Tears, lies and videotape

ITV1 has commissioned Mentorn Media to produce a one-off documentary exploring the phenomenon of criminals in high profile cases posing as victims while using the media to appeal to the ‘culprits’.

Tears, Lies and Videotape will examine Karen Matthews’ notorious television appeals to find her missing daughter Shannon in the most recent case of a guilty person using the media spotlight to try to fool the police and the public.

Commissioned by ITV1 Controller of Current Affairs Jeff Anderson, this hour-long special also examines several other cases. Using archive footage of the appeals, and fresh interviews with witnesses and police, the stories of lies and deceit are uncovered.

Analysis by expert psychologists including Professor David Canter, one of the country’s leading criminal investigative psychologists, reveals the motivation and personality traits of people who, after committing a terrible crime, risk appearing on television in an attempt to convince the nation that they are the grief-stricken victims.

The producers are Nick London and Kaye Godleman. Sarah Robinson is the Assistant Producer.

Nick London said: “The depth of Karen Matthews’ deception is truly shocking, but she wasn’t the first to go on TV to try to fool the public.

“The biggest problem, as we have discovered, is that innocent victims who make genuine appeals for help are now viewed with suspicion because of the Karen Matthews of this world.”
Source: Mentorn Media the makers of Maddie McCann's 'reconstruction'
fiona.galliver@itv.com ITV Press Centre

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Transcript of ITV's 'Tears, Lies and Videotape'

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