Kate and Gerry McCann admit the possibility of advancing with a legal battle with Gonçalo Amaral

In an exclusive interview to SIC, Kate and Gerry McCann described the pain of the last two years and the manner in which Madeleine is still present in their everyday lives. On Maddie’s sixth birthday, the gifts for the child are standing in her room, waiting to be opened.

by Rita Jordão, SIC correspondent in the United Kingdom

Kate and Gerry McCann speak about the last two years as the longest ones in Maddie's life their lives and Kate described the manner in which the little girl that disappeared in the Algarve two years ago is still part of the McCanns’ everyday lives: “We’re a family of five and we miss Madeleine every day, we are trying to find her every day, Sean and Amelie speak about her every day, she is present in the house”.

The couple asserts that they keep their hope to find their daughter alive, a hope that is fed by the new documentary that was made by British Channel 4 and broadcast by SIC this evening. “We believe that the documentary shows public information that has not been presented in a coherent manner. And we sincerely believe that there are people in Portugal who hold information that they don’t think is relevant. That is what keeps us going, there’s still things to do in the search for Madeleine”, the Leicester cardiologist said.

Nevertheless, the figure of Gonçalo Amaral remains clearly present in the minds of Madeleine’s parents. Kate and Gerry assert that no legal measures have been taken against the former PJ inspector yet, in order to avoid further sores in the relationship between both countries, but with the broadcast of Gonçalo Amaral’s new movie, the McCanns admit the possibility of advancing with a legal battle.

“He’s overstepping the boundaries and we certainly don’t dismiss that possibility”, Gerry asserts. “We have to ask ourselves: why does someone try to persuade the public into believing that an innocent little girl is dead? That is unforgivable”.

Kate and Gerry McCann admit that the Madeleine Fund may be empty by the end of the year but assert that they will continue to search for their daughter because they continue to believe that Maddie is alive.

source: SIC online, 12.05.2009

Translated by astro on Joana Morais

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