Maddie: Prosecutors break the “silence”

Public Ministry recognises that diligences are made to check out leads that continue to arrive

by Cláudia Lima da Costa and Patrícia Pires

The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, Algarve, was archived on the 21st of June 2008. Without a reply. Almost a year later, the prosecutors who hold the process admit, for the first time, to that they continue to receive “diverse information” about the case, but until now none of the leads has “resulted in a fact or circumstance” that could justify “the reopening of the inquiry”.

As the date that marks two years after the disappearance of the little British girl draws closer, tried to obtain further clarification from the Public Ministry’s prosecutors who hold the process, but the magistrates state that they “have nothing further to add to what is written in the final dispatch”.

Nevertheless, they recognise that they keep receiving “diverse information” and that it “has been the target of analysis and treatment whenever they reveal a minimum of consistence or verisimilitude”. That is to say, some diligences are still being carried out in the process. The Public Ministry further stresses that “from the indications that have been received until now, no fact or circumstance has been produced that could justify the reopening of the inquiry”.

Information has been arriving not only “at the Public Ministry” but also at “criminal police forces” and they are all “analysed under the adequate jurisdiction”, was informed in writing, thus breaking the silence since the process had been archived.

As an example, the Public Ministry’s prosecutors add that “even the Attorney General’s Office has received many emails, coming from England”, and they assert once more that “until now, none of them has supplied any solid lead or any piece of evidence that is worth of prompting the reopening of the process”.

Sightings and mediums

A police source confirmed to that, in fact, there is still a significant amount of information about the case being sent to authorities, both in Portugal and in England. But the source explains that “a major part of that are sightings all over the world, and others are “clues” sent in by mediums”.

source: IOL Diário, 30.04.2009

Translated by astro

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