Clarence Mitchell's unforgivable 'gaffe'

Clarence Mitchell, a former advisor to the English government, has been the controller of information in the “Maddie case”.

The McCanns’ advisor committed an unforgivable ‘gaffe’ during an interview to Sky News. When he is told that a certain criminologist defended that Maddie’s abduction had probably taken place in an unplanned manner, that Maddie had wandered out of the house looking for her parents and a paedophile had passed by at the time and took her, Mitchell says an interesting thing: ‘that didn’t happen, that’s ludicrous, Kate knows it, she knows that didn’t happen’.

Now, what can we conclude from this?

If she knows that didn’t happen, does she know how it happened?

Taken from Paulo Sargento's article: “The McCanns are ‘forced’ to search for their daughter”