“Gonçalo Amaral was exonerated because he ‘pressured’ Kate”

By Paulo Sargento

“There were many people saying that Gerry McCann was to become a Secretary of State for Health in the English government. That might explain something, but one must also look at the close relationship with prime minister Gordon Brown’s brother. There is no doubt that Gonçalo Amaral was not ‘marked’ on the day that he made that statement. Others said much worse. As a matter of fact, the aberration is how Dr Alípio Ribeiro keeps his post when he publicly assumes that the constitution of the McCanns as arguidos was precipitated. Gonçalo Amaral was exonerated because right on the first day, he started ‘pressuring’ Kate. And soon after, the ambassador arrives with a PJ top officer – I’m not going to say who that is – and nobody else is questioned on location. Gonçalo Amaral is ‘marked’ right away. The couple may have had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance, but they must be hiding something very important to justify this kind of interference.”

source: O Crime, 14.05.2009, paper edition

Taken from article on Joana Morais: “The McCanns are ‘forced’ to search for their daughter”

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