Paulo Reis: Are you just stupid, Mr. Brendan de Beer?

Brendan, too much beer?

Another example of low quality journalism. Brendan de Beer, who lives in Portugal and likes to insult Portuguese people (see this...) pretends to be a journalist. I know he has a professional card (nº 7055, just like me, but I have a few more years of experience, my professional card is 734) but I doubt he is a journalist. Anyway, I have to agree that Mr. Brendan de Beer has done a superb job “cleaning” the most shocking lie of the Mccann team.

As everybody remember, Jane Tanner (the woman who had a vision, not on the road to Damascus, but at Praia da Luz) told police she saw Gerry Mccann and Jeremy Wilkins talking, near the gate of apartment A5, around 21h15, the night Madeleine “disappeared”. Jane Tanner was going to her apartment and walked by the two man, on a narrow street. But Jeremy Wilkins, in the statements he gave to police, is quite clear: he didn't saw Jane Tanner, while he was talking to Gerry Mccann – he saw her, almost one hour before that, in front of apartment A5.

Now, look at how Mr. “Brendan too much Beer” changes the all situation: “A response which led to the question over his disagreement with Jane Tanner [a member of the so-called Tapas 7] over where he was standing as Miss Tanner walked passed him the night she spotted a man taking what she believed to be a man carrying a child”.

Are you just stupid, Mr. Brendan de Beer? Do you think we are all stupid? Or did somebody paid you to do this manipulation?

Posted by Paulo Reis at 05:34:00
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