Kate McCann tells Oprah: "It's all those things you do as a mother"

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By Tom Leonard in New York
Last Updated: 7:19AM BST 05 May 2009

In their first US television interview, a frequently tearful Kate McCann told Winfrey of her "feeling of absolute helplessness" on discovering her daughter, then nearly four, had gone missing from their hotel room in the Algarve two years ago.

The McCanns used Winfrey's show, which is broadcast in more than 100 countries, to give new impetus to their campaign to find their daughter.

Madeleine's bedroom at her home in Rothley, Leics, was "all ready, waiting," her mother said.

"I go in (the room) about twice a day to talk to her, just to say hello really ... tell her that we're going to do everything we can to find her."

She said it made her angry when the Portuguese police revealed that she and her husband, Gerry, were suspects because "it suddenly dawned on me that they weren't looking for Madeleine and they weren't looking for the abductor".

The couple said there was no evidence that she was dead. "I don't feel that she's that far away," said Mrs McCann.

The hour-long programme focused heavily on an age progression photo of Madeleine, which shows her as she would look today, about to turn six, although Mrs McCann admitted she could not relate to the image as her daughter.

Mr McCann said it was "not too late" for the abductor - whom they are convinced is male - to "do the right thing", adding: "They can hand her over to a priest or someone in authority."

Holding hands frequently during the studio interview, both parents wore the yellow and green wristbands that have become a symbol of their campaign.

During a section of the programme filmed at the family home, Mrs McCann's eyes welled up with tears as she showed the camera pictures drawn by Madeleine that she could not bring herself to remove from the refrigerator.

"She was like my little friend all the time," she said. When she worried about how her daughter was now, she admitted she sometimes fretted about the "little things".

"Is someone brushing her teeth? Is someone rubbing her tummy if she's not feeling well? It's all those things you do as a mother."

Madeleine disappeared from her bed as her parents dined with friends in a nearby tapas restaurant on the fifth night of the family holiday.

Addressing their much-criticised decision to leave their children unsupervised in the apartment as they ate, Mrs McCann told Winfrey: "I could persecute myself every day about that, and I feel awful that we weren't there at that minute."

Source: Telegraph

Here's a few more things that Katie did as 'a mother':

Left 3 babies alone in an unlocked apartment despite them having cried for 75 minutes on a previous night
Ran to the tapas bar to raise the alarm, leaving the twins alone again
Left the twins in the creche, with a predator on the loose, after Maddie disappeared so they could tour Europe
Deleted mobile phone records
Left the locals to search for her daughter while she and Gerry 'prayed like arabs' on the bed
Left her fingerprints on the jemmied shutter which wasn't jemmied
Washed cuddlecat
Washed the curtains
Pushed the sofa against the wall
Went jogging instead of searching
Refused to answer 48 police questions
Refused to take part in the police reconstruction
Refused to take a lie detector test
Lied to the police
Wrote a fake diary
Accepted millions of pounds in donations which was used to pay their mortgage
Made excuses for the dna found behind the sofa and in the hire car
Told police she took Cuddlecat to work and it got contaminated by six corpses
Had Maddie made a Ward of Court
Put pressure on Gordon Brown to interfere with the investigation
Fled Portugal the minute they were made arguidos

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