Senator Stuart Syvret: Banana Republic

A day of Arrest, Lies and Harassment

Senator Stuart Syvret has written his account, of what can only be described as a shocking ordeal, of his arrest yesterday.

His crime? An alleged breach of the Data Protection Act for speaking out about child abuse at the Haute de la Garenne children's home and for exposing the cover up of Jersey's version of Harold Shipman - scandals that the government would prefer to be swept under the carpet so the perpetrators of these atrocities can remain at large and their victims receive no justice.

Full story here: BANANA REPUBLIC

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A heartbreaking reaction from an abuse survivor on Senator Syvret's blog:

"Jack Straw thinks it is ok for an American paedophile to influence the secret family courts.

He knows all about what you have been doing, Stuart, trying to help all of the people who have been hurt as children. He KNOWS all that, yet he has sat there like Pontious Pilate and done sod all!

He's banging his gums about Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross, saying that they should pay the BBC fine ect. So he's not silent on some subjects, as long as they have nothing to do with real, urgent pressing issues.

I'm ill now, I feel so ill, and the abuse I have suffered has done this to me. Jack Straw knows what I have suffered. They all do.

He calls himself the "Anti Corruption Champion". He's having a laugh! He is the sleeziest, slimiest snake that ever slithered over England's green!

If I die, I want my headstone to read "Jack Straw is an ahole" and instead of an angel for two big massive stone fingers to be cut into a V sign, pointing towards Westminster. They mighy have smashed my body but they will never bust my spirit."

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