Leicestershire Police protect McCanns by refusing FOI requests regarding Maddie

Post by 'justlistening' on the 3 Arguidos

Well I received my reply to the questions regarding the link which were as per Tony:

1. How many questions have you received to date regarding the link to the Madeleine fund

2. Whose decision is it to keep the link there

3.On what date was that decision last reveiwed.

The reply is a cracker:

They give the usual spin re a number of law enforcement agency's having a link to the fund with the excuse being, it is there for the people who do not feel comfortable contacting the police (an alternative)

They say they are unable to provide the answer to the request for the number of complaints they have received (They do not say why)

Then the usual at the heart of this tragic case is an innocent little girl who went missing in May 2007. Our focus has and always will be, to do everything we can to assist our Portuguese Colleagues who lead the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. I would hope that you will support us in this.

I am not prepared to enter into further correspondence in relation to this matter and consider it to be closed.

In short they have not answered any of the questions, they have not followed the procedure for FOI requests by stating their reasons for refusing the information and quoting the relevant clauses within the FOI act which allows them to do so.

I am stunned at their un-professional response and await the others receiving theirs.

Source: Justlistening at the 3 arguidos:
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