Madeleine McCann: The British media do not want to know

Affaire Maddie : les parents coupables

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2007: a little girl of 3 years disappears in Portugal during the absence of his parents. Her name is Madeleine McCann, and we think she was kidnapped by unknown captors. Start a real tornado media. Beckham, JK Rowling, the Queen of England and even the Pope joined the pain of the parents, ranging from shelf to shelf television television to repeat the same story. In Portugal, investigators are skeptical if the missing evidence, the evidence does not stick with the theory of abduction. Odor detected by the cadaver dogs in the rental car the couple, traces of blood from the girl in the apartment, a witness who says he saw the father out with a girl on the evening of the disappearance ...

Especially, the behavior of the couple the day of the disappearance, the McCann call ... the television channel Sky News before the police. Later they s'octroient the services of a communications adviser before taking a lawyer ... Forty-eight hours after the disappearance, the mother laments on television: "In two years, we always look" ... What parent would assert such a thing? Portuguese investigators before stunned, McCann's father does not leave the eyes of the rugby match on TV while the press announcement we spotted a girl resembling Maddie Holland.

Unjustifiable, this behavior reinforces the Portuguese police in their first opinion: the McCann, wealthy doctors, killed their children, perhaps with drugs (daughter Maddie is a hyperactive, his mother administered tranquilizers to make it sleep). Accident, homicide? Nobody knows. Refusing to bear responsibility for the death, the couple would have fabricated the story of the abduction.

But the British media do not want to know. The portrait of the small seller is Maddie, the stars are lining up, and parents are great playwrights. In the English tabloids, the Portuguese are insulted, called "cops in the Third World" (as the gendarmes of the Vosges were treated as "backward" when they supported the conviction of Bernard Laroche). Justice for Maddie waits, up to the show.

However, the general inspector Gonçalo Amaral, head of the investigation did not abdicate. He continues to conduct its investigation, and feeds more and more suspicious of parents. When it starts to look at the schedule for the McCann couple, they leave Portugal for England ... Amaral and becomes the head of Turkish media English. Under pressure, the Portuguese government eventually sent in the pre-retirement.

The inspector did not give up. He takes a book, translated from french (Maddie, the survey prohibited Bourin éditeur, 2009) and details the body of evidence that his team updated. Everything points to the responsibility of parents. His investigation points out another book, the master Etiene Sesmat, policeman and investigator-in-chief on the Gregory case, dismissed the case and insulted by the press while his men had found the culprit. Real justice of emotion, as was denounced Frederick Valandré in his final attempt.

Showing a rare courage, the inspector Gonçalo Amaral, after twenty-seven years in the judicial police, dares to denounce the whirlwind media bias justice and makes a real tribute to the little Madeline McCann, killed by irresponsible parents and whose memory, sincere, will remain only through the words of a Portuguese police had to abandon his career on behalf of the truth.

Source: Come 4 News
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