Senator Stuart Syvret, child abuse whistle-blower, has been arrested

Senator Stuart Syvret has been arrested.

Police picked him up at an address in Grouville at just after nine this morning. He's currently in police custody while investigations continue.

He's helping them with their enquiries into alleged offences committed under the Data Protection Law.

It's believed he could face charges under article 55 - 'unlawfully obtaining documents and unlawfully disclosing them.'

Senator Syvret's lawyers have criticised the police saying their actions were heavy handed. According to Advocate Philip Sinel - the raid involved four police cars and eight officers and was 'clearly designed to intimdate both him and others'.

The lawyers go on to say 'there was no warning in respect of this raid and they are now turning his home inside out. He also suspects that they will take the opportunity to plant covert listening devices.'

Senator Syvret also alleges his arrest is politically motived. And he says if he's not released he'll be making a bail application in the Magistrate's Court.
Source: Child abuse whistle-blower arrested

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