Madeleine McCann's Process Might be Reopened

Ana Paula Rito substitutes Paulo Rebelo as the director of the Portimão's PJ

Woman Takes Maddie Case

Licensed in Law, Ana Paula Rito, an experienced investigator, will lead the PJ of Portimão. It is her who will follow the leads in Maddie Case.

by Luís Maneta

If Maddie's process is reopened, it will be a woman commanding the police investigation to the circumstances of the disappearance of the English girl. Investigator of the PJ at Faro, Ana Paula Rito was nominated as coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department [DIC] of Portimão, a position hold up to now by Paulo Rebelo, the man who replaced Gonçalo Amaral.

Licensed in Law, Ana Paula Ritois in the words of her colleagues, a 'determined' woman, 'competent' and one of the 'most experienced' criminal inspectors of the PJ, with a career of more of ten years at the Directorship of Faro.

Adjustments in the Direction

"If the Public Ministry [MP], decides to reopen the Maddie case, at the front of the investigation will be one person that has all the guarantees of making an excellent work. We are talking about one investigator with several years within the Police", said Carlos Anjos, the ASFIC/PJ union president.

A source from the Judiciary Police explains that the change in the leadership of the DIC of Portimão resulted from 'adjustments' done in the new directorship cast, appointed yesterday by the national director[Almeida Rodrigues]. In that scope the superior coordinator José Brás, who left his job as responsible for the Central Investigation Department to Drug Traffiking [DCITE] in 2007, will now hold the command at the Judiciary Police Department in Lisbon.

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Source: 24Horas
McCanns resort to spies to reopen the process
Discussion on the 3 arguidos: Maddie's Process Might be Reopened

‘This hypothesis – abduction – was exhaustively investigated, with all information that led into that and into other directions being exhausted. No ransom was ever demanded, nor was a glimpse ever caught of any sufficiently consistent indications of the concretion of that supposed abduction.’

José de Magalhães e Menezes, in process NUIPC 201/07.0GALGS, pages 4592ff, Portimão, 21/07/08

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