Martin Brunt: No police appetite to nick greedy MPs

"Well, they'll have to investigate MPs if there is evidence of a crime"

So says Martin Brunt, Sky's crime correspondent, in his latest blog.

Oh really?

The police haven't even got an appetite to nick greedy NHS doctors who continue to milk the general public of millions of pounds, despite evidence of a crime.

In fact, it's pretty shameful that a crime correspondent has no appetite to even investigate the mysterious disappearance of this young child, believed dead and concealed by her own parents, despite evidence of a crime.

Why is everyone turning a blind eye to the situation 'Maddie finds herself in'?

If MP's can be investigated for claiming for lightbulbs, porn movies and gardening services etc then why can't the disappearance of Maddie be investigated? Why are the government, police and media content to allow this case to stay shelved?