Sheriff confronts violence in NHS

A sheriff in the south of Scotland is making a hospital visit to highlight a zero-tolerance approach to violence and aggression towards NHS staff.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond will raise the issue at the Borders General Hospital near Melrose.

He is scheduled to meet staff and discuss the issues they face when dealing with violent patients.

His visit will take him to the sections of the hospital where attacks on workers are most prevalent.

Mr Drummond has spoken previously about his commitment to tackling such behaviour.

He has regularly told people appearing in court in the Borders that aggression towards hospital workers would be dealt with "severely".

During his hospital tour he is expected to visit the accident and emergency department, an acute assessment ward and the emergency care service.

These are the departments which unscheduled patients attend most often and where violent and aggressive incidents are most common.

Source: BBC News

Is there a zero tolerance about violence, aggression or wrong-doing by NHS staff towards patients - or even members of their own staff or family?

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Here's a novel idea for the NHS: Get your own house in order because crimes by NHS staff towards members of the public (including babies and children) are far worse.

Not much zero tolerance going on with these two

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