Kate McCann, in “Cutting Edge” mockumentary: Kate McCann confesses

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Kate McCann, in “Cutting Edge”:

"I took my check about 10 o’clock, and went in through the, sliding patio doors, and I just stood actually, and I thought Oh, all quiet… and to be honest I might of, been tempted to turn around, then but I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door, where the 3 children were sleeping, was open much further than we had left it, I went to close it to about here…"

The “we had left it”, can only mean herself and Gerry, before going to dinner. There is no other "we" involving her. That was the last time she was in the apartment before her return to realize that her daughter had been abducted.

According to McCanns & Friends, there were 2 visits where movement of the referred door had to happen: the one at 09.15, by Gerry, who, by the way sees the door open and doesn’t find anything strange about that, and goes to the toilet; and the one at 9.35 by Matt Oldfield who sees only the twins.

Both had to physically open the door from the “we had left it” position, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to see inside.

So, for Kate to find it strange that the door was not as “we had left it” and that fact, all by its own, made her suspicious that something was wrong, means ONLY one thing: to her, there was no visit to the apartment between the time she left it, for dinner, and when she returned, to find Maddie gone.


Explain that.

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Kate McCann: "(...) knew her daughter had been snatched because her body's imprint was left on her bed sheets(...)The little girl's Cuddle Cat, which she always took to bed, was found on a ledge at adult height."in Daily mail 14 October 2007

Gerry McCann: "When I entered I realised that Maddie's bed was almost intact. The corner of the outside of the sheets was turned a little. But the pillow, her Cuddle Cat and the blanket she had slept with were almost in the same place as I had seen them the last time."in Daily mail 10 April 2008

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