McCann New Documentary: Gerry McCann in Portugal

According to Sic News Channel, Gerry McCann arrived today at Lisbon in the company of some British reporters and an ITV production team to shoot a documentary in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

Apparently the ITV documentary will comprise of a reconstitution of the events of 3rd of May, the night Madeleine McCann disappeared, sources confirm that Kate and Gerry McCann and the other members of the Tapas group will be represented by actors playing their roles.

Kate McCann and the other Tapas members were not seen in Lisbon.

The sad reality is that this 'televised' reconstitution will not help to understand what happened to Madeleine since all statements given by the McCann Couple and their friends are full of incongruences and contradictions regarding the time-lines, a clear attempt from their part to mislead the Portuguese Judiciary Police investigation.

One has to wonder why none of the persons directly involved in the night that Maddie disappeared accepted to do a criminal reconstitution as asked several times by the Portuguese authorities.

If Mr. McCann and his wife are so keen in knowing what happened to their missing daughter they should, within their rights, ask the Public Ministry to reopen the archived process. And maybe, finally answer all the questions made by the Judiciary Police.

What we see here, with this documentary, is just another attempt to make money for a bottomless fund from a little girl's tragedy.

This farce can't go on forever!

by Joana Morais

Gerry is going to follow the development of private investigations in the Algarve, and there is to be news soon

by Duarte Levy

A month before the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, Gerry McCann, the little English girl’s father, arrived yesterday evening at Lisbon airport for a 48-hour visit.

During his stay, Gerry McCann will follow the filming of a “kind of” mini reconstitution of what allegedly happened on the night that Maddie disappeared. The filming is made by ITV, that intends to record a documentary and counts on a group of actors who will play the roles of the nine British citizens: Kate, Gerry McCann and the other members of the Tapas group.

According to the couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, Madeleine’s father allegedly also comes to follow the couple’s ongoing private investigations on the terrain.

“Gerry is not going to meet the PJ or any member of the Portuguese authorities”, Clarence told 24horas.

The couple’s spokesman, now also working for a communications and public relations company, further promised that during Gerry’s visit to Praia da Luz, the media would be offered “relevant news” concerning the search for Maddie.

Clarence Mitchell refused to confirm or deny the presence of private investigators in Praia da Luz, but 24horas knows that during last week, while the campaign was ongoing, at least two former members of the English police visited the locations where supposedly Maddie was abducted from.

As 24horas had published already, Gerry McCann returned to Portugal alone because “Kate is not ready yet”.

Yesterday evening, Maddie’s father travelled directly to the Algarve, after being greeted by members of the British embassy, who awaited him on his arrival.

Clarence Mitchell confirmed to 24horas that “just like Gerry had announced a few weeks ago, during his first visit, this is just one more visit”, and other visits are scheduled, with “the purpose of searching for Maddie”, according to the couple’s spokesman.

PJ follows Gerry’s visit to the Algarve

A source at the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão confirmed that Maddie’s father’s visit to our country is being watched closely, yet lamented that the couple didn’t carry it out at “the time when the inquiry demanded it”.

The population of Praia da Luz, which is upset by the campaign that has been carried out in that area of the Algarve, fails to understand the visit’s purpose: “They did nothing to help the police and ended up fleeing this place like criminals”, Rui Macedo told 24horas, adding that “they won’t rest until they destroy our region”.

But Gerry McCann isn’t the only one returning to Portugal, as 24horas was able to establish that several other persons who intervened in the Maddie case are in our country at the moment.

source: 24horas, 04.04.2009


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Emma Loach

"I interviewed Emma Loach, the director of this film, on my radio show on Wednesday and she clearly illustrated where her sympathies lay when she told me that she too had left her three-year-old and five-year-old alone in a hotel room while she went off and had dinner.”- ' Come off TV, Kate and Gerry, your time is up', Jon Gaunt, The Sun, Friday 2nd 2008.

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