Colette Douglas Home says Maddie is smiling, happy and cared for with a bicyle resting against a picket fence

And presumably a paedophile with a bath fetish waiting back at the ranch with some nice fairy cakes?

May 05 2009

She has glossy hair, held back from her face in an Alice band and her dress has a traditional Peter Pan collar. Her eyes look warm and happy. She is smiling. It would be easy to imagine, if the shot were full length, a bicycle resting against a picket fence beside her, or a small pony in a field waiting to be saddled.

The newly-published age progression image of Madeleine McCann shows a well cared for, happy child.

The cheeky three-year-old face has slimmed. The distinctive eyes with the tell-tale drag on one pupil are lustrous but less dominant now. The button nose is finer and slightly longer.
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