Gerry McCann wants the Portuguese authorities to investigate his daughter’s disappearance again. The PJ doesn’t believe him

By Duarte Levy

During his recent stay in Praia da Luz, Gerry McCann stated that it was necessary for the police to be able to look at the inquiry’s results and say: “Where are the failures and what more can we do?”.

Maddie’s father adopted a conciliating discourse, stating – concerning the Portuguese police’s work – that “they worked very hard and there were many pressures”. And he admitted that he made some disputable decisions: “Looking back, there were probably mistakes on both sides”.

Gerry’s statements fail to convince the PJ inspectors who worked on the case since the beginning, under Gonçalo Amaral’s orders, who continue to defend that Maddie was not abducted: “I don’t believe that he wants the inquiry to be reopened… mainly if we take into account that they did everything to prevent the investigation of reaching a conclusion”, a PJ inspector tells 24horas.

“The Public Ministry itself is not very interested in reopening the process because that means they would have to admit that it was an error to archive it”, the inspector concludes.
Source: Duarte Levy, translated by astro

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