing the press about what had happened".
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McCann's pretendy police to quiz Hewlett

Pretendy police headquarters

PAEDOPHILE Raymond Hewlett is to be quizzed in the next 24 hours about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Hewlett, 64, indicated he will meet ex-cops who now work for Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry.

The team flew to Germany where the pervert is being treated for cancer.

A source said: "He needs to co-operate if he wants to be eliminated from the inquiry."

Hewlett - originally from Todmorden, West Yorks - told police last week he saw Maddie twice in Praia da Luz, Portugal, before she disappeared in May 2007.

Investigators also hope to test Hewlett's DNA.

Source: The Sun
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: MADELEINE PERV QUIZ
Paedophile snubs Madeleine grilling

Paedo impedes the pedalo cops.


A few comments:

"he's already been discounted by police hasn't he?? "

"methinks money will change hands"

"Don't they know that DNA doesn't hold water in this case?"

"Hewlett have given his DNA to the real police.He just have to be carefull that the HopCop's don't get a hair from him, witch they then "find" in the shutters 5A"
Image courtesy of 'buildafire....' on 3a's


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June is NHS Fraud Awareness Month (FAM)

“It’s important we make it clear to the dishonest minority that fraud against the NHS will not be tolerated.”

As part of NHS fraud awareness month, which runs throughout June, local counter fraud specialists are urging anyone who suspects a fraud is taking place in the NHS to report it.

NHS Fraud Awareness Month (FAM) takes place across the country with the aim of educating anyone who uses or works in the NHS about how damaging fraud can be and to highlight some simple things that can be done to stop it.

Since FAM began in 2003, local NHS counter fraud specialists have been helping to spread the simple message that fraud is a drain on valuable NHS resources.

While only a tiny minority of people defraud the NHS, their actions cost the NHS hugely – it has been estimated fraud is costing the NHS about £115m per year.

Types of fraud and offenders vary – those who steal from the NHS through fraud may be patients who avoid paying prescription charges by falsely claiming exemption from fees, staff claiming pay for shifts they did not work or contractors falsifying records of work.

Anyone concerned about a fraud taking place within the NHS can:

Call the freephone confidential NHS fraud line on 0800 028 40 60 (Monday to Friday 8am- to 6pm).

Contact Patrick Canner on 07990 587 246.

For further information about Fraud Awareness Month visit,

Fraud by some members of the NHS is tolerated though

Kate McCann, Doug Skehan and Gerry McCann:

Directors of the fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund

Steve Phillips has taken over as the head of the NHS Counter Fraud Service for Leicester.

If you have concerns about a fraud taking place in NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland, or would like advice regarding fraud, please contact one of the following:

Richard Holmes - 0116 295 3166

Joanna Clarke - 0116 295 3159

The regional counter fraud team can also be contacted on 01623 78 8900

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McCann internet attacks are so sick

I HAD the misfortune to encounter some of the lowest forms of human life last week. (apparently she wasn't referring to these people)

Thankfully it was only on the internet. My comments about the bungling, thicko Portuguese cops who mishandled the Madeline McCann case upset a bunch of lowlifes who are so sick and twisted that they have set up a website forum dedicated to attacking the McCanns.

It's appallingly cruel and filled with horrendous attacks on a tragic couple, who for the rest of their lives, will count the cost of their mistake.

What kind of people would devote so much of their energy to that level of vitriol?

What kind of morons would be on web forums in the middle of the night spitting hatred to total strangers, when the only real issue here is that a little girl is still missing?

Agree? Disagree? Scroll down to leave your comments (oops, seems they've been whooshed by a spineless coward - but saved on Pamalam's blog)

I hope to God the McCanns don't read it. The internet has a lot to answer for. It has given spineless cowards a place to hide while they drip poison, masquerading as people who want to get to the truth.

There has to be some way we can legislate to shut these people down.
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: anna smith - notw wants to shut 3as down

Comment by a 3 arguidos member:

"There are thousands upon thousands of web sites that amongst other things; promote suicide, peddle child pornography & paedophilia, encourage young girls to starve themselves to death, teach people how to knock up a bomb, spread and incite racial hatred and homophobia, fleece vunerable folk of all their life savings.....etc. etc.

And she wants to see legislation to stop people living in a democracy, the right to free speech and opinion?"


And this is what all the fuss is about: NOTW MAY 31 2009Reply from Anna Smith NOTW

Kate and Gerry McCann counting the cost of their mistake

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Gerry McCann and the Freemasons revisited

Freemasons 'signal of distress'?

Excerpt from Handbook of Masonry, page 183

You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations.
Discussions about this topic on the 3 arguidos:

How the Secret Societies paedophile rings work

For the McCann family

Our prayers are with you

Grand Priory Knights Templar


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Gonçalo Amaral forces reopening of 'Maddie case'

The former inspector is going to advance a criminal complaint against the McCann couple. To this process, he intends to annex the investigation into the child’s disappearance. “It’s necessary to discuss what was done and what remains to be done”, he told DN.

by Carlos Rodrigues Lima

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) coordinator who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is going to advance a criminal complaint against the child’s parents, Gerry and Kate. In this process, JN was able to establish, the author of the book “The Truth about the Lie” intends to analyse the investigation that was done in 2007 and to bring new witnesses to Portugal in order to reopen the process of the disappearance that was archived in July 2008. “It is necessary to discuss what has been done and what remains to be done”, Gonçalo Amaral stated to DN.

The former PJ coordinator has already built a team of three lawyers – António Cabrita, Henrique Pires Teixeira and Francisco Almeida Garrett – who will accompany him over the coming times, both in the attack against the McCann couple and in the defence, given the fact that Gerry and Kate have publicly announced their intention to file a civil lawsuit against Gonçalo Amaral.

In statements to DN, lawyer António Cabrita, who has already represented Gonçalo Amaral in the case of alleged aggressions against Leonor Cipriano, Joana’s mother, confirmed that there is an “intention from Gonçalo Amaral to file a complaint over defamation and offences against the good name, against the McCann couple and their spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell”. For now, the lawyers are still studying which court is competent for the filing of the complaint. This is due to the fact that the statements that are at stake, were all of them reproduced in the media, which makes it necessary, as António Cabrita explained, “to define the location where the target gained knowledge about them”, to then determine which court is competent.

When filing the criminal complaint, Gonçalo Amaral will have to justify why he felt offended and defamed by the McCanns. To do that, the former Polícia Judiciária investigator will use the process of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on one hand, and on the other hand, witness statements of persons who, in some manner, may involve Gerry and Kate in their daughter’s disappearance. “I’m going to bring people from England and Ireland to testify”, Gonçalo Amaral told DN, without advancing any further details about the criminal complaint. “What Gonçalo Amaral has been saying concerns an investigation that I, personally, think has stopped half way down”, António Cabrita concluded. Concerning the reopening of the Maddie case, António Cabrita said: “That is a decision under the competence of the Public Ministry”.

Apart from the McCanns, the lawyers for Gonçalo Amaral are also studying the possibility to advance with lawsuits against some English newspapers. For that, the representatives of the former Judiciária coordinator are trying to find a connection with English lawyers that may take care of the matter in England.

In a more advanced stage, concerning lawsuits, stands the McCann couple, Gerry and Kate, “together with their three children, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie”, who have already advanced to court, as they announced.

In May, the McCann couple announced, through a press release, that they would move into Portuguese courts, taking into account the “ongoing and gross statements” by Gonçalo Amaral, in Portugal and abroad, about the child’s disappearance in May 2007.

For this lawsuit, Gerry and Kate McCann hired lawyer Isabel Duarte, an expert in communication law, who has been defending the Expresso newspaper for many years, in cases of abuse of press freedom and defamation.

source: Diário de Notícias, 03.06.2009
Translated by astro
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Former Inspector traces Strategy to take McCanns to Court
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First officer on the scene suspected of receiving 120.000€
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Gonçalo Amaral to present complaint about McCanns to DIAP

The former PJ inspector will present a complaint at DIAP [Departamento de Investigação e Acção Penal - Penal Investigation and Action Department] against the McCann couple, over defamation, requesting the audition of new witnesses, in an attempt to reopen the process.

source: Correio da Manhã, 02.06.2009
Translated by Astro
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Index of Official Files & Statements
Discussion at the 3 arguidos here

NHS expenses scandal is heading your way

By Richard Vize

As I predicted in March, the media feeding frenzy over public sector pay and expenses is heading for the NHS.

This weekend the Sunday Times, desperately trying to find a new angle on the MPs’ expenses scandal, has been targeting “council chiefs and quangocrats”, including Bill Moyes, executive chairman of foundation trust regulator Monitor.

The heady mix of expenses stories in the media is blurring important distinctions. Buying yourself a state of the art plasma screen television at the taxpayers’ expense is enrichment; reclaiming reasonable expenses run up while doing your job is not. One of Moyes’ lunches was with me; while I hope he found it a pleasant enough experience I do not feel it constituted a ‘perk’.

In light of the MPs’ expenses furore, NHS pressure group Health Emergency has called for the NHS to publish senior executives’ expenses claims over the past five years.

Its statement is naked manager-bashing, packed with pejorative drivel such as talk of a “top salaries gravy train” and “grubby corners of NHS executive pay and benefits”. By undermining hard-working staff with these cheap shots, Health Emergency is playing straight into the hands of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, who are hardly great friends of the NHS.

Source: Health Service Journal

The McCanns expenses scandal should also be investigated

Anna Smith, News of the World: "It is universally accepted that they bungled the investigation from day one and hampered it since"

Apparently a 3 arguidos member emailed Anna Smith of the News of the World to voice her concern about her racist article and received the following response:

RE: Lies and defamation‏
From: Smith, Anna (
Sent: 01 June 2009 09:18:48
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Susan
Thanks for this, and glad to know you read my column- even if you don't agree. I was writing in essence about the police, and and I don't know where you get your information, but it is universally accepted that they bungled the investigation from day one and have hampered it since. That is the fact of the matter whether you like it or not. I have contacts and friends who have homes in the area and have been appalled at the way they have been upset that the McCann case has affected tourism. That is also the fact of the matter. And you may remember the shouts and anger of the local people when Maddie's mother ran the gauntlet in the street on her way to the police station. I will never forget that, but I didn't mention that in my column. But that is also a fact that you seem to ignore.
I stand by everything I say, and judging by the emails I have had, so does many of my readers.

In the printed Scottish version Anna Smith - apparent voice of Scotland, had this to say:

[i]"Paedo Shame
The more I hear about the Alagarve, the sicker I feel. Investigators hunting for Madeleine McCann say the area is awash with paedophiles, with seven sex attacks on kids in the last 4 years.

Perhaps that's why those thicko cops pointed the finger at the McCanns - by blaming them and moving on, nobody would dig up their dirt. They continue to ignore new evidence and hope what they always hoped - that this case would just go away.

Their priority from day one was the effect this awful tragedy was having on tourism.

I will never set foot in Portugal again for the shameful way they have treated the McCanns, and the sheer ineptitude of the investigation.

Discussions at the 3 arguidos: NOTW MAY 31 2009
Reply from Anna Smith NOTW

Continually betrayed by the British media and her entire family

And a response from a 3 arguidos member:

A gentle reminder for Anna Smith, and those of her ilk.

At the heart of this case is a little, vulnerable 3yr old girl.

This child was left ALONE (except for her 2yr old twins) in an unfamiliar unlocked foreign apartment. One night she screamed in terror for 1hr 15mins, and NO-ONE was there to comfort her. Her so-called parents were too busy getting 'into' their mates at the bar.

This child subsequently disappeared, and her parents told us that she had been abducted....although neither the PJ, nor the OC, could find anything to substantiate that assertion.

Now, why are you not the least bit interested in finding out what really happened to that little girl?

Why are you solely interested in defending her negligent parents?

Little Maddie was neglected by her parents....and now she has been abandoned by all those in the UK who should be speaking out for her.

The McCanns can speak for themselves (although they are afraid to do so!), little Maddie cannot.

Police probe Madeleine McCann paedophile Raymond Hewlett's quick escape from Portugal

British police probing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann want to know why paedophile Raymond Hewlett left Portugal so quickly after she vanished.

They have quizzed a witness who says sex attacker Hewlett told of being outside the apartment where Maddie was snatched "several times". Ex-ScotGuard Peter Verran, 46, was questioned by a detective from Leicestershire for two hours this week about his three months in Morocco with Hewlett, 64.

Peter told the Sunday Mirror: "He seemed interested in how Hewlett told me he packed up and left Portugal within 30 minutes shortly after Madeleine vanished."

Full article here
Portrait of Bad Journalism
Aachen: Police Questions British Paedophile

Madeleine McCann neglectors also packed up and left Portugal shortly after being declared arguidos but the police don't seem to want to probe them

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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