Dr Gerry McCann's agenda: When exactly is it appropriate to use an NHS ward as a TV studio

By Trixy on the 3 arguidos

I was enfuriated last night to see McCann's patients exploited in his quest for publicity. He is a consultant in the NHS, therefore a public service employee funded by the taxpayer.

His primary concern at work should be to his patients.

Ward staff’s primary goal is to care for their patients, this includes promoting their dignity and respect.

Ill and dying patients deserve more dignity and respect than to be inconvenienced by the ego of a consultant and his entourage of a film crew trailing round the ward. Especially as no one on the ward apart from McCann's ego would benefit from this documentary.

This film crew was a unnecessary distraction on this ward and I have no doubt patient care would be compromised by their presence.

Also a lot of the 1:1 filming of McCann was done while he was in the hospital, presumably on duty.

So are we now paying consultants to spend their time promoting their self interests rather than caring for the patients who they are employed/paid to care for?

I would also like to know where McCann is getting all the annual leave from to swan round the world visiting CEOP and making TV shows.

An NHS ward should NEVER have been used as a PR studio for this egotistical consultant.

McCanns need for publicity should not be done on NHS time and patients, even consenting ones should never be used as props for their campaign.

Please join me in complaining to the health minister and the GMC regarding this unnecessary intrusion on an NHS ward.





Gerry McCann examining patients at Glenfield
Update: Complaint to GMC about Filming at Glenfield Hospital - Reply

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