Leicester Trust's graphic sex ed video is banned from youtube

GRAPHIC footage of a schoolgirl giving birth in a crowded PLAYGROUND has been banned by YouTube.

The explicit video was part of an NHS CAMPAIGN to raise awareness about teen pregnancies.

Leicester NHS Trust posted the clip, which used actors, on the video-sharing website in a bid to shock youngsters.

But the footage was too much for YouTube censors who took down the film after less than 24 hours.

The video appears to have been filmed with a mobile phone camera to give an air of authenticity and had more than 1,000 hits before it was removed.

At first it looks like another sad example of happy-slapping featuring a gang of secondary school pupils crowding round in a school playground.

Excited children are seen running towards a crowd with youngsters egging on what seems to be a fight.

A girl in the centre is seen screaming while another has blood on her cheeks.

But as the camera moves in closer one of the teenagers can be seen on the ground in the middle of labour.

In explicit detail it shows the girl giving birth and the baby being delivered by a fellow pupil as other students yell and jeer at her.

But Leicester NHS did not anticipate YouTube’s stringent content rules and today their clip was replaced after less than a day online with a message saying “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation”.

Source: The Sun

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