Online Bingo Gala: Portuguese Police have not been cooperative in neglected Maddie McCann 'missing angel' case

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3rd 2007, her picture is posted in every subway, underground and train station across the five continents and in most public meeting points, in hope that someone will come across her face and submit the useful information needed to find the missing girl.

If you use the subway or the underground you have surely come across her face on the billboards with missing people. She has been missing for two years and there is a joint effort from across the five continents to come across some kind of lead which will help finding Madeleine.

Madeleine was 4 years old when she went missing which makes her 6 years old today. The child went missing from the holiday apartment of the McCann Family in Portugal. There is one primary suspect for the kidnapping of the child which is said to be seen starring at the holiday house on several occasions but he is NOT believed to be the same man that Jane Tanner, one of the so-called Tapas 7, saw carrying a child on the night Madelein disappeared.

Madeleine McCann’s parents will be hosted on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, May 4 they will be presenting pictures that have been prepared by experts with how Madeleine looks today.

The Oprah Winfrey show is forecasted to be viewed by 100,000,000 million people live plus its additional views on YouTube and its online exposure. This effort will help make the investigation easier as it will rise the percentage of the awareness and will refresh people’s memory of the incident and how Madeleine looks.

Since the report of the incident two years ago there have been several unconfirmed leads which have for one or the other reason not lead to finding her. The investigation is a joint effort from authorities across the world including Interpol. Madeleine’s parents Gerry and Kate have put in months of effort sparking up the Portuguese Police force in finding there daughter.

The local authorities seem releuctant to put in the appropriate effort as there have been reports by the parents and media that they have not taken the incident seriously and that there neutral attitude lead the investigation to a labyrinth.

Note that both parents have been included in the list of the suspects from the Police which brings up questions if there were trying to throw dust in the eyes of the Parents. They have actively been seeking for their missing angel for 2 years now and the Portuguese police have not been cooperative.

If you have any information about Madeleine immediately contact:

Investigations Line +44 845 838 4699 (International)
Log on to for more information

Chris Kkelski
Chief Editor
Source: Online Bingo Gala
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