Clarence Mitchell and those 'eerie similarities'

'Clarence Mitchell speaks of the 'eerie similarities' between the former Scots Guardsman and an artist's sketch of the gaunt suspect with lank, shoulder-length hair, who was seen near the McCanns' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on and around May 3, 2007, when Madeleine was snatched from her bed.'

David Jones - Daily Mail, 29 May 2009

By Nigel Moore
30 May 2009

If Clarence Mitchell believes there are 'eerie similarities' between Raymond Hewlett and the man seen by Gail Cooper, commonly known as 'Cooperman', then it would surely be a worthy exercise to compare and highlight the similarities.

When one considers these descriptions, it is difficult to find any similarities at all, let alone any 'eerie' ones. In fact, the only similarity appears to be that they were both pictured with their hands in their pockets.

The last word, in theory, should go to Gail Cooper, who told the News of the World, on 20 January 2008, that: "I'd recognise him immediately if I saw him. His appearance has really stuck in my mind."

However, not one media outlet - nor the McCanns private detectives - has sought out Mrs Cooper to ascertain her opinion on whether the man she saw was Raymond Hewlett.

And that probably tells us all we need to know.

Source: mccannfiles

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