Dr David Payne, Leicester Royal Infirmary, revisited: Gestures of a paedophile

Friend of the McCann suspect of pedophilia
2009 Abril 16 2009 Apr 16
by Duarte Levy

David Payne

David Payne, one of seven members of the so-called "group of Tapas, which was next to the parents of Madeleine McCann at the time the girl was gone, according to Gonçalo Amaral, accused by a couple of British doctors, members of the same circle of friends, have been gestures of a pedophile during a holiday in Majorca, Spain.

Gonçalo Amaral, former head of the Department of Criminal Investigation (DIC) of the PJ in Portimão yesterday said during a television program the Hernani Carvalho journalist who in May 2007, just days after the disappearance of Maddie, the police received a testimonial English which made reference to David Payne, a possible pedophile but that information was concealed by the British police for more than six months.

The document indicated by Gonçalo Amaral - whose contents had the opportunity to see - the couple SG and KG Payne describes asking if the child would "this" and spoiling what could be described as oral sex. Although the complaint has reached the PJ before the filing of the case, under the direction of Paulo Rebelo, was not made any investigation to determine these suspicions.

The former coordinator of the investigation of the PJ returned yesterday to stress the urgency to put the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice, about the political and diplomatic pressures in Maddie case that led to his dismissal.

Duarte Levy
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