Gerry McCann requests changes to documentary

Reply to Gonçalo Amaral

The documentary that an English television channel came to record in Praia da Luz, early this month, and in which Gerry McCann and two of the friends that spent their holidays with Maddie’s parents participated, is going to be altered.

The producers thus want to include a series of ‘replies’ to the one that TVI broadcast on Monday, which is based on the version of Gonçalo Amaral. This information was confirmed to 24horas yesterday by a member of Mentorn Media, the company that is producing the documentary that Channel Four broadcasts in England on the 7th of May.

According to the same source, the changes were made at Gerry’s request and take into account the version that was given in Valentim de Carvalho’s documentary, where the former inquiry coordinator reaffirms his conviction that the child died in the couple’s apartment at the Ocean Club resort.

The English version of what happened points at an abduction that was carried out by a local resident or by someone with Mediterranean features.


Source: Duarte Levy
Translated in full on Joana Morais

Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Ch4 docu Gerry requests changes .


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