13th April 2009

By Jerry Lawton

MADELEINE McCann’s parents face new heartache tonight when the cop who wrongly branded them suspects goes on TV.

Goncalo Amaral, 48, was turfed off the investigation after alleging the missing girl’s parents Gerry, 40, and Kate, 41, were involved in her disappearance.

Now he is set to make more damaging claims in a Portuguese TV documentary.

It’s closely based on his book The Truth Of The Lie, penned last year after he was removed from the investigation team.

The book has not been published in Britain. (yet)

But Portuguese station TV1 bought the rights and will screen the show tonight just two weeks before the second anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance from an Algarve holiday apartment.

Only 10 days ago, Gerry jetted back to the scene to help a Channel 4 TV crew reconstruct his daughter’s abduction. (closely based on a pack of lies)

Filming had to be halted when the family pal playing the part of Madeleine broke down as the harrowing scenes were shot. (although the three year old was able to continue her unnecessary* harrowing ordeal after being bribed with a pot noodle)

But tonight’s programme will show a different reconstruction based on Amaral’s story.

A McCann family friend said last night: “The timing of this – so close to the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance – is nothing short of cruel.”

Amaral’s controversial book – in which he claims the youngster died in a “tragic accident” in the apartment – has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in Europe since its release in Portugal last July.
Source: Daily Star
note: TVI's website lists the documentary to be broadcast at 9.25 p.m.


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