Swiss newspaper : "Le novelliste": Maddie has not been abducted

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According to the inspector in charge of the Portuguese investigation, the little English girl disappeared in 2007 died in the apartment. And parents are involved in his disappearance. According to the book of the Inspector Amaral, Maddie died after a fall or a reaction to a drug.

Gonçalo Amaral ran for several months investigating the disappearance of Maddie in Portugal in 2007 before being dismissed for having publicly criticized the attitude of the hierarchy of the English police. Since then, he retired early. Today, he published a book entitled "Maddie, prohibited the investigation."

Two years after the disappearance, the parents of Maddie comes to participate in the Ophra Winfrey Show, which has the largest television audience in North America. Kate, Maddie's mother, claimed that she feels her daughter is still alive.

Published Thursday, the book written by the inspector of the Judicial Police Gonçalo Amaral said just the opposite. He clearly felt that Maddie was not abducted. "Maddie died in the apartment where the family spent his vacation, and his parents are involved."
Sleep of death?

According to the inspector or the child fell to the ground behind a sofa where blood was found, the absorption of a sedative was fatal. The mother admitted to having taken such a product in Portugal. Early suffering from sleep disorders.

On the ground, Gonçalo Amaral and his investigators believe the involvement of parents McCann. However, the national director of the police back, arguing the indictment of torque premature. Meanwhile, investigators accuse English thereafter Lusitanian their counterparts to have a lot of work.

Today Gonçalo Amaral admits: "At the time, there was no specific procedure in case of a missing child. The site has not been well preserved. It was quickly organize a recovery to be aware of certain statements. Unfortunately, my head was seen as impossible to implement. Then the parents have refused. "
The indices

But the Portuguese was quick to add that the evidence - let alone evidence - in favor of parental involvement are numerous. First, no trace of tampering, the fact that the window of the room was most likely closed by the testimony and investigation, while the mother claims to the contrary, the story of a couple claiming to have Irish saw the father, Gerald McCann, at the time of the disappearance in the street with a child in her arms.

Portuguese for the inspector, the mother wanted to steer the investigation toward the thesis of the abduction. The testimony of the parents do not really stick. Moreover, the Portuguese investigators do not believe in the idea of a person who enters through the door and out the window with a child of 4 years.

And above all: "There is scientific evidence. The dogs detected a scent of corpse in the living room and discovered a trace of blood in the same place. Traces which were also found in the rental car. "Designated as one of several vehicles that have received a body, this car had been rented by following the disappearance ... parents.

These dogs are very good English specialist, one for the search for corpses, the other blood. Their curriculum is impressive. The first worked on the case of the orphanage in Jersey, part of a terrible case of pedophilia and murder of children. Thereafter, the work of these animals has been denigrated, but the inspector Portuguese is sure of the validity of their work. When he pointed out that the blood found could not be identified with 100% like Maddie, he replies: "This is not a proof, in effect, but samples resemble the DNA profile of Maddie. This added to other evidence demonstrates that a recovery is still valid. "
The mobile

For the author of the book, the couple McCann lied because they were negligent with their young children are left alone in an unlocked apartment. Therefore, the only issue for them - at least to admit - was to simulate a pickup and remove the body. Gonçalo Amaral for today "Maddie's parents did not want the truth and that the file be opened."

Upon reading this book, we can only hope that justice Portuguese consent. If only over whether to seek a little girl, or a body.
Article courtesy of frencheuropean on the 3 arguidos:
Swiss newspaper 9/05 : "Maddie has not been abducted"

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