The actor playing her abductor tried to calm her by offering her a Pot Noodle

By Jerry Lawton

A TELLY film of the Madeleine McCann drama was halted when the child playing the kidnapped girl collapsed in tears.

She broke down as a TV crew filmed an abductor snatching her.

The child was dressed like the missing youngster in pink pyjamas and a shawl.

The girl, a family friend, started bawling after filming two takes in the freezing midnight air at the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, from which Maddie vanished in 2007, days before her fourth birthday.

The actor playing her abductor tried to calm her by offering her a Pot Noodle but the girl kept crying and film-makers had to halt shooting.

Madeleine’s dad heart consultant Gerry, 40, was watching the on-the-spot reconstruction for the hour-long Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary, which will be screened on May 7.

He had agreed to make a heart-tugging journey back to the scene of the crime to ensure telly producers got it right.

An onlooker said the scene was chilling. “It must have been almost unbearable for Gerry to watch,” he added.

“The girl playing Madeleine started screaming and crying.

“In the end they took the decision to stop filming after two takes.’’

Hours after the filming, Gerry said prayers for his daughter at the nearby church where he and wife Kate, 41, sought solace when she disappeared.

Poor Gerry - not as "almost unbearable" as it was for the child playing Maddie, though, despite the offer of a Pot Noodle. Perhaps a lolly would have been better.

Kate and Gerry prefer lolly to Pot Noodles

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