'Ugly Man': Produced to marry with the Smith family sighting?

By Nigel Moore
09 May 2009

We now know that the 'Ugly Man', who found himself suddenly splashed across the front pages of many UK newspapers, had already been positively identified by the PJ and eliminated as having no relevance to the inquiry. He is even named in the PJ's final 57-page report.

We know that the sketch bears no relation whatsoever to the identikit image produced at the time by the actual witness, a 12-year-old girl.

We know the 'Ugly Man' sketch was drawn from the description contained in the PJ files by someone completely unrelated to the case.

We know the girl described the man as having short, fair hair, about 1cm in length - yet the sketch produced shows a full head of dark, longer hair.

We know that the 'Ugly Man' sketch was not even shown to the 3 witnesses prior to its widespread publication.

So, having no investigative or forensic value, why was it produced?

Could the answer lie in the sudden acknowledgment, by the McCanns, of the Smith family sighting? A sighting they have known about for some time but have previously sought to distance themselves from.

The Channel 4 documentary, 'Madeleine Was Here', stated that the sighting had been linked to Gerry McCann but that this had been dismissed by the PJ. It was not stated that Martin Smith was 60-80% certain that the man he saw that night carrying a child was Gerry McCann.

In the reconstruction of the Smith family sighting, the way the child was carried was similar to the Tanner sighting; held horizontally in an extremely awkward and uncomfortable way. This was grossly misleading and a deliberate attempt to consciously link the two sightings.

The Smith family sighting was unequivocal. The child was carried vertically with the head against the carrier's shoulder. It was this particular way of carrying the child that shocked Martin Smith when he saw Gerry McCann on the BBC news - with a sleeping Sean in his arms -when the McCanns returned to the UK.

The McCanns' latest pair of detectives now believe that there were two people involved in the 'abduction' and that the man seen by Jane Tanner was NOT the 'Ugly Man'.

Therefore the door has been left open to the possibility that the man seen by the Smith family, despite not matching Tanner's description, was, nevertheless, still involved in the 'abduction'.

So, the question is, has this sketch been produced to marry this 'Ugly Man' to the Smith sighting and negate any discussion that the man seen by the Smith family, carrying a lifeless child, was, in fact, Gerry McCann?

Nothing more than a simple case of mistaken identity.
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